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Kasey, over at Life and Love with Mr. Wonderful (too cute makes you want to vomit a little right?) tagged me in her 5 things Post and I figured this would be a great way for everyone to get to know me a little bit better. It's funny how you can blog multiple days a week and yet the blog world does not know that much about you.

\\ Five Things I Have A Passion For \\

::Fitness - after being active in athletics all through high school and college, I just can't seem to quit it.  I even debate about getting certified to become a personal trainer. We shall see.

::My family and friends - but let's be honest, what would we do without our support systems?  I know I have a lot of good people in my life, that I probably take for granted, but I am quite fond of them and appreciate all they do for me. 

::Music - can't sing or play any instruments, but I think that is part of the reason I love music so much. I am so impressed and envious of those that can. Plus, the wonderful thing about music is there is always a song for anything you're going through in life. Happy, sad, relationships, you name it, there is a song to help you through. 

::Food - I mean I know we'd die without it, but I really love a fantastic well thought out and prepare meal.

::Photography - Ever since I got my big girl camera I can't stop taking photos. Am I a pro? No sir. Do I think I am getting a little better? Yeah! I am definitely learning, but have a long way to go!

\\ Five Things I'd Like To Do Before I Die \\

::Travel to Europe - Sadly, I haven't had the opportunity yet. I would love to just take at least month and explore. 

::Find a job or career I am passionate about - Do I like my job now? Sure, but do I truly love it. Nope. 

::Own my own home - Renting sucks. 

::Volunteer for a cause I support - And not just a few hours one day, but really become involved. 

::Look back at my life and be content - To be happy and proud with all I have done and not compare my life to anyone else's.

\\ Five Books and/or Magazines I've Read Lately \\

::Currently reading The Year of Fog - Michelle Richmond. Easy read and so far enjoyable, but a little sad.  It is about a child that disappears and the step mom's hunt to find her. 

::The Happiness Project - Gretchen Rubin. Do yourself a favor and buy this book. 

::GQ - Yes, it's a magazine for me. Yes, I have my own subscription. I love men's fashion (odd I know) and they have great articles about food, cities, celebrities, and more. 

::The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald. So technically, it has been a little while since I last read this, but it is one of my favorite books and I just saw the movie last night finally!!! Great stuff.

::Women's Health - Great recipes, great work outs, and fresh ideas for fitness clothes and gadgets. Sign me up. 

\\ Five Favorite Movies \\

::Good Will Hunting - Fantastic. Must see, over and over and over. 

::Wedding Crashers - You shut your mouth when you're talking to me. 

::Almost Famous - Classic. This scene, I mean does it get any better? 

::Can all the Disney classics be included -  Also, I include Mulan and The Lion King in the list of classics, so sue me.

::Tommy Boy - Classic Chris Farley (RIP)

\\ Five Places I'd Love To Travel To \\





::Cayman Islands

\\ Five People I Tag To Join Me \\

Who wants to play? Tagging (if you're interested) Confession: It's a really easy post if you are ever having an I have nothing to blog about day.

Kailyn at Kailyn Marie

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my jams and not so jams

Things that are not my jam: 

::Finding this cherry stem down my shirt yesterday after I ate cherries.

But no really, how in the heck did you get there? So confused and scratchy. 

::Also not my jam, having our dryer break yesterday in the middle of laundry and having to lay two loads worth of clothes out around the apartment. 

Things that are my jam: 

::This dinner - featuring green beans from the farmers market and fresh cucumbers from my Grandparent's garden. So delish. 

::Another thing that is my jam. This workout being over. 

Worst 7 mins of my life, but it was a beautiful feeling when it was over.  Finished with 81 burpees.  Went for 11-12 burpees per min and gave my self a little rest time at the end of each min.  If I do it again, I will probably try and get a few more each min, maybe even attempt to do 100+.  We shall see..... 

Speaking of Jams... (see what I did there) Here is some music I have been playing on repeat lately. 

Cold Specks :: Blank Maps
Beautiful song, beautiful voice. Check out this stripped KEXP version too!
Basecamp :: Emmanuel 
This song is just sexy. Very James Blake meets The Weekend.
Panama Wedding :: All Of The People
This band has a very Phoenix vibe. Happy go lucky feel to them. I dig it.
Hunter Hunted :: Keep Together 
There are just certain songs that sound like summer, this is one of those songs. 
Icona Pop :: All Night
I love it. Get it? It's a play on her other hit. 
Fractures :: Twisted 
I think I have maybe posted this song before, but am too lazy to check. Either way it's great, you should listen. 
From the Airport :: Colors 
I can't get enough electronic pop these days. Music like this just puts me in a good place.
Adrian Lux Featuring Dante Kinnunen :: Burning 
The lyrics of this song aren't quite as happy (the light we had is burning out), but I still enjoy it. 
Cheers to jams (and not the strawberry kind, although that's good too!)!
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birthday shenanigans

As you all know I celebrated my birthday this weekend. Minus the fact that I am officially old ballz 25, I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. On top of the Nike Fuel Band that Brad got me, he also made me cook my own dinner on Friday night at the Portland Culinary Workshop... and I had a blast. 

We attended a 4 course cooking class that featured a Sommelier and wine pairing with each course. 

The kitchen was adorable (and had exposed brick, my favorite!). 

Melinda Casady and Susana Holloway are the owners of PCW and here is what they have to say about the place on their website:
We could wax poetic on how we LOVE food, LOVE to teach and are a hoot to hang with, but the nitty gritty of it all is that we are two smart, hilarious women who talked over a breakfast one morning and knew what we had to do. We had to follow our dream of teaching our way…for you.

Susana was our instructor for the evening and she did a fantastic job of balancing teaching techniques and sharing kitchen tips, with letting us learning on our own.  

These mashed potatoes were lovely, in case you were wondering. 

Check out that form. 

We were paired up with another couple for the evening and they were super friendly, which made the experience more enjoyable, since we did have to share equipment and food with them. 

My favorite dish of the evening, besides the Pork entree, was the Huckleberry and Rhubarb compote over ice cream. 

It was paired with a sweet port and it was fantastic. 

Do you have these must have items in your pantry? If not, get on it! 

Once we were done prepping our food, the whole group (24 of us total) sat down family style for the meal, while the Sommelier, Maxine Borcherdine, explained each of her wine pairings. I found that portion of the evening super informative, because while I know my way around a kitchen fairly well and have worked in a restaurant, I am by no means a wine expert. 

Like I said, how cute is this space? The tables were made from doors and that brick, I want! 

Plus we got to take home goodie bags that each featured a 10 inch chef's knife. Yes please! 

Needless to say, I had a great evening and a great birthday weekend and I HIGHLY recommend checking out one of PCW's classes if you're in the Portland area or ever want to come visit me and cook together!!!! 

Cheers to 25! 

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25 things

It's my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Celebrate accordingly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In honor of my birthday, I wanted to share 25 things I have learned along the way, since I am so old and wise now.

1:: Exercise and be active, so you can have cake once in a while.

2:: Don't feel guilty when you do eat said cake, Brooke.

3:: Don't waste your energy on friendships or relationships that aren't worthy of your time (time is a precious commodity these days).

4:: Invest in the ones that are.

5:: Don't forget to put yourself first once in a while.

6:: A clean apartment home, is a happy home

7:: It is justified to spend extra for a good pair of jeans.

8:: Trying on jeans is the worst.

9:: Listen to music that makes you happy, not what you think you should enjoy.

10:: Some people just aren't meant to be crafty. I am one of those people.

11:: It's okay to be a grandma at 25.  So I like my 9:15 bedtime and Werther's Original candy, sue me.

12:: Don't play the what if I had... game. You will always lose.

13:: Cute animals make everything better.

14:: STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS, BROOKE. Comparison is the thief of joy.

15:: Shaving with goosebumps is pointless, not to mention it hurts.

16:: Just because and thank you cards in the snail mail still make my day.

17:: Cilantro sucks.

18:: Pet names for your significant other aren't cute. They're annoying. baby, honey, muffin, gag me.

19:: You can still get acne at age 25, who knew?!

20:: Yes, Pandora, I am still listening to you.

21:: Clean sheets night is totally underrated.

22:: Carrie Bradshaw is the worst.

23:: Take care of your body. Stretch, Ice, and Foam Roll after workouts.

24:: Don't take yourself too seriously.

25:: I think I like who I am becoming.

Also, Always.Wear.Suncreen.

Feel free to #backthatazz up in celebration of my birthday!!!!!!! 
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that one time i got a birthday gift early

So I have a story for you folks today. Let's talk about how I got one of my birthday presents early and it wasn't even on purpose.  The past few days Brad was working an event on the Nike campus for an ad agency out here in Portland.  All the workers were given some Nike goods and products to wear during their time on campus.  So he gets home after the first day of training and shows me all the goodies he got. New pair of shoes, couple pair of shorts, shirts, socks, and a backpack to keep it all in.  Pretty legit stuff for only a 3 day event. Anyway, later in the evening at dinner he offhandedly mentions that the other workers also got a Nike Fuel Band, but he didn't get one because he already had one.  WHAT?! AND YOU DIDN'T THINK TO BRING IT HOME FOR ME?!?!?!?!?!? IDIOT! 

Now let me tell you a side story about Brad. He never passes up free shit, like ever! So for him to tell me that he didn't get this Nike Fuel Band (something I have been wanting since they came out) was really uncharacteristic of him.  I may or may not have gotten a little very pouty with him over it (which is very uncharacteristic of me).  I might have even called him dumb and told him he had to ask for it again at work the next day....I might have also kicked rocks and pouted on our way home from dinner.

I may have also bitched to my friend on the phone and told her how big of a dummy Brad was for not bringing home the fuel band for me.... For the record me not believing him never crossed my mind.  Not once did I think, oh I bet he is lying to me and he is going to give the fuel band to me on my birthday so there is no need to be irrationally upset, Brooke. See how trusting of a girlfriend I am?! I was too focused on him being a dumdum for not thinking of me! 

Also, I understand how selfish and self involved this story makes me sound, sorry, not sorry. 

Anyway after I get off the phone he comes over and puts the box in my face and says something along the lines of, 'Way to ruin your birthday present.  I can't keep listening to you bitch about me until Friday. Now call your friend back and tell her I am not an idiot.' 

Of course now I am super excited, but also feel really, really bad that I had given him so much shit. Nice life, Brooke.

Moral of the story... Don't get irrationally upset until you know for sure you aren't getting a gift.... OR get irrationally upset and get your gift early.  Either way it's a win, win situation!!!!!!!! Thank you, Bradley!!!!

Now, I can't wait for tomorrow so I can treat myself with Beaverton Bakery cake at the office! And then do the math to figure out how many fuel points I will need to burn to work off the cake! Thanks Bossman!

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why blog question mark

Why blog? I often get that question a lot from my non-blogger friends. I also get:

::What's the point of blogging? 
::What do you blog about? 
::How do you always have content to write about? 

.... you get the idea.

For me, what keeps me blogging is wanting to share things that inspire me, things that make me laugh, music that makes me smile, workouts that keep me healthy, and ideas that make me think, with other people.

My biggest blogging 'inspirations' definitely come from small things in my daily life, music, yummy food, fitness, places on the internet like buzzfeed and thought catalog, and most importantly other bloggers you betches are funny. I hope I am half as entertaining as all the blogs I read.

Blogging, although it can be time consuming, keeps me creative and I love that.  It keeps me creative with my non-blogging activities (need to have something to post about later, amiright?!) Creative with my content and writing, and creative with my topics.  Plus, blogging helps take my somewhat average life and forces me to focus on the good that comes with it.

Happy to be linking up with Helene and Sarah today.

What inspires you?!

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Helene in Between


burfday week tunes

Hello my lovelies,

Is it Friday yet?! The extra special, it's my birthday, I get cake at the office Friday!!? I would like Tuesday to be over already. I think I may dislike it more than Monday (bold statement I know)...Plus, last night I was making dinner at the same time I was putting together my overnight oats for this morning's breakfast and somehow peppered my overnight oats instead of my dinner. FML. I didn't have another apple to start over / was lazy. So now as I sit here eating my oats and they taste funny... I wonder why. Ugh.

Let's just get to some music.

3 brothers in a band! Plus, the oldest is only 21. It's like Hanson, but good.
The Avett Brothers always make me happy and this John Prine cover is fabulous. It's just makes me want to move to the country. build a home. and eat some peaches.
Vancouver based band that I am digging these days. Not all Canucks are weird, eh?!
This song isn't new, in fact it's off their debut album, but I just love it every time I hear it and since it is my birthday week, I can make you listen to older songs if I want to.
Watch out for this guy, he is about to blow up. Plus, he is British and that's just 10 extra cool points. Although don't play it too loud among certain company there are curse words.
This song from the English duo is weird, but I can't stop listening to it. Oh electronic music, you make me happy. Not as happy as it makes Helene, but close.
I mean you pretty much have to like this band, just for their name.
These lyrics: 
Well I think I know a remedy.
Just shake your arms and move your feet,
and pretty soon you will find a beat,
Find a beat,
And do what happens naturally.

Happy Tunesday! 

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fair shenanigans

So the majority of this weekend was spent with family at the fair! And not just any fair... THE OLD TIME FAIR in West Linn, Or. This fair is pretty much a tradition in my family, as my Grandparent's have been going to or volunteering at it with their Lion's Club for at least 50 years (I think?). 

It always falls right around my birthday too. So when I was little we would celebrate my birthday by getting to go to the fair. 

This year we took my little cousins, including my cousin Emma who turned 8 over the weekend and wanted to celebrate at the fair too. She is a girl after my own heart.

I think the rides are probably older than I am, but whatevers. They were still entertaining for the kiddos and didn't break down

My mom came up for the weekend too, so it was extra nice to spend some time with her and my sister while she was here. Also, it's ok to hate my mom a little for how tan she is. I do every.day.

My cousin, Aunt, and I even volunteered with my Grandma's Lions Club to help make Lion's Paws (aka Elephant Ears). I might have eaten one or two throughout the weekend too.

Don't worry I was very gracious when it came to the cinnamon and sugar dumped sprinkled on top. 

What kind of shenanigans did you get into this weekend?! Does anyone else love fair food?! 

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#backthatazzup into my birthday week

Happy One Week Until My Birthday, Folks!

Get excited

::And if you're feeling generous buy me this for my birthday;)

::Or better yet, get me one of these.

::Whatever.Loser.I will cut you.

::Check out this interview with Macklemore as he decodes some of the lyrics to one of his songs and his struggle with alcohol.  

::I want to do something better with my life, like this

::You should probably be a fan of my friend Erin O'Neill now, so when she is a big timer you'll already be in the know. (So hipster of you)

::This is sometimes read all times why I run.

::Weird ways to burn 200 calories.

::11 types of people we should unfriend in real life.

::And for #backthatazzup I leave you with a glorious song and video.

Because, who doesn't need a little Lionel in their life once in a while?! 

Cheers to the weekend! 
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shut it down. deal breaker.

Since I know you are all wondering, the concert last night was everything my little emo heart hoped for and dreamed of. The Postal Service has always been on my must see concert list, but was hard to cross off when the band hadn't been putting new music out or traveling in years.  PLUS! I didn't even snooze my alarm this morning...That might of also had to do with the fact that Brad called me out on snoozing my alarm and said I wouldn't be able to not snooze but..... TAKE THAT, BRAD. I WON!!!!!

Anyway, The highlight of the show though, may have been his opening act Big Freedia.  Wow, that was an experience the white people of Portland might not have been ready for. TWERK, TWERK city. She he had 3 stage dancers with her and they got their twerk on. Not even sure we saw their faces once, just their backsides twerking. Twerking on the floor, twerking on the drum set, twerking on each other.... Miley would have been proud. It was awesome and weird all at the same time.

The experience got me to thinking, thank the lawd that this is not a first date for me and Brad. Could have been real awkward. And while I have my dating history, I don't really have anything good for a blog post to link up with Erin and MacKensie for when it comes to Dating Disasters....but it did make me think about how I appreciate Brad for not having crappy taste in music....That would totally be a deal breaker... This then lead me down the path of other deal breakers I have on my list.

1) He can't make a decision.
Everyone knows I am the most indecisive person ever. If you can't take the reins and make a decision for me once in a while, like where to eat or what we want to do for evening... Deal Breaker.

2) He can't handle my sarcasm and passive aggressive comments.
I am the QUEEN of passive aggressive comments with a hint of sarcasm sprinkled in. If you get offended that's a deal breaker. Also, if I use the term honey with you, it's probably because I am actually talking down to you.

3) He can't quote the following shows or relate them back to real life at a moment's notice.
Friends, The League, The Office. I am still working on Friends with Brad, may be a deal breaker in the making.

4) He has weird feet. 

5) He tells me cilantro doesn't even a have a taste.
Are You Kidding Me?! It tastes like the devil's sweat.

6.) He doesn't know how to cook. 
I can cook a delicious feast if I want to,  but sometimes I am tired and lazy and I want you to do it and it better not be mac n' cheese, unless it's the shapes kind.

7. He wears toe shoes. 

8) He makes fun of my blog. 
You make fun of my blog, I make fun of you on it.

9.) He is a bad tipper.
Come on bro, I worked in the restaurant industry. Do better than 13%.

10.) He is obessed with Twitter.
Oh wait, Brad is.... UGH.

Luckily Brad has a lot of other good qualities besides the whole can't reference Friends and is on the twitter twatter too much. I guess I'll keep him around for a little longer.

What are some of your deal breakers that would lead to disaster?!

Cheers to dating!

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i think i am getting too old for concerts

So, as I mentioned yesterday, Brad and I have tickets to the Postal Service concert tonight.  While I am so pumped to see the show, there is a part of me that is dreading the 8pm start time. This grandma is usually sprawled out on the couch by that time in her PJs counting down the seconds for an appropriate time to go to bed.  Silver lining though - I sprung for seats!!! Winning. This lead me to think about all the reasons why I may be getting too old to enjoy live shows for the bands I love.

1) Standing room only is hard.
Does anyone else's back and knees get sore after about an hour of standing?!  I will take a concert in the park with a blankie and some chairs thank you very much. 

2) The start times are way past my bedtime.
But no, really, why do you insist on having your start time be 9pm for the headliner, only to then come on 25 mins late? Are you kidding me?! Ain't nobody got time for that. Plus, you have just made me stand an extra 25 mins, we already know my back and knees can't handle that. 

3) The 21 and over sections are getting smaller and smaller. 
I went to the Macklemore concert in Portland a few months ago. No joke there were tweens getting dropped off by their parents on the side of the venue. Then our group had to stand in the wayyyy back where the tiny 21 and over section was so we didn't get mauled by children.  Really, your parents let you listen to this music?! There are curse words. 

4) The music is really loud. 
One of the Allen Stone concerts I went to, I was super close to the stage, but was right next to a speaker.  My ears were still ringing the next morning. Hey Allen, would you mind turning it down just a tad? I would appreciate it. 

5) Cellphones have taken the place of lighters. 
That's weird. Also, don't get me started on cell phones at concerts. Let me break some news to you, honey, you're never going to look at that blurry piece of sheet photo again.  And that video you just took, you won't be able to tell what song it is tomorrow. PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY.

Sign me up to see Chicago, maybe some Barry Manilow or something.

But no really, I won't give up my live music, just yet.  However, I may start being more selective in the concerts I attend. 


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Tunesday Struggles

Here are some things I'd like to share with you.

::I almost forgot that I have a Postal Service concert tomorrow night. Looks like I am staying out late on a school work night. Also reminds me I need to print my tickets.

::My Sirius radio expires on the 24th and I just can't justify spending money to renew it when I have things like Pandora and Songza...but I know I am really going to miss it a.lot. (Insert, my life is so hard, feel bad for me) 

::Speaking of music apps, does anyone else Shazam a song and then go to their recent tags to realize you have already tagged the song like 4 different times?! No, just me?! I must not have a good memory or really like some new songs these days.

I can't get enough of female lead pop/electronic duos these days and Lucius is just that. Two little ladies just doing their thing.  Don't Just Sit There is super catchy and I dig it.
Oh weird, another song with a female lead singer. This is one of those songs that I kept Shazamming and then realized I already had 3 other times. Sorry, not sorry.
Amber of the Dirty Projectors can do no wrong in my eyes and I think she just takes this song to another level. Also digging the Jamaican vibes of this song.
Two things, when I Shazamed this song the other day, the album artwork that came up was Hunter Hayes. Not cool, Shazam, not cool. Also, Their name really is On An On, not And. Throws me off every time.
Loving this song for workouts. The song itself isn't over the top from the beginning, but it just keeps building and building and it helps keep my workout going. Plus Aloe Blacc is doing the vocals and I LURVE him.
I might like this Grouplove song more than their other single Colours which is saying something, because that song is effing catchy.
Taking it down a notch with this song, but it's still super catchy and I love Lewis' voice. 
Gotta end with my Postal Service in honor of their concert I almost forgot about tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers to Tunesday!

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Tattooed Shenannies

So this happened over the weekend, guys.

That's right, this girl got tattoo number two done at Adorn

Look past the tragic curling wand scar .

The other one can be found on my foot. Now before everyone asks, because that's what happens anytime you get a tattoo.  Thy symbol technically is the symbol for air, but really, when it comes down to my reasons for getting the tattoo it wasn't because of the symbol's meaning.  I could sit here and tell you that I got it, because it represents the air that we all breathe and need to survive (you know real hippie shit), but I won't lie to you. To be honest, I just really love geometric shapes and designs and have been wanting a second tattoo for a while now. To me, tattoos are just another form of art and I, personally, don't feel like every tattoo you have has to have some deep and powerful meaning behind it. I just think they need to make you happy and I appreciate the form of art that tattooing is....then again what do I actually know?!

Also, on Sunday, Granny gave us some good advice and we used it at the Pet Aid 2013

Pet Aid was put on by our local Alternative radio station 94.7 and featured a bunch of local bands including Portugal The Man as the headliner. The event was free, but they were requesting donations for Multnomah Country Animal Services. THERE WERE PUPPIES EVERYWHERE. CUTENESS OVERLOAD. 

Plus, it was right on the waterfront at Sellwood Riverfront Park, which is always nice.

What kind of shenanigans did you get into this weekend?! 

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