Things that were my favorite this week

Happy Friday, Guys!!!! I am more than ready for the weekend even though I had a short week of work. I feel like 4 day work weeks after Holiday Weekends are a million times harder to get through than regular 5 day weeks. #FirstWorldProblems.

I wanted to join Amanda and discuss a few of my favorite things this week. 

1) I had a really good spin class on Wednesday. It was super sweaty and just what I needed after a long day at work. I love having spin class, because I can be angry at someone else instead of myself for making me work hard at the gym.

b) I rocked a new nike workout tank to the said spin class. It is perfect for summer because it is super lightweight.

iii) I found this photo of me in all my 90s glory. Headgear and all. Hopefully I can channel all that is glorious and 90s tonight because I have a 90s themed birthday party to go to.

Lastly) It's corn on the cob season guys. Holy Moly. It might be my favorite season. That and watermelon, which I need to have already. I am slacking so far.

Now! Here are some awesome links to share with you guys. 

//I love what Sarah Millican had to say in response to people's thoughts on her red carpet outfit.

//This is magic for all Benedict Cumberbatch fans out there. So far I think Blenderdick Carrotstick might be my favorite. 

//The older I get the more ragey and feminist I am becoming. This article is much more eloquent than I would be when it comes to thoughts on feminism.

//Don't forget that happiness is actually immeasurable.

Now enjoy my favorite song of the week for #backthatazzup Friday. I can't stop listening to Hozier. So, So, So, So, So good.

Cheers to Friday!

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and we're gonna let it burn

Today, let's talk about the time Bradley tried to burn our entire condo down, ok?!

So here is the back story. I leave for work before Bradley every morning, but he is always up with me as I get ready even though he leaves much later than I do. After I head to work he has over an hour to kill before he leaves and does who knows what with his morning (let's be honest, he probably plays FIFA).

Anyway, one thing he always does is makes himself eggs. I would know this because he leaves the frying pan out on the stove top every day. This is an annoyance I will talk about another time.

So I get home yesterday evening and am running late to spin class. As I am running around to change and get ready for spin make a last second decision to walk into the kitchen and grab a pack of gum. This is when I realize it feels like there is a heater on in the kitchen. Side note: WE DO NOT HAVE A HEATER IN THE KITCHEN. In fact, it wasn't even that warm out yesterday so our place was quite cool...except for the oddly warm area right by our stove.

As I set my hand down next to the stove top to grab the gum, I notice that it is abnormally hot and realize that the burner is on. Better yet, the burner had been on since 7 am. I am no math genius...but I am pretty sure that is 10 hours of the burner being on!!!!!! are you kidding me, Bradley.

Not only did he leave our burner on and try and burn the house down, he also is going to jack up our bill this month!!!ughhh. Now instead of buying me something pretty he will have to pay extra for the gas bill, because you better believe I am not paying the difference for his stupidity. Unlike him I check things like burners and stoves and hair straighteners when I am done with them.

And before you tell me to give him a break...um no, no I will not. 1) this is not the first time he has left the burner on once he was done cooking things. b) are you kidding me?! He tried to burn the condo down!!! 

Let's just be thankful that nothing was near the burner and there was no fire! That would have been so tragic.

Burn by Ellie Gouding on Grooveshark

Cheers to our house not burning down!

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still i rise

I confess, I had a different post scheduled for today, but then I heard the sad news that the fabulous Maya Angelou passed away and my post didn't seem so fitting anymore. Instead I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes from Angelou. 

Maya Angelou was a renowned poet, a novelist, an actress, a survivor, a director, an activist, and a strong, strong woman. Most importantly though, she was someone that I would call an idol. She may no longer be with us, but her beautiful words and her love for the written word will stay with us forever. 

Remember to be kind to yourself and be kind to others, because hate has caused a lot of problems, but it has yet to solve one. 

I'll rise. 

<3 BB 

All quotes found via Pinterest. 


things I learned over Memorial Day weekend

Happy Tuesday, guys!

I am finally back to blogging after an extra long weekend where I stayed around Portland and had the perfect combination of doing fun things with fun people and doing nothing but laying on the floor (which happens to be my favorite place in the house). Let's check out all the things I learned over Memorial Day weekend. 


//Golf is not for the impatient type.

//I am very impatient.

//I also hate not being good at things. 

//Golf is harder than it looks.

//None of this matters if you have a cool Sponge Bob golf ball and look like a professional golfer with your outfit. 

//I just can't say no to new workout clothes, even when I don't need them. 

//New workout clothes are extra nice to wear on fun hikes with good people. 

//I am slowly getting better at yoga, but attempting happy baby pose in a room full of yogis just makes me uncomfortable.

//Angel's Rest hike is fabulous. The Gorge never lets me down. These pictures don't quite do it justice, but I will post more later this week.

//Thank the sweet baby jesus I was quite active this weekend, because when I was not being active I was eating things like Cajun Tots and Mac n' Cheese Pizza and sushi and everything else under the sun.  That is what Holiday weekends are for right? 

Cheers to extra long weekends. Now I have to remember how to work again. Ugh. 

<3 BB


friday favorite

Trust me...

But shit happens.

IV. Sweatpants by Childish Gambino on Grooveshark

Happy Friday, my people. Enjoy your weekend, I'll be back Tuesday.  This girl has plans to enjoy her long weekend away from the computer. 

<3 BB

Linking up with my girl Amanda for my friday favorite quote of the week. 

Linking up with my girl Whitney for #backthatazzup.

Found the link via pinterest. Specifically my girl Alissa. That betch is funny. 


photographs & memories

Photographs and Memories by Jason Reeves on Grooveshark

In case you guys haven't caught on, I am a big picture person. I bought myself a fancy DSLR camera. I use my iphone for photos of anything and everything. From selfies, to food, to beautiful places I have been. Pictures make me happy. Pictures help me remember where I've been, what I've done, and who I was with...or at least I think they do? 
Yesterday on the way home from work, I was listening to NPR and they had a piece on taking photographs and how it effects our memory. Long story short, there was an experiment done where people were asked to go to an art exhibit. Some people were told to only look at the art, where others were told to take photos of the art. After all they were done, the  participants were given a quiz and asked to describe the art work they saw. Naturally, the ones that only snapped photos did not remember nearly as much detail as those who only looked at the artwork. 

Guys, this is my fear with technology in general. As much as I love it, I am afraid that sometimes it takes away from my experiences. Am I took focused on getting a good photo for instagram that I forget to take in everything around me? I don't want to be that person who cannot remember what I did years from now, because I was too busy on my iphone trying to document it so I don't forget later.

There is a silver lining though - in the article they talked about how they added a third group to the art patrons. This group was asked to take more specific photos of details within the pieces of art. When the people had to focus more and capture up close and detailed photos it helped them remember more of what they saw. 

I guess my takeaway from the interview and technology in general is. Yes, photography and technology is a beautiful thing and can help us recall events and places and things we have done...but be mindful when you're taking photos. Make sure you enjoy the present. Cherish the details and the experience you're having in the moment, so you have better memories when you go look back on the pictures later ! 

Cheers to photos!

<3 BB

ps. listen to the piece here, if you missed the link above.


a case of the humpdays

My boss is not in the office today. I feel like I am all of the sudden coming down with a case of the humpdays and need to leave. The only thing that will make me feel better is not being at work. *cough cough* But no really, where is my summer break?! Why is that still not a thing in my life? I should have become a teacher like the rest of my family. Can I retire yet? Bradley, why are you not a millionaire?! Get on that already, would you! I don't think I am asking too much here. I just want to be a stay at home girlfriend and you're ruining everything. 

Anyway, that rant got out of hand quickly. It's Wednesday so you know what that means, today we confess our sins with Kathy

//I confess: I am pimping myself out and want you to go read the guest post I did over at Rebecca's blog Getting To The Show! I am funny and witty and lovable and share a workout! Soooo, I mean, why wouldn't you go read it?!?!?!   

//I confess: I am really happy track is done. I know that makes me sound like a bad coach, but I am so happy to do nothing with my weekend and not have to drive to practice during the week. Hooooray free time for doing things like taking my pants off and sitting on the couch when I get home. 

//I confess: I suck at trivia. BUT I did know all 4 chambers of the heart last night. Thank you studying for my Personal Training certification. 

//I confess: I feel like I am in a blogger rut. I just don't know what to write about on non-linkup days. 

//I confess: I almost just spilled coconut milk everywhere in the office kitchen area because I had just put lotion on my hands right before I went to pour it into my coffee. everywhere.

//I confess: I had wood oven baked pizza last night, even though I knew the cheese would give me a stomach ache. I also shared cake after the pizza. Then I immediately felt guilty for eating the bad food, I need to get my life figured out. Either have the bad food and enjoy it on occasion or just pass on it.... BUT I HAD TO DO IT FOR THE LEUKEMIA AND LYMPHOMA SOCIETY FUNDRAISER!  Don't mind me, just curing cancer one slice at a time over here. 

//I confess: sometimes I wish I had more self control ^ see above

//Speaking of self control: Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale. Oh baby, I shouldn't even open this link

//I confess: I told Brad I was going to get up early twice this week to do yoga before work. That has yet to happen. I only have two more chances before the weekend.... I'll let you know how this goes Friday. 

//I confess: I have been on a Matt Corby binge the past few days. His voice is just so gritty and pretty. 

Anyway, for having nothing to blog about or confess, I sure rambled on for far too long. 

Cheers to confessing. 

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Legs day, bro

It's another Tuesday in May which means you guys get another favorite workout of mine!!!! Today we are talking about faovrite leg movements with our girls, Kait, Rebecca, and Chelsea! When it comes to leg movements, I am a simple girl with simple tastes. I don't need fancy machines or anything like that. Just give me my body weight and maybe a squat rack or some dumbbells. For today's circuit all you need are a few dumbbells and your body. (but then again, you always need your body to workout).  This workout features both cardio with the jumping movements and strength with the dumbbell movements. 

As always, here are links to videos that show you how to do the movements. I have yet to get the courage and make videos like Jessi

:: dumbbell thruster - because I can't resist at least one full body movement.
:: dumbbell curtsy lunges 

Let me know how sore your legs are after this workout!! 


<3 BB 

May Challenge


Turnt Up or Learnt Up

As my alarm was going off this morning and I was waking up to start my day, Brad rolls over - thoroughly confused - and questions why I would be up before 6am....Bradley, honey, it's Monday, not Sunday. So yeah, happy Monday everyone! Let's link up with Katie Que and share what we learned, shall we?! 


//Did anyone else know that a camel with two humps is named a Dromedary ? Because I didn't, but naturally Brad did and gave me a hard time when I didn't know what he was talking about. I'm sorry? ----UPDATE: So, apparently Dromedary camels are the ones with only one hump, Bactrains have two humps. Brad was wrong, but also still kind of right because he even knew the word Dromedary. 

//Friday workouts at the office make me feel less guilty about eating my body weight in sushi for dinner.

//Spilling your entire glass of water on the floor, your feet, your purse, and your crotch while out to dinner is cold and a embarrassing. It will also take your jeans a long time to dry after you have spilled said water.

//I have not forgotten any of the worlds to the movie GreaseYou better shape up... Cause I need a mannnnn. 

//Went to an actual Yoga class with other people on Sunday morning. Yoga is still hard.

//Cleaning on a Sunday weirdly makes me happy. 

//Vacuuming your stairs is a cardio and ab workout. 

//Wine with dinner on a Sunday evening was pretty much is the highlight of my weekend.

//My new coffee mug is the tits. I probably should not use the words tits to describe things on my blog. Too late. 

//Timbers' games in the sun are much more enjoyable than in the rain.

//Scratch that - these shoes I got as a just because gift were the highlight of my weekend.

I miss the weekend already!

<3 BB



Three cheers for Friday!!!!!! I see there is no shortage of exclamation marks today, Brooke. Last night was officially my last track meet that I had to coach at and it feels weird. I don't have a meet to go to this weekend for the first time since the beginning of March and next week will be the first time I don't have to commute an hour for practice twice during the week. What am I going to do with all my free time?! So much time for activities now like: sleep, eat, sleep, workout, eat, repeat. 

Anyway, today I want to share a fantastic thing with you...or at least I think it is fantastic. So Sarah posted this link on her blog the other day and it just hit home for me. Today I want to share with you the Body Image Movement. I love what Taryn's mission is for not just herself and her daughter, but for women everywhere. We need more women (and men) that believe in the power of things like the Body Image Movement. We need more people to love their bodies and themselves. 
'In 2012, while contemplating my impending plastic surgery which would make my breasts perky plus neatly tuck away that excess fat on my stomach, I had an epiphany.
If I go through with this, what am I saying to my daughter about body image? How will I teach her to love her body? How am I going to encourage her to accept and love her body, when I am standing in front of her with a surgically enhanced body? What type of hypocrite or mother would I be? 
Presented to me at that moment of realisation, were questions I needed to address, and within that moment, I knew the answer. It was clear. I chose Mikaela, and the future of my daughter. 
With the decision to cancel my surgery firmly in place, it still left me with the awareness that I was stuck in a body that I didn’t love, with parts I detested. I was at rock bottom, I hated my body more than ever. 
Then a thought popped into my head. What if? What if I could live happily with my body? Was this even possible? 
I picked myself up off the floor, wiped the tears from my eyes and looked into my mirror. Bursting from my soul came my old friend Taz. The one I knew and loved, the happy-go-lucky self which had been hiding for too long.
She simply said, “You can do this”. 
And so began this journey. This unwavering desire to teach, educate and shout around the world that loving your body can bring you happiness and by learning to do so, change lives forever.'  - Taryn Brumfitt 

I think the most powerful part of this video that really hit home for me are the responses that women gave her when they described their own bodies. So many women and girls, including myself, are too quick to find their faults instead of all the beautiful and wonderful things about their bodies. Our bodies are strong and powerful and full of life, we need to respect them and respect ourselves. There is no such thing as a perfect body, but there is such thing as a healthy and happy one. 

So, do me a favor today and take a second to find some positives in yourself. And then do a happy dance to this song, because it's Friday and that's what we do on Fridays. We choose to be happy and we dance. 

Dance With Me by The Sweet Remains on Grooveshark

Cheers to you!

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#FirstsTotalSocial - First Blog Post

So Sarah from Venus Trapped In Mars and Helene of Helene In Between have a fun little linkup today. (which by the way, I need to step up my blog game, I feel like I am only doing linkups these days and not really trying to write my own content lately. We'll save that problem for another day though.) Anyway, the prompt for the linkup is to share a first of something - could be anything. I decided to share my first blog post and see if I have changed much in the few years I have been blogging now. Side note - weird that I have been blogging long enough now to use the term few years.
Happy Friday!

Confession: I read blogs (hence the reason I started mine), but here is the kicker I read a ton them. And I don't just read blogs by people I know. As of late, my motto as been *Leave no blog behind* I read everything from fitness blogs, to music blogs, to lifestyle blogs, to daily fashion blogs, and don't forget my favies food porn blogs. Which leads me to 2 questions: 1) At what point does one transition from casual blog reader to straight up stalker, due to the fact that you follow certain bloggers on the daily and feel like you're besties, even though you have never met them and they have no idea who you are? --Although, that question is probably best left unanswered for my sanity. 2) What kind of vibe do I want my own blog to have.

With there being so many types of blogs online, where do I want mine to head.The more I stalk read other blogs the more I realize what I don't want mine to be, which i guess is a good place to start.

I could post photos of my daily outfits, but that just seems like too much work and a little vain for my taste. (Although, let's be honest, I think blogging in general does come with some level of vanity, because you are already assuming your life is cool enough that it MUST be shared with the rest of the internet world). And as awesome as my Style Board is on Pinterest, my wardrobe is not that impressive, nor do I have the funds to invest in one that would be. Then there is that the whole judgement thing, I am already worried about whether or not people will find my blog entertaining, so the thought of having someone judge the way I am dressed or how I style my hair on the regs just makes me want to break out in hives. Not to mention how much work it would be to have to dress cute EVERYDAY. No thanks.

Then there are the hardcore fitness bloggers. These are some of my favorite blogs to read. They are often the most inspiring, to the point that sometimes after I read a post I am so geared up I almost want to start training for a marathon (then I remember the time I started training for a half-marathon and it only lasted 2 weeks). I love finding new workouts and healthy snackies and hope to pass them along to you, but as much as I enjoy being active and working out I don't let it consume my life and I don't want it to consume my blog either. It's a big part of who I am, but not the only one.

Now this gurllll loves her food. Let me tell you, if I could eat for a living, I would. With that being said, I don't think my blog will be a Smitten Kitchen anytime soon. Have you ever seen a behind the scenes of a kitchen post?! Rumor has it you need a nice camera, good lighting, and time for a lot of baking. None of which I have.

So I guess that leave us with just a little bit of me, being me.... Prepare yourselves for new workouts, life updates, recipes to nom on, some fantastic music, and my favisies instagram pics.

Example: this weekend I am super pumped because the boy, our good friend Jessi, and I are driving up to Whistler, BC to compete in a TOUGH MUDDER race. It's this SUPER scary hardcore 10-12 mile race, with multiple obstacles including electro-shock, barbwire fences, and jumping into ice water. I might have blacked out when I signed up for this, but Brad keeps telling me it will be awesome. Plus some of the profits from the race go to the Wounded Warrior Project, which I think is pretty neat-o. So, if I am not stuck in some Canadian hospital (hooray for free health care?) come Monday I will be sure to post more about it next week!

Looks like I might have skipped that whole introduction to my blog and welcoming my new readers to my very first post (who in the beginning were only my family and Brad - which by the way, they are still my biggest fans!) 

Re-reading this post, I think it is safe to say that my blog still has this same vibe overall. It really is just a little bit of me, being me. Whether that is a good or bad thing, I will let you decide. With that, I just want to thank everyone that comes to this space and takes the time to read what I write every day. 


<3 BB 

Venus Trapped in Mars


Gross Confessions

So as always on this fine Wednesday (no, it really is fine here in Portland, we have had 80+ degree weather all week), I wanted to link up with Kathy and her blog Vodka and Soda and share some confessions with you. Some of them are kind of gross. Sorry.... 

//Confession: last night on Twitter via Thought Catalog I found the most disturbing YouTube video of someone getting a 25 year old black head popped / cleaned out. It was disgusting and yet I watched all 5 mins of the video. What is wrong with me?! Only click on this link if you are sick and twisted and evidently enjoy almost throwing up. It was like a sick and disgusting train wreck that I could not stop watching. 


Then to make things worse after it was over I started watching similar ones that were recommended to me. Who does that?! 

//That confession leads me to my next confession and the fact that I love popping zits. Mine, yours, the dogs (ok that is a lie - dogs don't even get zits) Probably weird, but they are so satisfying. Although, I am trying to be better and not touch mine anymore. Something about that wives tale where they say 17 more show up on your face the next day if you pop one. 

//And since we're keeping it gross today I will confess that I am already tired of shaving my legs for nice weather. With the weather actually being in the 80s this week, that has me wearing skirts and dresses to work - which also means I should probably shave my legs more than every 2 weeks and to be honest - It's just really, really inconvenient for me. Who shaves their legs more than twice a week? ....You mean there are people that actually shave their legs every day even?! Really?! Who has time for that?! 

Anyway, I am sorry these confessions are disgusting. I guess I am just a disgusting person. Hope you didn't lose your appetite or your meal after reading this. 


<3 BB

ps. gifs found here, here, and here


welcome to the gun show

First off, Brad and I made a very, very big grown up step last night.

No, we're not engaged.
No, we did not buy a home.
No, we don't have a baby on board...

We got a Costco card!!!

I don't think you realize how happy this makes me. I was like a child in a candy store. This was me the entire time we wandered around the store. Wait, they have bulk coconut oil?! Bulk meat?! Bulk pickles! Oh my gosh.... BULK DARK CHOCOLATE COVERED COCONUT!!!!! (which I refrained from, go me).  Best part the two of us kept our trip under 130 dollars, which I was quite proud of. I quickly realized that with all these bulk items you have to be freaking fit to even load your groceries into your car and back into the house....which ties in nicely with today's post, because I am linking up with some awesome ladies again to share my favorite fitness moves in May. Nice transition, Brooke. Pats self on back. 

May Challenge

Kait, Rebecca, and Chelsea want us to share our favorite arm movement today and I am going to cheat a little and share two...the way I see it if you have a pushing movement - you have to have a pulling movement (or two) to go with it. So you don't over-train one set of muscles and forget others. 

One of my favorite arm movements that took me a long time to do are pull-ups. I have talked about my love for them before and they are not easy, but there are definitely ways to build your strength to get to a level where you can do them. You can use resistance bands, get help from a friend or chair, and build from there. Here is a good progression video to watch. There are many benefits to the pull-up including strengthening your grip strength, forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, core, and can even increase your cardio.

My second favorite move is the overhead-press and if you want to make it into a full body movement try thrusters. The overhead-press not only incorporates your biceps, triceps, and shoulders, but it also engages your core and lower body the more your weight increases. Here are 5 benefits to the overhead-press.

Excuse my dirty mirror. That's embarrassing. 

Now go get your ticket to the gun show already! 


<3 BB 


Things I Learned Over Mother's Day

Happy Monday Everyone, 

This girl had a fabulous weekend at home for Mother's Day and I learned a whole lot that I want to share with you all. To do so I figured I would link up with Katie Que, read this, then hop on over to her blog and see what she learned this weekend (it's probably much more entertaining than what I learned.), and then link up with us to share what you learned.

//Surprising my mom and coming home for Mother's Day was probably one of the better decisions I have had in a long while. 

//Rifle Paper Comany makes the best cards. 

//The only thing that has changed about my mom in 20 plus years is her hair style. She's still got it. 

//Outkast Pandora station will play hit after hit on your 3 and a 1/2 hour drive. Including this song.

Dear Mama by Tupac Shakur on Grooveshark

//Tupac knows how to honor Mother's Day. 

//The movie Neighbors not that good, not that I expected it to be. Sorry, Helene

//When you're in Southern Oregon, you do Southern Oregon type things - like shoot guns in the mud. Don't worry though, my little brother is getting ready to into the Police Academy, he knows what he is doing. Me.. not so much. 

//My mom's pond is the best place to drink your morning coffee.

//Hiking in the sun is fun.

//And the most important thing (that I already knew, because I'm so smart) family is the bestest.

Cheers to Mother's Day! 

<3 BB 


Well, Isn't This Post Ironic?

I wanted to link up with Amanda to share my favorite video of the week. I am sure most of you have seen this video by now. It has been viral all over the internet this week, but I need to share it again. Yes, I know sharing it and making you watch it via my blog is slightly ironic with the message it shares. But this message...this message needs to be heard, over and over and over.

Blogging is a funny thing. You talk and interact with people you have never met in real life. You might even know more about their daily schedules, their fears, and their dreams more than you know about your 'closest friends' in real life, the ones you interact with daily. We have stopped looking people in the eyes. We have distracted conversations, where no one is really paying attention to people. We are slaves to technology and self promotion.

'We're a generation of idiots. Smart phones and dumb people.' 

The thing is, I totally support the internet and blogging and what it can bring to people. However, I 100% agree we need to put down our phones and our ipads more. I 100% support being present in the moment. So, as much as I love this little space of the internet that I call mine..I also love the real people in my life. I am so excited to spend the weekend with people I love and engage with them without being distracted by my phone and I hope you do the same. 

And for a little #backthatazzup Friday jam with Whitney, I want you to hear this new single by Sam Smith. He is legit. Stay With Me is the new single for his upcoming album.  You can check out his other stuff here. Plus, the lyrics about staying with a person and being all they need seem a little fitting with today's post. Enjoy. 

Don't Miss Chances. 

<3 BB 


portland blogger meet up

Last Sunday I finally took the plunge and went to my first Portland Blogger Meet Up. I have always been a little hesitant to go to these types of things, because I often feel unprepared in the world of blogging. I don't have a 'blogger business card', I don't really have a 'blogger brand', and I only know a few bloggers. Luckily I was able to convince Jessi to tag along with me to this Photography Workshop  they were hosting and I am glad we went. 

The event was hosted at the cutest space, which happens to be home of two local companies Favery an online jewelry boutique and Ellie a design boutique specializing in stationary and invitations.  

There were three wonderful local photographers that were at the event that shared their stories, their work, and their advice which was nice. They gave lots of good feedback on how to style shoots, how to take close ups of food, and how to photograph people. All of which I need more practice on. 

Margaret Jacobsen - focuses on portraits and fashion photography
Aubrie LeGault - focuses on food and Portland Restaurants 
Linnea Paulina - focuses on Engagement and Weddings 

Here are some of the photos I took when I was practicing during the events. My one regret was that I did not take more photos of the actual event space, because it was super cute. 

Cheers to practicing more photography!!!

<3 BB