The Ghosts of Halloween's Past

So you know you're getting old when you have no desire to dress up for Halloween and go out.  (Although really this should not come as much of a surprise to a lot of you, since you know I am a grandma.)  Now don't get me wrong, I love Halloween.  I love when the little kids come to the door all dressed up in costumes and I get to help jack them up on sugar before bed! Cheers to child obesity, one almond joy at a time! (and don't worry I Brad got the front porch light fixed).

However, when it comes to my own Halloween costumes, I have never been one to go all out and put a lot of effort or money into them.  I tend to rely on items that are either already in my closet or ones that are inexpensive/borrowed and I can get some use out of them later on.

Anyways, I figured since it's Halloween and all and I did not actually get dressed up this year I would bring out the Ghosts of Halloween's Past, enjoy the show folks.

 Fun Fact: this is the first tagged photo of me on fb, ever. (Cool story, I know)

Also, for those of you who have never worn some type of wings or anything on your back for a costume I don't suggest it. They are a hassle in a crowded room.  I hit more than one person in the face that night, which let's be honest I thought it was pretty entertaining.  The people I hit did not. 

I should of been a cowboy cowgirl! (Isn't that a song or something?)

Like I mentioned before if I can't borrow it or re-use an item after Halloween I don't want it in my costume.  Hence the borrowed cowboy hat and boots.  Because yes, even though I grew up in Glide, Oregon, I do not own any of those things in real life. 

high five. very nice.


Ok, so that one wasn't actually a costume, but a group of us did get dressed up to buy 50 punkins from WinCo once and the pictures from the outting might be my favorite things ever. 

 Totally look like a baseball player... or something?  Def would have benefited from a real bat.

Here is where things start to get real lazy like.  Spandex from volleyball: check.  Long socks: check.  Tennis shoes not heels: check.

Again, in this costume we have a borrowed referee shirt, whistle, and my trusty volleyball spandex, thanks Willamette! Oh wait not thanks, I had to pay for them myself.

Annnnd for my last confession, the past few years were even more lazy (if possible).  I couldn't find pics, but I essentially have worn the same tennis player costume 3 years in a row.  I say costume lightly, because the visor, tennis skirt, and tennis racket that complete the outfit, are used in real life when I play.

So yeah, I am sure you all have had much more elaborate and creative costume's than mine, but what are you gonna do?

Cheers to Halloween!

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Tuesday Tunesday :: 10.30.12

Happy Tuesday! Here are some tunes to get you through dealing with that bz Sandy. (Unless you're on the East Coast without power, then for that I say sorry, folks)

yuna :: thinkin' bout you 

This gal opened for Allen Stone last week at Mississippi Studios and did this awesome cover.  The loops are fantastic.

tingsek :: goodbye 

Tingsek also opened for Allen Stone last week and it makes sense why.  They both have that hippie/soul vibe going on.  Plus, he is from Sweden, so you know he's cool.

nude beach :: some kinda love

Brad hooked me up with this video, the song is catchy and make sure you actually watch the video, the commentary that comes with is quite entertaining.

dead man's bones :: in the room where you sleep

I mean 1 part Ryan Gosling (it's his band in case you were not aware he has a band). 1 part creepy Halloween vibe, ya dig?

yellow red sparks :: happiness comes in a box 

Yellow Red Sparks opened for ZZ Ward last week. I enjoyed them.

Lastly, I don't think this is up on YouTube yet, but if you like a good stripped down performance check out this latest Tiny Desk Concert from Passion Pit over on NPR.  Good stuff.

Cheers to Tunesday, but not to Sandy!

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Being Crafty Is Hard

So sometimes I just never learn.

Getting my craft on is one of those things that I always think is going to be a good idea and then about halfway through roaming Michael's my project I want to give up and go buy whatever I was attempting to make. Not to mention, by the time you have purchased all the materials it was probs still cheaper to just go buy the finished product anyway. This blog and this blog share my feelings when it comes to crafting.

Anyway, not learning from previous crafting attempts gone wrong, this past weekend my friend Erica and I tried to complete a few projects.

She wanted to tackle this one.

I picked up materials for this and this.

And we both wanted to make this:

If the devil came in DIY Form.

In the gal's tutorial for DIY Chevron Stripes she uses the term {VOILA!}.  Let me just tell you now, there is nothing {VOILA!} about it.  

First she has you make a 1 inch x 1 inch grid on your canvas and then add the painters tape like this: 

About half way through penciling out our grid, we realized this was a horrible idea, because the white area we weren't painting was going to have pencil marks all over. 

Then, after we cut out what felt like a million 4 inch strips of tape, we realized that the grid did not really provide us good angles for the zig-zag. 

Finally after attempting multiple times to make the zags match I said 'eff it gave up and painted it. 

Of course with the number of times I moved the tape around the pieces lost some of their stickyness and grey paint definitely got under the tape. (side note: I enjoy using grey not gray.)

So now I have this beautiful  masterpiece. It's hard to tell from the pic, but there are pencil lines all over the white area and the gray is all up in there too.  If I dare try to fix it, I think my best option will be to get white paint and fill in the chevron area.  With my luck though, I will end up spilling the white paint all over the gray area and then using the canvas as a target to throw javelins at. 

Plus the one project took so much time, Erica and I were not able to finish all the crafts we had set out to do.  Luckily, her vases did turn out great and my glitter pumpkin is pretty boss: 

Also, got a new app on the iPhone, prepare to see awesome photos with writing all.the.time.

I still need to make my coasters, but we will wait until I have forgotten how much I hate crafting and then do this all over again. 

Cheers to DIY!  

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Rant of the Week :: Pull-Ups

So, I do have links this week.  They are just all focused on one topic: PULL-UPS!

Why the topic? Because I am a little bitter about this article.  Mainly due to the fact that it's stupid starting with the title.  Pretty bold statement to be making, since I (along with many other women) can do pull-ups.  So I take a little offense to it.

The article has a few flaws.

a) what does normal sized woman mean?
b) why did they only focus on the biceps and latissimus dorsi muscles? It is a full upper body movement. You need to be incorporating your entire back, your core and your abs, as well as your arms.
c) the best way to train for pull-ups is to actually practice the movement and variations of it. Do assisted pull-ups, use a machine that simulates the movement, have a workout partner or chair to help you, jump into each one, work your way up to the unassisted.

My Canadian girl crush, Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet murders the butterfly pull-up.

Now granted I can only do about 10 regular ones or so before I have to start kipping, but still at the end of the day I can do more than one unassisted pull-up on my own!

And say what you want about CrossFit, because I am by no means a hardcore CrossFitter and I agree there are definitely pros and cons to the sport, but as a program they have gotten many women into the best shape of their lives and a large number of them can do some form of a pull-up whether it be strict, kipping, or butterfly.

Baby got back. 

Here are some benefits of Kipping Pull-ups. (Side Note:  I still love Lance Armstrong and Livestrong, because when you take a way a first place title, but cannot award it to any other top place finisher because they too have also been charged with doping, that still makes him the best of the best if you ask me...but that's a rant for another day.) I want my athletes like my video games. 

Basically, what I am saying is: SUCK IT New York Times, women I can do pull ups.  End Rant. 

Unless I am doing it wrong because I can only count in fractions, since women aren't allowed out of the kitchen, that looks like 3 ladies doing pull-ups. 

Cheers to pull-ups,

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For as much as I love holidays, I have a confession to make....

I have zero Halloween decorations up.  I blame the boy. 

Ok, that's probably not fair, but oh well I am blaming him anyway.  Here is the deal - when I lived with Kyndra she had a bunch of awesome fall / Halloween decorations, so I didn't have to worry about it.  Now that I live with the boy, I have to train him to love Holiday Cheer as much as I do.... Which means I may have to make a special shopping trip this weekend (like I need an excuse to shop)! Nothing tacky, just a few cute things here and there. Get a few fall candles, maybe glitter a pumpkin.

Also, that reminds me. I must put in a maintenance request so we can get our front door light fixed.  I want the kiddos to feel welcome on Halloween night! (I have a lot of candy and I don't want to be forced to eat it all because no one shows up).  That's a lie, I don't want to share.  Thanks for reminding me, guys.

In an attempt to make up for the fact that I have been lacking in the decorations department I have been cooking very fall-like this week, if that counts?!

Tuesday we made this crock pot dish.

Simple and delish. 

Then last night we made this honey-apple pork crock pot lovely. 

Apples: yum. Honey: yum. Pork: yum.

And for dessert we made Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread with the addition of chocolate chips. My friend Tyler told me that was the secret ingredient that took it to the next level and I never turn down chocolate goodness. - plus now we have extra chocolate chips lying around the apartment and I love a handful here and there :) 

The website says it's Kosher Certified, so you know it's good. 

Cheeeeeers to Candy and Pumpkins and Apples and Honey and Halloween! 

<3 BB 


That One Time...

I had ice cream and went to a concert.  Surprise, surprise.  

Last night a small group of us ventured over to the East Side of the river to check out Local artist ZZ Ward who had a show at the Doug Fir Lounge. (PS. Check out the Doug Fir, if you get a chance.  Venue is super legit and very deceiving from the outside. Retro gone Forest Service.) Buttttt before we could get our concert on we first had to stop at Salt & Straw.  Yum. I have mentioned it before, but do yourself a favor and try their Cinnamon Snickerdoodle. You wont be sorry.

Zsuzsanna aka ZZ Ward killed it and had a great show.  I may be a little bias due to the fact that I now feel like I am a celb by association since we went to high school together.  You can pull that card when there are less than 300 kids in your entire high school.

Either way I was super impressed! She has come so far since talent shows in the Glide gym and I am super pumped for her.  She has what she calls a Dirty Shine vibe with her mix of blues, hip hop, soul, her raspy voice, and don't for get the harmonica!   The girl made the harmonica look and sound sexy, which is quite impressive if you ask me.

  Fact:  ZZ Ward is hotter with a harmonica than the lead singer of Blues Travelers

Not even a challenge. 

Sadly, I didn't stick around after the show, because I had a bedtime that was wayyyyy past due and had to get up early.  I am super glad I decided to go though, because when I first saw she was going to be in town, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make the show.   She is headed down to Eugene tonight, if you are in the area you should definitely check her out!!! 

ZZ Ward just droppin' caskets like it 'aint no thing!

Cheers to Oregon Talent! 

<3 BB 


Tuesday Tunesday :: 10.23.12

Feeling pretty giving this week when it comes to Tunesday!  Either that or there has just been a lot of music I have been digging this past week.  Enjoy!

Bruno Mars :: Locked Out of Heaven 

Bruno has a new album coming out in December.  Not a huge fan of him, but then sometimes I secretly enjoy his stuff.  This is one of those songs. Also, does the beginning remind anyone else of The Police?

The xx :: Chained 

Official video for The xx's latest single.  great stuff and the video is typical The xx.  A little odd, but alotta good.

 MØ :: Pilgrim.

Stole this one from Dirty Laces - which by the way you should check out the site.  Fellow WU grads help run it.

Pepper Rabbit :: Allison 

There is not a lot to this song, but I think that may be why I enjoy it as much as I do?

Maps & Atlases :: Old & Gray

The lyrics. Lovely.

Dolorean :: What Could You Do? 

Found this song while watching last week's Grey's Anatomy.  Sometimes the show is a little questionable, but the music never is.

The Barr Brothers :: Beggar In The Morning 

This song came on during the drive back from Seattle and it reminded me how much I enjoy the Barr Brothers.

Cheers to Tunesday!

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Weekend Recap :: Seattle Style

So, on a last minute decision I spent this past weekend in Seattle having a mini reunion with my old roommates from college and it was just what the doctor ordered.  Not that I saw a doctor or anything to make the decision (unless you count my old roomie Kelley, she is currently finishing up her last year of school for Physical Therapy), but you get the idea....   


We ate lots of yummy food - made by the talented Chef Neil.  Back story: Neil is Bestie Brittany's boyfriend and I was his Sous Chef in Alaska for a few summers).  

We wandered around the oh-so-cute Queen Anne neighborhood (Brad even got me to run 5 sets of hills in the neighborhood, which isn't saying a whole lot because they're everywhereeeee, but still, the hill we picked was steep and I ran it 5 times, so go me?).

And most importantly - we played this game A LOT.  Super fun, super addicting. Definitely buying my own set of cards tonight. 

Here are a few pics I snapped when we were checking out the neighborhood.

This bakery was lovely.  I tried their citrus and oat scone. yum, yum, yum. 

Brown Sugar Crumbles, yes please. 

Then we walked around Queen Anne before it started raining.

As usual, I played pretend and tried to find my future home. 

This one looks nice. 

The view was fantastic. 

There was fall everywhere.

I don't want Fall to ever leave me.

No really, it was everywhere.

We even found a slide on the way back to Brittany's place.

 Slide time, is fun time

Brad was a big fan.
I'm dating a child.

All in all it was a great weekend and I am so happy that I got to see the girls.  Anytime we get together it's just like we are back living on 21st and Chemeketa at WU.

We're so pretty?

Cheers to besties! 

<3 BB


Hitting the Links!

First can we talk about how last night at open gym volleyball I got hit in the face with a shanked passed from a guy that was standing about 3 feet from me.  Straight to the eye socket. Luckily, I can still see and there is no black eye, but wow is it sore today and I definitely have a headache. it was painfully embarrassing.

In other more serious news: I am voting so I can take my mind off of Kristin and Rob.

And this is why you cannot read 50 Shades in public.

Thanks Jessi for sharing this lovely list of The 100 Fittest Men of All Time

This dude used Taylor Swift's lyrics as pick up lines.  Something Brad Snook would totally try.

Macklemore teaches the boys at GQ how to Thrift Store Shop like a boss.

A post written by 'your typical 4×8 sheet of paper-lined gypsum plaster', written about your female body issues.  Quite funny.

Rebel Wilson does a Honey Boo Boo Impression. Win for the day.

Speaking of Honey Boo Boo - last week I posted Christopher Walken reading her lines.  Today I am sharing it with you in reverse.  It's the circle of life, people. Thank you interwebs.

So they are doing a Documentary Project for when they film the Arrested Development movie.  Can they just come out with it already?!

Annnnd speaking of both the election and Arrested Development I will leave you with Arrested Decision. topical to my previous posts.  Enjoy.

Cheers to Friday!

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Fashion Blog Rant of the Week

In today's Fashion Blog Rant of the Week we will be discussing the half smile.  You know the one I am talking about - teeth awkwardly not showing - you often ask yourself the following questions when looking at the picture:

-is she doing duck face?
-do you need to use the restroom?
-are you confused?
-are you missing teeth?
-did you just smell something horrible?

And before you call me out and stop following my blog because I am a hypocrite, due to the fact that I have posted pictures of me making that same face:

Totally smizing, so it makes it ok.  ANTM, anyone? 

 hear me out....

Sometimes I think it works.  I think a person can pull it off if they are still smiling with the rest of their face - if that makes sense.  And by that I mean, if there is still some happiness in their eyes, the smile is a genuine, caught in the moment smirk that matches the rest of their mood then I support it.  Like the below photo:

Also, you should know I like to put myself in the same category as an Olsen twin any chance I get. 

Or like this, when he smirks straight into my soul. 

See, Sydney looks adorable even with the bright lips and a no teeth smile. 

However, with that being said, I think a lot of fashion bloggers often times get carried away.  It becomes super forced looking and uncomfortable for all those involved.

I will be the first to admit I have a huge style crush on Sydney from The Daybook, but even she can go a little overboard with the no teeth smile. 

Watch out, it can give you the crazy eyes. 

Then there is my girl Kendi.  Super cute everyday type style, but honey let's be honest, this no teeth smile is not a good look for you.

Are you lost in a back alley? Do you need me to send you directions?  
I know the new iPhone maps are still a little bit of a struggle, so I don't blame you for the confused look.

Natalie from Nat the Fat Rat gets caught using the halfsies smile when a real smile might have been the more obvious choice:

Are you angry that someone is forcing the cupcake on you?  Because honey, you do not look amused. 

Down to earth Oregon native Molly from the Urban Nester is obviously unhappy with her coffee:

Did it burn your lips?

Next we have Rachel from Pink Peonies: 

Then again, I think I might have been a little uncomfortable wearing that outfit too.  

Essentially, what I am trying to say is: try not to get caught in the land of in-between if you can help it. SHOW OFF THOSE PEARLY WHITES!

 Let me see your grill!

Andddd if you must pull a halfsies, make sure it's genuine and it doesn't looks like you are about to pee your pants. it's a very fine line, people....

hold it for just a tad longer, hun

Cheers to Smizing!

<3 BB


Sweeney Todd :: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Last night was date night for me and the boy, which doesn't happen all that often during the week unless you count the gym, so I always get excited for special occasions like this one.  I even planned accordingly and got a run in during my lunch so I wouldn't feel guilty.

Please don't ever leave me, Fall. 

Brad had picked up tickets to see Sweeney Todd at Portland Center Stage off of LivingSocial a few weeks back and I am always up for something other than your regular dinner and a movie date.

Now I am not sure how many of you know this small fact, but Brad loves his theater.  This picture is proof:

Brad in tights. 
*He is the one is the top corner with the shiny armor and brown tights leggings. Sexy, I know.*

He participated in drama during high school and owns more Broadway soundtracks than I do.  Such a proud girlfriend.  Which meant he did not hesitate when he saw the deal online and I am happy he pulled the trigger.  

We had a little time to kill before we headed to the show and decided to stop at a small cafe just down the street called Morso for gellato, because I don't discriminate between ice cream, fro-yo, and gellato.

Tiramisu & Caffe. Yum. 

When we got to the theater we headed upstairs where LivingSocial had a whole evening planned that included wine tasting and Sheppard's Pie tasting (which is a play on the play, if you know the back story of well the play).  Side note: the pie might have reminded me of the Friends episode where Monica lets Rachel make the dessert for Thanksgiving.

Argyle Winery out of Dundee supplied the wine.

They even gave us goodie bags that included coupons for future shows and this awesome mug:

 'All the world's a stage..How will you act today?'

The Armory building where the theater is located was super cool (ok, super cool doesn't do it justice, but you get the idea).  It was a great mix of modern and old since it was first built back in 1891 when it originally held units of the Oregon National Guard, but has been remolded multiple times since.

I spy exposed brick

Now, I am no thespian and am a little bit of a newbie still when it comes to plays and musicals, but I can definitely appreciate all that goes into creating a great play and I thought this production was quite entertaining.  I thought the lead actor that played Sweeney Todd did a fantastic job and was very impressed by the cast's ability to master accents. I would suggest visiting here if you would like more legitimate reviews of the play beyond the description words of good and entertaining.
Anyways what I am trying to say is.... if you have a chance to see Sweeney Todd, I would recommend it.  

Cheers to the Demon Barber of Fleet Street! 

<3 BB 


Tuesday Tunesday :: 10.16.12

Happy Tunesday!

Now that fall is dwindling down and the winter gloom is about to be upon us, my music taste is slowly matching the seasonal change.  Don't worry though, my music will not be depressing make you want to slit your wrists but instead, just a little more fally/wintery. Stuff that makes you want to curl up with a book and a fire place, ya feel me?!

jason mraz :: the woman i love 

With Jason Mraz I am either a love or hate kind of gal. Definitely lovin' this live version.

the joy formidable :: this ladder is ours

See guys, not all the songs I enjoy are slow and depressing.

matt corby :: untitled

The dood is from Australia, so that's fun.  Plus this is super pretty and raw, almost a Jeff Buckley quality to his ways.

fink :: this is the thing (mahogany session) 

Big Fink fan, have been for a while and this stripped down, acoustic version of This Is The Thing is awesome.

And lastly, in honor of her new album out today....

zz ward :: put the gun down 

Fellow Glide High graduate doing big, big things.  Check her album out on iTunes. You won't regret it.  Her voice is powerful and she has a great mix of blues and hip hop.  Def her own vibe and sound.  Loving all of it.

Cheers to Tunesday!

<3 BB


Weekend Recap

First order of business: everyone needs to wish one of my favorite brothers, Braden, a HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) The not so little brother turns the big 2.0. today.  I am getting so old.  

Yesterday, we celebrated October birthdays in the fambam (there were 4 to celebrate between cousins uncles, and the bromontana).  Food was yummy, per usual, and the family was entertaining. I always love a low key weekend with family, especially when my mom gets to come and visit.  Missed my dad and the other brother, but it was still good to spend time with my mommy.  She and my crip (not the gang kind) sister even got to venture out of my grandparents' rehab facility to have dinner at my apartment.

Other than that, not too much to say about this weekend and honestly I am quite alright with that.  Since it was rainy there are no crazy adventures to share (unless you call watching a man jump from space crazy?)  Ok, that was actually pretty awesome. Did anyone else watch the Red Bull Stratos jump? that ish cray.

Essentially: after flying to an altitude of 128,100 feet in a helium-filled balloon, this good looking guy named Felix Baumgartner had a record breaking freefall jump from space.

I'd jump from space with you. 

It was pretty entertaining to watch, however, it was a little nerve-racking as well.  I mean how horrible would it have been to watch something go wrong?  Good news: it was a successful mission aka no blood splatter for the Criminal Minds or CSI teams to have to come investigate.  

OH AND THE BEST PART OF THE WEEKEND:  I attempted to curl my hair and it lasted for a whole 4 hours! I think that might be a record. Curls never want to stay in my hair and go flat pretty quickly.  Which translates to me being pretty lazy with my hair.  If it is going to take me over 10 mins to do my hair and not even last an entire day, what's the point?  But on Sunday I decided to give my dirty hair a chance and curl the ish out of it. (I have heard unwashed hair curls better? The lazy, hipster side of me might have made that part up.)  

This is how I always feel while curling my hair, because I know it is going to be a lost cause.

This was the end result that lasted from 9:30 to about 1:00ish. 

Does anyone have tips on how to make curls stay longer?  I have been debating buying a curling wand, but maybe I just need more hairspray?  When it doubt, always use more hairspray? 

Cheers to the weekend! 

<3 BB