Ok guys, this post - was teetering towards kind of pathetic. Nothing was planned. Nothing important happened last night just spin class and an awesome dinner and a lot of sports watching.  I didn't even take a photo of my food, because let's be honest you probably don't really care about the bomb burritos I made or they would have just make you jealous and leave you wanting them. Basically what I am saying is I was scrambling for a post until......

I remembered this happened yesterday after I shared the new Miley Cyrus video with Brad.

So I thought, shucks, he didn't say you guys couldn't be in the contest too. In case you forgot how to write a Haiku, I got you that link for a refresher. Leave me your best Haiku in the comments box and your email in case you have enough creativity to win!  Here is Bradley's attempt:

'Disney Channel queen / 
now all tattoos and twerk vids / 
I'm left void but rich'

And I'll leave you with my running stream of thoughts while watching this video:
::Miley, why you so hot?! 
::Miley, why you so weird?
::Miley, why the wonder bread?
::Oh hey, Eos chappies, I have that same flavor.
::Miley, I can't stop watching
::But I am pretty uncomfortable.
::Miley, why did you think all white was a good idea? 
::Miley, put the fur back, you're embarrassing Macklemore. 
::Miley, let me see your grill.
::Miley, leave the twerking to the ladies with rhythm next to you. 
::Miley, how is your lipstick still in tact after the pool?
::Miley, I picture you as Hannah Montan still, this is too sexual for me. 
::Miley, what would Billy Ray say?! He'd say, 'Don't break my heart. My achey breaky heart.'
::Oh, and now I have hit the replay button.....
::Miley, We can't stop.... watching this video. 
::Damn you, Miley. 
Now go get your Haiku on!
<3 BB 


Anonymous said...

HAHA I love your running stream of thought through out the video!

Macey Snelson said...

I just saw your twerk
I feel like such a jerk
white trash just like Dirk

Cre'shea said...

Mattress humper gurllll/
Thor's Hammer could twerk her right/
Forever tween lost


Tami said...

Trying way too hard /
To be a damn freak a leak /
Still Hannah to me

Myranda said...

Hahahaha these are all super funny! I am seriously going to think about this and submit it...she has gone nuts in the last couple years though for real...

Brad Snook said...

Haha, enjoying all the great responses so far!

Adriana said...

I came up with 2 since the first one felt a little harsh..

You are a weirdo.
Lindsey, Amanda AND you?
Can't even twerk right.

Misguided Miley
put your blonde wig back on now
'Cause HanMon don't twerk

Lauren said...

Your crotch is smoking
Taxidermy and twerkin'
Not Disney approved

Now I need to shred the list of words I made while watching this video because if anyone finds it, they will surely admit me to the mental ward (white bread, crotch smoke, taxidermy, doll makeout, leotard, and wrestling is what I got from all that).

Erin said...

Thank you for introducing this to me. First time I've seen it. But now I wish I could go back in time.

Jill J @ Classy with a Kick said...

My eyes...seriously what WAS that??

Classy with a Kick

Kalyn V said...

gurl you such a freak / twerkin it all day err day / la dee da, da dee

First time seeing that video and my mind is completely blown.

Melinda Ott said...


JumpingJE said...

Twerk not safe for work /
Oh she's just being Miley /
Glad it's not shark week

MacKensie said...

hahaha my reactions exactly. maybe I'll get back to you with that haiku.