Tunesday Struggles

Here are some things I'd like to share with you.

::I almost forgot that I have a Postal Service concert tomorrow night. Looks like I am staying out late on a school work night. Also reminds me I need to print my tickets.

::My Sirius radio expires on the 24th and I just can't justify spending money to renew it when I have things like Pandora and Songza...but I know I am really going to miss it a.lot. (Insert, my life is so hard, feel bad for me) 

::Speaking of music apps, does anyone else Shazam a song and then go to their recent tags to realize you have already tagged the song like 4 different times?! No, just me?! I must not have a good memory or really like some new songs these days.

I can't get enough of female lead pop/electronic duos these days and Lucius is just that. Two little ladies just doing their thing.  Don't Just Sit There is super catchy and I dig it.
Oh weird, another song with a female lead singer. This is one of those songs that I kept Shazamming and then realized I already had 3 other times. Sorry, not sorry.
Amber of the Dirty Projectors can do no wrong in my eyes and I think she just takes this song to another level. Also digging the Jamaican vibes of this song.
Two things, when I Shazamed this song the other day, the album artwork that came up was Hunter Hayes. Not cool, Shazam, not cool. Also, Their name really is On An On, not And. Throws me off every time.
Loving this song for workouts. The song itself isn't over the top from the beginning, but it just keeps building and building and it helps keep my workout going. Plus Aloe Blacc is doing the vocals and I LURVE him.
I might like this Grouplove song more than their other single Colours which is saying something, because that song is effing catchy.
Taking it down a notch with this song, but it's still super catchy and I love Lewis' voice. 
Gotta end with my Postal Service in honor of their concert I almost forgot about tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers to Tunesday!

<3 BB


Anonymous said...

Between Pandora and Spotify, I am really set for music. I haven't used Shazam in ages and it looks like a lot has changed! I think I'm going to try it out again!

Anonymous said...

Between Pandora and Spotify, I am really set for music. I haven't used Shazam in ages and it looks like a lot has changed! I think I'm going to try it out again!

Helene in Between said...

YES i shazam the same song so many times bc I don't want to forget to download it. like i do this on the reg.

Kasey Lynne said...

Umm, I must be living under a rock because I've never heard of Shazam or Songza.

Laura Ann said...

Thanks for my new favorite songs!!!

Lauren said...

Yay Postal Service! I have a love/hate relationship with them for a plethora of reasons, including backing into a parked car while "Such Great Heights" was playing (though it was the cover on the Garden State soundtrack so I guess it's not all their fault...). But I mostly like them so I would love to see them in concert. So what I'm basically saying is have a great time!

Fit With Flash said...

good tunes! : )

Jill J @ Classy with a Kick said...

I am so behind the times...I need to listen to new music. No more Lionel Richie for me! :)

I love Shazam but I can never get it to open in time to catch a song. That or my lovely husband likes to talk at the same time and mess it up. If I could get it to work besides those two issues, I would def have multiple tags!

Classy with a Kick

Tami said...

Postal Service was my jammm back in the day! That whole album such great heights is on. Mmm. I have to look into this shazam you speak of

Gabrielle Reece said...

I don't think that I have actually used Shazam? Maybe once I think? But I think that Spotify is awesome service! I pay 9.99 a month and I have like unlimted music everywhere I go even in my car! There hasn't been a song that I haven't found on there that I want, so that's good!

Love all these songs on your playlist, found some new music, I love that!

Kira said...

I loved all things Ben Gibbard back in college. I saw Death Cab at least 5 times. Never saw Postal Service though, it would be fun! I don't really go out to shows anymore with two kids though...I'm generally in bed by 10! Enjoy the show for me :)

Karoline said...

I definitely do the same thing with shazamming the same song multiple times!! And songza is pretty much the PERFECT music app, I love it so much!

Caroline said...

I always do that!!! And it's always with songs I swear I've never heard before, hahaha.... enjoy the Postal Service - love them!

Caroline said...
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Bonnie said...

Just wait a couple months, Sirius will send you a $25 for 6 months deal in the mail. And then keep sending it for the next 6 months. Way more worth it when you get it cheaper!