True story: staying up on blogging is hard.  No wonder all the good blogs are cute, stay at home moms that have time to edit photos of their babies.  A) everyone loves pictures of kids.  B) you don't have to stay busy doing cool things so you have good content to blog about, because when in doubt just throw up the cute pictures of the baby.  It's a catch 22 really - if you plan fun things in your life that you can blog about later,  it doesn't leave you time to actually blog about them in a timely fashion or maybe I am just lazy and like my early bedtime.  

Take this post for instance.  I had an awesome night last Wednesday (that feels like forever ago) with Bradley and my good friend Virginia aka Ginny at the Women's National Team vs. the Republic of Ireland soccer game at Jeld-Wen, but then didn't have time to actually upload and edit photos for the next day's post! #hardknocklife, I know....Plus, now I am behind on my weekend recap post for you guys too and I know you are just dying to hear about how my weekend at home was.  Spoiler Alert: it was lovely.  

Never the less, here they are now!  The game was awesome, the US won 5-0.  Seeing Ginny outside of WU Track was even better! Plus, Bradley did a great job getting us 2nd row seats behind the goal, so my pictures didn't turn out half bad either! 


Question: How does one get to be a ball girl?!

National Anthem time! Also, big fan of their Where's Waldo kits. (fun fact: kit is what soccer players call uniforms, who knew?!)

Girl Crush!!! Megan Rapinoe.  Totally met her one time.  Brad has a pic with her even! 

Other girl crush, Alex Morgan, scored 3 goals in the first half. #ballin

Great Seats! 

Ginny and I call each other Thing 1 and Thing 2, so it's fitting that we were matching at the game.

I think I held my own on the knowledge end of things with two former soccer plays. Pats self on back.

For not ever playing soccer, I am definitely becoming a fan, especially live, which I suppose is a good thing, since Brad and I just got season tickets for the Portland Timbers next season.  #RCTID

Cheers to Soccer! 

<3 BB  

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