#backthatazzup into a real blog

Heyyyyyyy ladies and gents, 

This little baby blog of mine. I'm gonna let it shine. oh wait...

Guess what, I am a really bad blogger and also really bad with dates.  I definitely missed my 1 year blogger anniversary.  Who does that?!  Me! I do that.  I don't even know if Brad and I have an anniversary, and if we do I couldn't tell you what day it is. Whatever. Even with me being a big dummy, I have noticed that I am starting to have a real blog over here and have taken some big girl steps in the world of 'real blogging' to help it grow. Starting with figuring out Google Analytics.  Yes, I had my blog almost a year, before I actually started using it. So sue me.

I also broke down and bought a domain name. Say hello to babblingbrookelyn.com. seeya never blogspot.com. Danica Patrick even called and left me a voicemail from GoDaddy to welcome me to the team. Totally went fan girl!!! oh wait... it was a recording.

I also made a new blog button that you can find on the right sidebar.... and I set up a passion fruit account for advertising. (For all you non-bloggers out there, you probably don't care about that last part). For anyone else that would like to sponsor my blog, I wouldn't hate it :)  I only have one sponsor option up right now and it is just the sidebar button placement, but am looking to add a few more options soon!

babbling brookelyn

Also, everyone knows that Google Reader is going away right?! I am not crushing your dreams by telling you that news now?  Make sure to follow me over at BlogLovin' or Feedly.  I have always used Bloglovin' to follow all of my favorite blogs, so I am not totally sure why everyone is losing their shit over it, but the more I investigate Feedly, the more I think I like it.

Lastly, people are actually starting to leave comments about the things I write! It's like they actually enjoy my blog or something. It's weird, I know. Luckily, for me they have all been positive so far and I love interacting with more and more people!  When I fist took the plunge and started commenting on blogs and responding to people that commented on mine, I was doing it all wrong. I was a big struggle like Nadine was.....but then Kailyn changed my blogging life for the better with this tutorial. So now I can reply to comments right from my email and it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. Moral of the story, DON'T BE A NO-REPLY BLOGGER. So go now, double check to make sure you're all set up right!

Ok enough about me, I am sure you're tired of me whoring myself and my blog out. Let's get ready for the weekend and #backthatazzup with Whitney.

Back when Mariah was innocent and young. I miss this Mariah! 
Hurry up Friday! I want to spend the first hot weekend in Portland by the pool!!!! 
<3 BB 


that's not cool, bro

Ugh, guys do you ever have a bad dream where you just feel like you're having it the entire night and can't wake up from it?! That was me last night and the worst part was, it involved a giant snake! And lemme tell you, this girl HATES SNAKES. Confession: I think I had the dream about snakes because of the episode of Pretty Little Liars I watched yesterday. Spencer got locked in a dressing room with one. Not cool, PPL. Not cool. 


This dream got me to thinking about some other things I dislike as of late or always including, but not limited to:

1) Shaving my legs. 
Honestly though, it's the worst. The effort you have to put into it. The amount of water you waste in the shower.  Might have worn a skirt today and it's been about a week since I last shaved my legs. whoopsies. 

2) Cilantro
Don't tell me there is only a tiny bit in the salsa and I won't be able to taste it. It makes you a liar when you say that. 

3) Doing my hair.
I sweat when I blow dry it. My arms get tired from having to hold the blow dryer up for so long. Take this morning for instance. Not brushed, partially dried, and frizzy as shit. Long hair, don't care.

Why can't I have this?! 

4) Reporters on ESPN 
Mad love to my girl Tami, but ohemgee, reporters can be the worst. Especially ESPN reporters. Has anyone been following this whole former Patriots' player Aaron Hernandez being charged with murder thing? I was watching Sports Center before work  like the dude I am and the reporters were standing outside the jail he is at going over his schedule. Well yesterday he spent the night in jail. He was able to shower. Now they are allowed to workout here at this facility....blah, blah, blah.  Um helllllllo, HE IS IN JAIL. He does what people in jail do, try not to get stabbed. No one cares what his living situation is like, the dude might have killed man, he doesn't even deserve a shower or sheets to sleep with. Go report about something news worthy, like how Tim Tebow may finally get some playing time....Bahahahahahahah I just laughed out loud to myself as I typed that. 

seeya, never. 

End rant. 

<3 BB

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hi, i'm babbles, i'll be your tour guide

Brad's sister and her husband made their first trip out to visit Brad since he moved to Oregon and we had a busy, but great time.  We ate way too much food. Went on a ton of touristy outings, and tried a lot of good IPAs. On Saturday we visited Hood River and made stops along the way.  Our first stop was Vista House at Crown Point.

It was gorgeous! Plus, it helped we had perfect weather.  Perfect weather + amazeballz views + the Columbia River = fantastic. 

They don't have quite the same views out in Kentuckiana (aka Kentucky and Southern Indiana where they are from.) 

This building was built in the early 1900s, pretty legit! 

Next on the list was lunch at Full Sail Brewery, plus a tour.  Here we have Meredith doing her best Brooke Thumbs-up. 

After lunch we headed to another view point out in Hood River called Panorama Point to checkout the gorgeous view of Mount Hood, plus all the orchards. 

The name was very fitting. The views were impressive and well, panoramic. 

Meredith and Amos also have friends that moved out to Portland 10 years ago, so they were excited to get to visit with them as well. 

Our last stop of the day before heading back to Portland was at Multnomah Falls.

Which, if you're keeping track, is the tallest waterfall in Oregon. 

Brother / Sister love! 

After the falls we headed back into Portland for get this: MORE FOOD! Weird right?! Didn't take any pictures, but if you want great soft warm pretzels and yummy beer, hit up Hopworks

Moral of this story, if you ever come to Portland, I will be your tour guide. I will take you to beautiful places, fill you up with lots of yummy food, and get your to try legit IPAs. Sound like a plan?! Ok! Great! 


<3 BB 


tunesday :: get sweaty

Last week I gave myself a pass and took it easy with workouts.  My body was tired after all the training in preparation for Tough Mudder and then it was extra spent after the race. I decided to give myself a few extra days off here and there.  Plus, with Brad's family in town, we were busy, on our feet all day, and walked a lot, which was great, but left little time for workouts.  

Oh and did I mention all the food we ate?!  Lawd, it was good food, but eating out 2-3 meals a day for 4 days straight is not something my body was used to. Needless to say, I need to get my butt back in gear this week. Last night I did this at home workout (which means all of you can do it too! No equipment or gym needed.)

20 mins AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 
::5 burpees 
::10 push-ups 
::15 squats 

I finished with 12 rounds, plus 3 more burpess in the 20 mins and I was feeling all the food and lackluster workouts from last week, but that's ok, I got it done and am feeling tiny bit better about my life today. 

With getting fit in mind, I wanted to share some of my favorite songs as of late that I have been jamming to when I get my sweat on. 

Gary Clack Jr. :: The Life
Lorde :: Royals 
CHVRCHES :: Recover 
Robyn :: Hang With Me
Lana Del Rey :: Blue Jeans - RAC Mix
Of Monsters And Men :: Little Talks 
Kaskadem Mindy Gledhill :: Eyes
Robyn :: Call Your Girlfriend 
Empire Of The Sun :: Walking On A Dream 
Tegan And Sara :: Closer 
Kanye West :: On Sight 
Ellie Goulding :: Anything Could Happen 
Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams :: Get Lucky 
Justin Timberlake :: Suit & Tie 
Bastille :: Pompeii 
Get lucky sweaty! 
<3 BB


need a vacation after someone else's vacation

Do you ever feel like you need a vacation after someone else's vacation?! Brad's sister and her hubs got here on Thursday night and we were busy all weekend playing tour guide.  Of course I took a lot of awesome photos like a good blogger should....but didn't get them uploaded or edited like the not so good blogger I actually am ;) So I'll leave you with some instavom until I get a chance to catch up on life. 

Portland Rose Garden isn't messing around.  They don't call Portland the Rose City for nothin'

The view of the Columbia River from the Vista House is fantastic. 

Managed to sneak away from being tour guide for a few hours for the Timbers game.  Where they got the W and are sitting top of the West. Heyyyyyo! 

One of the MANY great food establishments we hit up over the weekend. IPAz for dayz. Love Deschutes

And now I need to sleep, but I don't think my boss would be amused to find me asleep at my desk, but then again maybe he would? I should probably try it and see what happens. 

Anyway, I'll try and be a better blogger tomorrow, but am not making promises. 

<3 BB 

Sami's Shenanigans


ride the boogie and #backthatazzup

Hello my little chickadees and chickadudes, 

It's Friday and I am excited to spend the weekend as a tourist in my own city! Brad's sister and her hubs got into town last night from Louisville (pronounced LULaville, like you're getting punched in the gut when you say it) and they are here till Monday morning.  We have a ton of fun stuff planned including - an underground walking tour of Portland, Saturday Market on the waterfront, the Japanese Gardens, and a trip to Hood River.  Now to just get through this work day. UGH. Hopefully these fun links will keep me occupied from real work

Here are some links for your weekend or your lunch break or your hey I am kind of over this day, because it's Friday and it's time to leave. Seeya never, office. 

::The bloggess' rules for life.

::Who attempted number 27 anyway?! Not me.

::19 ways to trick people into thinking you workout.

::The 7 dance moves of a drunk white girl.

::15 awkward senior pictures of jocks that nerds are probably still laughing at.

::You might have seen this before, but it's always funny to me. They've been lying to us all along. 

::Make T.S. and all her 'Swifties' go away. 

::My imaginary well dressed toddler

Lastly, I always gotta link up with my girl who loves yoga pants as much as I do for #backthatazzup. I bet part of the reason she wears them is to make people think she works out too ;) 

Where can I get those pants?!

Now go ride the boogie into the weekend, 
<3 BB 



Ok guys, this post - was teetering towards kind of pathetic. Nothing was planned. Nothing important happened last night just spin class and an awesome dinner and a lot of sports watching.  I didn't even take a photo of my food, because let's be honest you probably don't really care about the bomb burritos I made or they would have just make you jealous and leave you wanting them. Basically what I am saying is I was scrambling for a post until......

I remembered this happened yesterday after I shared the new Miley Cyrus video with Brad.

So I thought, shucks, he didn't say you guys couldn't be in the contest too. In case you forgot how to write a Haiku, I got you that link for a refresher. Leave me your best Haiku in the comments box and your email in case you have enough creativity to win!  Here is Bradley's attempt:

'Disney Channel queen / 
now all tattoos and twerk vids / 
I'm left void but rich'

And I'll leave you with my running stream of thoughts while watching this video:
::Miley, why you so hot?! 
::Miley, why you so weird?
::Miley, why the wonder bread?
::Oh hey, Eos chappies, I have that same flavor.
::Miley, I can't stop watching
::But I am pretty uncomfortable.
::Miley, why did you think all white was a good idea? 
::Miley, put the fur back, you're embarrassing Macklemore. 
::Miley, let me see your grill.
::Miley, leave the twerking to the ladies with rhythm next to you. 
::Miley, how is your lipstick still in tact after the pool?
::Miley, I picture you as Hannah Montan still, this is too sexual for me. 
::Miley, what would Billy Ray say?! He'd say, 'Don't break my heart. My achey breaky heart.'
::Oh, and now I have hit the replay button.....
::Miley, We can't stop.... watching this video. 
::Damn you, Miley. 
Now go get your Haiku on!
<3 BB 


confidence :: rock it like a fashion trend that's here to stay

So the other day my good friend Anne posted this article on facebook and after reading it my mind was blown.  Do you ever just read an article and all you can think is, yes this! Exactly that! All of these things, I agree with. 

Go read it, we can discuss after. 

Ok, great, let's get to it. 

Basically in the article the author, Kasey Edwards, talks about how her mother's own insecurities ultimately shaped her insecurities that are still present today and she does not want to do the same thing to her daughter. 

Lord knows children, teens, and well me, have enough to deal with when it comes to society and how we should look, we don't need our mothers and other influential females in our lives to be making it harder. (Side note: my mother is beautiful and confident, and never talked down about herself or acted insecure when I was growing up, so thanks for not making things harder for me, Mom! I blame society, not you.)  

Now, I don't have children yet, but I do know that I am often bad about talking poorly about myself in front of others, often times Brad because he is the only one around to listen.  I am horrible at taking compliments, and honestly, I know I don't give myself enough credit.  I am guessing it is safe to say I am not the only female that does this?!

Reading this article gave me a little wake up call and I am glad it did. I want to break the cycle of negativity directed towards myself before I affect my daughter, or my young cousins, or any other person I could potentially influence...But most importantly I want to stop it for myself.

Once in a while articles come around or even something as cheesy as a quote on Pinterest

and they remind me to get my shit together and be confident, but most importantly they remind me to be positive and happy with myself. Yes, I can strive to be the best version of me, but that doesn't mean I need to beat myself up in the process while working to get there. 

This portion of the article stuck with me the most, so I figured I would share it here, just in case you guys got lazy and didn't make it to the end of the article:
"Let us honour and respect our bodies for what they do instead of despising them for how they appear. Focus on living healthy and active lives, let our weight fall where it may, and consign our body hatred in the past where it belongs."
ps. Brooke could you be wearing any more bright colors?!  - Said in my best Chandler

Cheers to feeling confident!

<3 BB


Tunesday :: Dad Edition

I know this is coming a little late, but I wanted to give a shout out to my dad. Figured I would do it in the form of Tunesday, because he is the one that got me started on music in the first place. He has a wide range of music when it comes to stuff he enjoys and he has passed his love for music on down to me and I appreciate it.  Along with everything else he has passed on to me, like my competitiveness, my stubbornness, my athleticism, my humor, and my good looks ;)

Oh and style, obvs. Nice hat, Dad.

OH AND! I figured out how to upload a playlist right to my page. Go me! Thinking this might stick around and get rid of the youtube links, unless you all hate the idea of the youtube links going away. They are still here this week though.

Any time the following three songs come on the radio we have to call each other. It's our thing.
Not sure why, other than the fact that Fall Out Boy is legit, but my dad LOVES this song.
Don't read into the lyrics too much.  We don't have a weird father / daughter relationship. We just both really enjoy this song.
This is one of my all time favorite songs. So thanks for introducing it to me dad, even if I was probably too young to understand it at the time I was singing the lyrics.
'I put my daughter on my knee, and she says
"Daddy what's wrong?"
She whispers in my ear so sweet
You know what she says? She says
"Daddy you're a fool to cry"'
I'm Rick James, Bitch. Growing up my dad would watch me during the day while my mom was working.  Don't tell her my dad used to let me dance all over the living room to this song. It was my jam.
My love for Prince runs deep, like wayyyyy deep and my dad is the reason why! PS. this song is very hard to find on the internet.
First concert he ever took me too. Granted I was like 2 and don't really remember it, but still!
Over the past few years my dad has randomly gotten into the country music. Which is quite odd, seeings how he NEVER listened to it when I was young. Dr. Dre sure?! Rick James! Yes please, but country, this is new. It must be his old age ;) Either way I love this song, even if it is country.
Any time we would go on road trips, this song would make an appearance. Our whole family would belt it and then we kids would make my dad replay it at least 3 more times.
Speaking of road trips. This was another family road trip song. Obviously.
Listened to A LOT of Tom Petty growing up and I didn't hate it.
I am thankful that my dad made me appreciate classic music like Van Morrison, this is the good stuff guys. I hope music like this never goes away.
This song is still rocking in 2013.  That is some longevity, people.

Love you Dad!!!

<3 BB


i do not whine, kids whine - tough mudder #2

So they say you're crazy if you do a Tough Mudder more than once,  I guess that makes me, Brad, and Jessi, quite crazy then (we also dragged Jessi's boyfriend Dan out for his first experience) !!! Our second Tough Mudder is in the books and we didn't even have to travel all the way to Canada to do it this time.  Let me tell you....

It was awesome. 

It was warm. 

It was long. twss

It was hilly. 

And it was MUDDY!!!! 

10 plus miles, 19 obstacles, and lots of rocks and hills that weren't even obstacles just part of the course.  The Wilson Ranches Retreat in Fossil, Or. is where the event was held and it was the perfect location for a mudder.

You can check out the photos they posted on their facebook album to get a better idea of all the events. 

Before the mud.

Pre-Race. So fresh and so clean, clean. 


Stole that one from their facebook.  It was right as I was climbing out from the Arctic Enema aka ice water that we had to go all the way under in. Also lost the head band from the photo above in that obstacle. Whoopsies. 

Here is someone's Go-Pro Video of the race: 

And here are the after photos:

We made it!!!


This wasn't even the muddiest we got during the race.

A beer had never tasted so good! 

I'm cool, I know. not

We got head bands and shirts and our pride for finishing a second mudder! 

Things to take away from Tough Mudder number 2: 

::It is a lot more pleasant to do when the weather is warm.  The water obstacles are refreshing, even if said obstacles may have cow shit in the them. Unlike Whistler, BC where it was 32 degrees and multiple obstacles involved the snow that was present. 

::They aren't lying when they say the electroshock is live. Got zapped more than once and it wasn't that great of a feeling, but I didn't black out so there's that? 

::Being able to pull yourself up over walls and obstacles is a big advantage. 

::But you definitely need teamwork to make the dream work to finish the race. 

::You should totally sign up for one in your area!!!! 

::The permanent marker is really hard to get off your face and body even the next day.  I might be rocking my number on my arms and legs a little bit at work today. 


<3 BB
Sami's Shenanigans


#backthatazzup tough mudder style

Do you ever just have one of those evenings....

::The kind where you're late to an appointment because of traffic, your gas light comes on half way through the commute, annnnnd you have to pee. Not sure if I am the only one, but I PANIC as soon as my gas light comes on, because the one time I didn't panic I ran out of gas. Embarrassing.

::The kind where you walk in the door and the first thing your boyfriend tells you is you smell like beef jerky. (We later discovered it was from the sweatshirt I put on, hadn't been washed since the weekend and it still smelled like campfire.) 

::The kind where you go to the grocery store and you're smelling new shampoos and it squirts up into your nose. facial.

::The kind where you buy these awesome treats:

because you're cutting out dairy, but then when you go to open the container they spill all over the sink and counter, 3 of which ended up down in the garbage disposal. WAHHHHHHHHHH

No?! Just me?! Cool.

Needles to say, all those Almond bites were gone by the time I went to bed last night and I am extra glad it is Friday.

Also, if you're curious I made it to my appointment in time and didn't run out of gas. It was for a massage and don't get all ohhh and ahhh for me, this was not your normal, relaxing, happy massage.  This was a massage done by the sports massage therapist that worked on me in college for track.  It's deep tissue and it's painful, BUT they are the most beneficial massages I have ever had when it comes to preparing for an event.  I have been having knee and back pain and I think it has to do with my tight hip flexors so I am trying to get them loosened up before this weekend's TOUGH MUDDER

::Speaking of, go check out Jessi's weekend links that are Tough Mudder style. Great Transition into this week's links, Brooke

::Just a few pie charts, you know, very educational ones.

::In honor of Fathers Day.

::37 things to consider before moving to Portland.


::Season 2 of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee has arrived!!!!!

Also, it wouldn't be Friday if I didn't #backthatazzup, so we're gonna #backthatazzup Tough Mudder style. 

Get some! 

last year 

So ready. 

Yes, that would be the beef jerky, camp fire sweatshirt, in case you were wondering. 


<3 BB