Mini Apartment Makeover

Blame it on the grey weather and extra time being stuck in the apartment or maybe it's the fact that I feel like I am living on my own with Brad gone this week, but I am itching to make a change to the apartment while he is away... shh, don't tell.

It doesn't help that I keep getting emails from West Elm everyday, or my co-worker, Tyler, being the nice guy he is, left a West Elm magazine on my desk yesterday, because he knows my weakness for the store. Fueling my fire. Stores like West Elm make me want to do drastic, expensive makeovers to a space that is not my own.  However, once I came back to reality and realized I do not have the funding and the apartment is not truly mine to makeover, I decided to try and come up with small, inexpensive ways to add personal style to the place.

So, last night when I was killing time before bed, I was browsing Pinterest and came across some very cute coffee table arrangements and decided decorating our coffee table would be the perfect way to fill my design craving in an inexpensive way.  This is what happens when you get up off the couch to head to bed and then look at the clock and see it is only 8:26 - you are forced to kill time on Pinterest and wait for an acceptable time to actually go to bed aka 9:01pm.

all images found via Pinterest

all images found via Pinterest.

I am hoping to find an inexpensive decorative tray, add a few coffee table books I already have, including my favorite Post Secret books, obviously candles (who doesn't love an excuse to buy new candles?!), and maybe one or two other cute items that bring a little character to the table.  I love the small dog in the picture above.  

This is the space I am working with, thanks Ikea: 

Any other ideas or items that might be great for the coffee table? I don't want to add too many things to the point the table is no longer usable. There is that fine line between cute design and clutter and this girl hates clutter! Plus, more things on the table, means more opportunity for Brooke to spill on them... I'm clumsy like that.

Cheers to Coffee Tables! 

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Cooper Mountain Nature Park

Does anyone else get a bit stir crazy by the end of January, only to realize we have at least 4 more months of rain to get through in Oregon before the weather decides to be nice?  I mean I get it - it's winter, it's cold, it's rainy, there is a lot of great college basketball on Saturdays, and I love me some NFL on Sunday, but at a certain point I get tired of being inside.  I am like a child that way.  You can only entertain me indoors for so long.  Plus, I get extra tired of using it's grey and rainy out as an excuse to lay on the couch all winter day.

This past Sunday I asked Brad if he wanted to get out of the apartment even though it was raining and luckily he was game.  (It did help that only the Pro Bowl does anyone eve watch that? was on and his Indiana Hoosiers had already won earlier that morning.)  We wanted to try a new trail so I headed to Google and found that Cooper Mountain Nature Park is only a few miles away.

Now, technically this isn't hardcore hiking or anything, but it was definitely a nice change of pace from a treadmill or busy street roads. It offers 3.5 miles worth of graveled trails and overlooks the Tualatin River Valley.  Tough Mudder Training, anyone?! We are signed up to run our second mudder in June, who wants to join our team?!

Oh hey, Cooper Mountain. Nice to meet you. 

Initial view of the TRV. 

Don't ask...

Pre hike stretch, which was needed because our pace was as fast as you could walk without turning into a run.

Look guys, Nature!

Rain, we're not afraid of you.

Brad and I were curious to know how the tree lost its bark, but not quite curious enough to Google it.  Do any of you nature enthusiasts know why?!

It bodes well for me that grey is one of my favorite colors.

Team Selfie. #telfie? Okay, I will stop talking now... 

This playground was perfect for Tough Mudder training.  Obstacles on obstacles on obstacles.

Beast mode.

There might have been an older couple giving Brad and I funny looks as we were on the playground, but whatever....We are definitely planning on returning to get a few runs and other training in, maybe even bring Jessi and Dan the Man with us, since they are also signed up to run the Mudder! #hoorah!

Anyway, if you are looking for a change of pace or want to get some Mudder training in, Cooper Mountain may just be the place for you.


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Tuesday Tunesday :: 1.29.13

Happy Tuesday All My Lovelies,

Bradley leaves for a week starting today and has left me with a fridge that resembles something of a college frat boy's or Joey Tribbiani's doing.

It's like an episode of Chopped up in here, what can one make with these basket ingredients: Sriracha, maple syrup, and peanut butter? I would obviously use the eggs for my protein, but would be hurting to come up with something to give my dish that extra textural element and color variety...but I digress....looks like grocery shopping is on my agenda for the evening after I get back from coaching track down in Salem. Will definitely have to keep Jessi's post about meal planning in mind when I head to the store.  My life is cool, I know.

Anyways, now that I am officially hungry, here are your weekly tunes.

The Middle East :: Blood
If you actually listen to the lyrics, this song is horribly depressing, covering topics like death and cancer...I have mentioned before here on Tunesday that sad songs are probably my favorite songs.  Not that I am a depressing soul, but because I think they tell the best stories and really convey the most believable messages. Blood does just that. (maybe I shouldn't have started the week with this song...shmeh, oh well)

Bon Iver :: Wash {St. South Rexmix} 
The female lead in this remix just gives this song that extra layer. Takes it to a new level, I think.

The Strokes :: One Way Trigger 
The Strokes can really do no wrong in my eyes.  This new tune is quite different than a lot of their previous work, but I am digging it.  The falsetto is impressive. Side note: when I was googling falsetto to make sure I was spelling it correctly, this youtube popped up. Let's all learn how to falsetto and then just use it in daily conversation, thoughts?

Miguel :: Tiny Desk Concert {NPR}
I have been a Miguel fan for a little while now. There is something about his sound and voice that is just sexy.  I enjoy it.

How To Dress Well :: Running Back 
Is this electronic? Is this r&b?  I can't really tell, but I love it.

Local Natives :: Heavy Feet
Local Natives has a new album and this is their second single from it.  Great stuff on their new album, but still has that classic Local Natives sound. More please!

The Lone Bellow :: Angel From Montgomery
This last one is too cool for YouTube, which, I mean, I get that... there is a lot of dumb stuff on that site like this, but don't let that stop you from giving this song a chance.  I mentioned a while back that this group would be a band you should know is 2013, so far they are not disappointing.

Cheers to another day of great music and grocery shopping!

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Lucky Lab + Laughs

Friday night, Bradley, Tyler, and I hit up one of my favorite spots in Portland for a beverage and a round of darts before some laughs by the Sklar Brothers at Helium Comedy Club. If you have never been to Lucky Lab, I suggest you change that. 

 We hit up the Lab off of Hawthorne, because it is directly across the street from the comedy club we were going to later in the evening. And by late I mean reallllly late! Show didn't even start until 10 pm.
The Hawthorne location was the 1st of now 4 locations in Portland.  Check out its back story here, it's pretty legit and I love supporting local. The best part is they have a patio area, so you can bring your lab, or any other pup you might have!  I will definitely plan on bringing my puppy here once I can finally get one.  

When you first walk in to the Lab, there is a dartboard area set up, they even have a league night on Thursdays.  I am not that good. 

I went with their Dog Day IPA.  The boys each had a Super Dog IPA, which is just a little too hoppy for my taste. They said they got it it is because they are more manly than I am, but they went back for a second round and got the Dog Day like mine. So I am not sure how manly it really makes them...

Brad taught us how to play Cricket and I was winning, before we had to cut the game short, due to time.

Check out that grow out form.

The Paparazzi Tyler caught me in action.

Brad got excited, because he finallllly hit the bulls eye. (I had already hit it 4 times).

Tyler decided to take the baseball pitch approach.  Ask him how well that worked... hint: it didn't. 

After darts, we headed across the street to Helium, where I kind of felt like I was cheating on the other comedy club we usually go to, Harvey's. Overall, I really enjoyed the comedy, especially the Sklar Brothers (twins).  They are known for their show on the History Channel, United Stats of America, but I have to admit I wasn't a big fan of Helium as a comedy club.

I am not sure if it was the fact that the waitstaff took forever to get to us, perhaps it was when we got reprimanded for having our phones out, because you are not allowed to take video or picture; but I think what annoyed me the most was that the tickets were 24 dollars a piece and then they still expected you to each order 2 things off their menu. Do they think Brad is I am made of money?! When the waitress brought the check for Brad and I and we had only each ordered one item, she definitely 'reminded us for next time' that we were supposed to have each ordered 2 items. Oh I am sorry, my purchased ticket and dessert wasn't enough for you? Too bad there probably won't be a next time, I will stick to Harvey's.

Tyler did snap this pic on the sly, just to spite the club, which I totally supported. Does that make me a bad person? 

At the end of the night, the laughs were worth it though, I really like the twins' style of humor and the opening acts were also funny, which is always a bonus. 

Cheers to Lucky lab + Laughs, 

<3 BB 


Hitting the Links :: 1.25.13

First off, we have to celebrate Prefontaine's birthday today! I may not have ever been a distance runner, but that doesn't mean I wasn't inspired by him throughout my track career and then some! So go for a run at some point today! It's what Pre would want.

Now onto some awesome weekly links:

Bradley shared this one with me. For as many words as the English language has, we are missing some good ones.

The way you should love someone.

My least favorite word ever made the list.  MOIST is so disgusting.

My friend Courtney sent me this link and oh my gosh is it true. 10 worst things about going to the gym.

Preach it. Staying in really is the best.

Who's excited for the PUPPY BOWL?!? This girl.

To selfie or not to selfie, that is the question.

Speaking of going to the gym....Have you ever wondered why there aren't a lot of Olympic athletes who train by walking around the block with Diane after supper?

Happy it's almost the weekend!

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Online Shopping Woes

Here is my rant of the day (and yes judge me if you want, because it is a totally superficial rant)...

Who makes a shoe that runs so large it should be ordered 1 size smaller than what you normally wear!? Not just a half size, but an ENTIRE size smaller. So.Stupid...And I know what you're thinking, Brooke why didn't you read the reviews or the sizing chart before you bought them online? Do you know what I have to say in response to that:  I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO!

If I know my bigass foot is a size 9.5, I should be able to order every pair of shoes I ever buy in a size 9.5 and they should fit, period. Sizing should be universal. Why don't shoe makers (and clothing makers for that matter) understand this idea?! It's not rocket science, really. I mean, if I can come up with the concept, anyone can!

It doesn't hurt my ego to order the 9.5 as opposed to a 9 or 8.5 or buy the Large instead of the Medium or Small, just to make me feel tiny.  What I want is to be able to know that I am a one size and be done with it.  This is why I have a love/hate relationship with online shopping, unless it's a brand I know well and can trust their sizing to stay consistent, thanks J. Crew, I have a hard time pulling the metaphorical, online trigger. I thought I was in the clear when it came to shoes and so I ordered these shoes a few weeks ago, but noooooo.  They had to go and ruin my trust when it comes to buying shoes online now, too.

Such a hassle to order the smaller size, have them bill me again, return the other pair, pay for my own return shipping, and wait for a refund on the first pair. #firstworldproblems my life is so hard, pray for me.

My on sale for $29.99 + free shipping booties just became $41.33. Thanks a lot additional return shipping costs. We have already discussed this, I am trying to ball on a budget here. suck it.

Shame on me for not using Zappos and their free shipping both ways.

I was super tempted to just return them and not order a new pair, but who was I kidding!? At this point I was invested, annoyed, but still invested and really just liked the booties too much to not try the smaller size. 

The silver lining in all of this (side note: do yourself a favor and go see Silver Linings Playbook) is even with the shipping charges my booties are still half as much as similar ones I like such as these.

And the best part! They came yesterday and I love them :)

It was worth the wait and the extra shipping.

ps, say hi to my work desk. 

Cheers to miss new booties!

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i have decided to stick with love

Happy Wednesday! Gosh - I love days like this, the kind where your mind and body think it's one day, but they're actually a day behind! Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., thank you.

Speaking of...

I know I am a day or two late and a dollar short, but I think MLK was the kind of dude that wanted his ideologies to be spread year round and not just on one day.  So, in honor of him, I am keeping MLK Day going this week and sharing one of his quotes. It is one of my all time favorites and totally on par with my New Year's Goals.  I have been trying to be good about my goals - but lately, I have noticed myself slipping back into a pattern of too much hate, especially directed at myself. This quote is a good reminder for me.  Now, I know this might not have been quite the same context he originally had in mind when he spoke these words, but I think he would be okay with my interpretation of them.  At the end of the day, Martin was onto something, 'for I know that love is ultimately the only answer to mankind's problems.'  and the way I see it, you can't truly love someone else until you love yourself first.

I have also decided to stick with love, for I know that love is ultimately the only answer to mankind’s problems. And  I’m going to talk about it everywhere I go. I know it isn't popular to talk about it in some circles today. And I’m not talking about emotional bosh when I talk about love; I’m talking about a strong, demanding love.  For I have seen too much hate. I've seen too much hate on the faces of sheriffs in the South. I've seen hate on the faces of too many Klansmen and too many White Citizens Councilors in the South to want to hate, myself, because every time I see it, I know that it does something to their faces and their personalities, and I say to myself that hate is too great a burden to bear.  I have decided to love. If you are seeking the highest good, I think you can find it through love.

Sunday, while Brad and I were on a walk to get coffee, he pointed out that I often have self-destructive habits and talk poorly about myself, which is definitely not one of the qualities he loves about me (which I don't blame him) there are thousands of other reasons though.  Negativity is not a good trait to have and I am working on it, slowly.  Also, let me be clear, it is not that I am an unhappy person. And I don't actively try to be negative, but sometimes it is just too easy to be unhappy with specific things - blame it on society, blame it on whatever you want, but at the end of the day positive physical outlook starts within. amiright?!

Then, on the way into work this morning I was listening to NPR's show Tell Me More and host Michel Martin was interviewing comedian Margret Cho.  At the end of the interview Michel asked Margret 'Do you have any advice you want to pass on?' and her advice was spot on:
'If you can just think of yourself as beautiful and tell people that you're beautiful and it just sort of starts this great rumor about you and that's really what we need. We need more of that. We need more beauty and appreciation of our own beauty.'

I am hoping if I put this on the blog it will help keep me accountable and remind me to happy and content with what I have going on :) Plus, once it's on the internet it stays there forever, right?!

Cheers to Love, 

<3 BB


Tuesday Tunesday :: 1.22.13

Sorry I was gone yesterday, I was busy celebrating MLK the only way he would have wanted: with pizza and beer at Mellow Mushroom with Jessi and a few others! Okay, that might not be what Martin quite had in mind, but that is what I did with my lovely, extra day this weekend and I have him to thank for it!

Anyways, let's get to some good music :)

The Ultimate Bearhug :: Foolish Things 
My friend Creshea shared this band with me.  Love her gritty vibe and can we talk about their name?! I mean who doesn't want their band name to be The Ultimate Bearhug!?!?

Miles Fisher :: New Romance
Miles Fisher is an odd dude.  I was first introduced to him when he was the opening act for Kelley James at a show I saw when I lived in SoCal.  Not only does he look like Tom Cruise, but his videos are off the wall. They are often full on productions, like this take on Saved By The Bell or in another video of his he recreates American Psycho.  Crazy stuff, but it's really good.

The Apache Relay :: Home Is Not Places
I first heard this song probably about 6 months ago and then kind of forgot about it.  That will happen when you listen to as much music as I do.  Back to my story, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy this song when it started playing on my starred list from Spotify. It's the lyrics that I am a fan of: home is not places, it is love. I have been in a real corny mood lately when it comes to my music so lyrics like that really stick out to me. Not sure why, but I am not complaining either.

Horse Feathers :: Curs In The Weeds 
Stole this video from this link.  Plus, you can't go wrong with a local Portland band.

Sin Fang :: Look At The Light
The band Seabear shared this song on their facebook the other day and I was a big fan.

Biffy Clyro :: Black Chandelier 
Biffy, here, reminds me of The Snow Patrol a bit and there is nothing wrong with that. Although, I would suggest they get shirts for their next video.  Maybe I am wrong?

HAIM :: Don't Save Me 
takemeback, t-t-t-takemeback... That line is just so catchy.  And I think this YouTube comment said it all: 

In a world of plastic, auto-tuned, fake-tanned, ill-mannered, sluttish and vulgar female artists, it is delightfully pleasant to have a down-to-earth girl band, with lyrics which actually mean something and signers who can actually sing.

Cheers to MLK!

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Hitting the Links!

Happy Friday! Happy Three Day Weekend! Happy No Work Monday!!! Cheers alllllllll around :) Sorry can you tell this girl is excited?! I made it through my first week of WU Track practice for the season and I realized I need to get reconditioned to my track schedule.  Driving down to Salem 2-3 times a week will really take it out of a girl.  I need to get adjusted again and force myself to get up for early cardio sessions on those mornings, because by the time I get home and all thawed from the track I don't have much desire to workout, let alone make dinner or move off the couch.

A few quick housekeeping things on my end before we get to awesome links.  I know having a blog is such an interesting thing and people may find it conceded or self centered and I get that...  But here's the deal, at the end of the day I have really been enjoying it (and I hope you do too).  I get to share the favorite parts of my life with you guys and hopefully a few of you may even benefit from the blog - whether it be from new workouts, recipes, music, finding new things to do, etc.  It has provided me a reason to use my awesome camera more, keep active and share workouts, try new foods to then share with you, etc.

So, as I continue to fine tune my blog and make it better for not only myself, but for you readers, too, I have added a few nifty gadgets to hopefully make it easier to access. You can now quickly get to my Twitter and Pinterest with a just few clicks.  Also, if you want to follow me via bloglovin' or with Google Reader, along with all your other favorite blogs, click on those links off to the right. Lastly, if you want each post to be sent to your inbox, as opposed to stalking my facebook or the blog every hour to see if there has been any new content, add your email and you will be notified each time I post something amazing, educational, exciting, pretty, witty..... The only way this little blog will grow is if I keep writing worthwhile posts and you guys keep reading and sharing!!!! Big thanks to all of you who stop by, I really do appreciate it :)

Anyways, enough of me whoring myself out. let's get to some good links.

A friend from Willamette helped put this together.  World's Largest Snowball Fight, nbd.

Sometimes people from LA are dumb and evidently cold.  God forbid it drop below 60 degrees.

What the F*^% should I make for dinner?!

New JT. yup.

Weird, Americans are wasteful when it comes to food?!

Love can reduce you to Mariah Carey mush. (side note: she is really annoying to watch on American Idol.  Not that I watch American Idol or anything...)

Lance Armstrong's part 1 interview with Oprah broken down to 4 mins. Say what you will about Lance, at the end of the day all his competitors were doping too. Hate the game, not the player. 

This may be one of the biggest hoaxes of all time. It will be very interesting to see what plays out in the Manti Te'o story.

This may be my healthy dessert to try this weekend.

Cheers to the weekend!

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Coach Babbles

Starting this week, you can officially call me Coach Babbles. (Side note: really hate the photo I took last year for the website.  I should probably get that changed. Brown hair was a bad choice. Why didn't anyone stop me!?)  Willamette University Track and Field officially started their season up on Monday and this is my second year helping out with the multi-events aka Heptathlon and Decathlon, which is what I did in college.  I am pretty excited to help coach again, minus the whole standing outside in the 30 degree weather and rain thing.... Although, it does remind me of the good ol' days...or something like that.

Nationals my Junior year at WU. Photo cred: Christopher Sabato.

Even though it's a little bit of a commute down to Salem, I always love being back at the track. I'll be driving down twice a week for practice and then go to their meets on the weekend.  I learned a lot from helping out last year and am excited to pick up more coaching tips this year.

Coaching, to me, is so much harder than competing.  It's one thing to figure something out on your own and and convince your body to do it, but to explain an event to someone else, in a way they understand, can be hard.  Finding the right balance between constructive criticism and positive reinforcement can also be a challenge, but I love when I can see an athlete start to pick up on something after I have worked with them. (It still doesn't happen a ton yet, because I have a lot to learn on the coaching side of things, so when it does, it's extra cool.)  The schedule will be pretty busy until May, which is perfect timing for the little trip Bradley and I beginning to plan. More details on that to come later though.

So, in honor of track season I have a great workout that can be done pretty much anywhere: home, gym, track, hotel room, you name it... I stole it from Tina over at Carrots'N' Cake.  Bradley and I did it last night in our living room, which proves you don't need a ton of space for it.

I had sent this workout to Brad last week and he had finished it in 22:34, so last night his goal was to beat his previous time. My goal was to try and keep up with him, since I had no previous time to work off of.  He finished it in 19:06 and I tried my best to stay with and finished in 20:57. Burpees suck. Overall, I was happy with my time, especially because it was faster than Brad's first attempt and I was sore from workouts earlier in the week.  

Now, let's all cross our fingers and hope that the sun, which is currently out, warms things up a bit for practice! 


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Sweet Potato Brownies

In honor of my favorite Grandma's birthday (Happy birthday, Grandma Julie!!!!), I thought it would be fitting to share a recipe with you, since she is one of the best cooks / bakers I know. 

Over the weekend Bradley and I were jonesing for some dessert, but I have been really trying to cut back on my sugar intake (which by the way, I have actually surprised myself. So far I have only had one cupcake and 2 glasses of hot cocoa in the past two and a half weeks, but I digress...)  Back to my story, we first hit up Pinterest for healthy dessert options; but then I remembered this recipe for sweet potato brownies that I had seen over at Urban Nester and we decided to attempt.  

Some of the goods. 

Here is what you will need:

::: Ingredients :::
::4 oz dark chocolate {I might have purchased extra ounces to keep around after the brownies were gone}
::1 large sweet potato{cooked and skinned}
::1/4 cup honey {not pictured}
::3 eggs {I followed Molly and used egg whites}
::1/4 cup cocoa powder {not pictured}
::1 tablespoon of vanilla {not pictured}
::1 tablespoon almond flour
::1 tablespoon coconut oil
::1 teaspoon baking soda

Dark chocolate, get in my mouth.

Here is how you make it: 

:: Instructions :::
::In a food processor {or high speed blender} - blend the sweet potato until it is nice and mushy.
::In the microwave {or double broiler} - melt the dark chocolate and coconut oil together. {We used the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds or so until the chocolate was fully melted.}
::Combine all ingredients together and mix well.
::Grease an 8x11 pan with coconut oil and evenly pour the brownie mix into it. Bake at 325 degrees for 30 minutes.  {We used a pie tin and it worked just as well}

Next time, I think I will try and cook the sweet potato just a touch longer. 

Poor Man's version of a KitchenAid

Brad beat that mix it up. 

Girl, look at those peaks. 

Brad ruined everything started cutting into the dish before I had a chance to take a picture of it.  He obviously doesn't have a blog. 

Along with cutting back on sugar, I have also cut back on dairy too. Problem is, I have this thing where I can't eat brownies unless I have ice cream.  Okay, that is a lie, I will still eat brownies without ice cream, but they are much better with! We decided to try out the So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream in place of regular ice cream and I was a fan. 

Overall the texture of the brownie was great.  If you're expecting a super sweet chocolate treat, this may not be the dish for you, but I thought it totally hit the spot for my chocolate craving and the coconut ice cream gave it that little bit of added goodness. Plus, I didn't feel guilty while eating it!!!! I will definitely make this again and might even try and play around with the ingredients a bit... Maybe even get real crazy and add some apple sauce to it, who's to say... 

Feel free to share any healthy recipes you have!  I would love to try them out. 

Cheers to healthy goodness! 

<3 BB 


Tuesday Tunesday :: 1.15.13

Nothing crazy to report on my end, I live vicariously through the cray, cray girls on The Bachelor instead. I am looking at you Tierra! Ps. Who names their child Tierra?! I mean, really. Lesley is my front runner as of right now, but that all may change after a few more episodes...Oh man, I can't believe I just admitted to you all that I watch the show. I need a life.   Thank the Lord I recorded The Biggest Loserso I can watch it without commercials tonight!  That show makes me feel a little bit better about my choices in life.  Anyway, here is some quality music to prove not all my taste is horrible.

Leo Stannard :: Sweet Nothing

This young lad has an awesome voice.  If you want to dabble more in his stuff I suggest trying this song.

Ra Ra Riot :: When I Dream

New Ra Ra Riot is never a bad thing and I really enjoy this song. It has a lot of going on with the strings and the finger snaps, but it still has a very laid back vibe too.

David Ramirez :: Find the Light

Less indie and more folk here with David Ramirez, but it's pretty and hopeful sounding.

ANR :: It's Around You

Because I know you're curious, ANR stands for: Awesome New Republic.  Another interesting fact, this song and video were made during Hurricane Irene (the band is from South Florida).  

Zach Hurd :: Brooklyn Raining

So to be honest I really wanted to showcase a different Zach Hurd song, She Never Sleeps, but could not find it on YouTube for the life of me.  Good news though, this song might be even more legit, plus it features my name.  It's from the same album so it has the same vibe.  You can find the rest of his music on Spotify if you're interested.

Chilly Gonzales :: You Can Dance 

Doesn't this song just make you want to dance in your ivory tower?! No, just me?!  Ok, I will dance on my own then.

Allen Stone :: Six Years (Tingsek Cover)

Background on this song, the artist Tingsek was on tour with Allen Stone, when Brad and I saw him a few months ago. Six Years is actually his song, but this is Allen's cover of it.  I really enjoyed Tingsek's version when we saw them live too!

That's all for today, folks. Happy Tunesday!

<3 BB 


My Thoughts On The Golden Globes

When I was little, anytime an uncomfortable moment would come on during Full House I would hide behind a pillow or leave the room.  I am not sure why I did this, but my guess is because I feel their pain when it comes awkward situations.  I hate the feeling of being uncomfortable.   It makes me cringe when I witness other people being awkward.  Take for instance when Brad walked into Big Al's for his birthday dressed in women's jean capris, a mickey mouse tee, ugly hat, and denim vest, I died a little inside.

Anyways, that is how I felt watching 97% of the acceptance speeches last night on the Golden Globes.  Why are people so bad at acceptance speeches! I mean, I get it, it's a big deal, you didn't expect to win, you're excited, you don't want to forget anyone, blah, blah, blah....BUT instead of trying to remember each and every person you worked with on the set, and every distant relative that has helped you along the way, why not keep it short and sweet like Adele did. Something along the lines of, thanks to everyone in my life that has made this moment come true. Boom, done. Accepted.

Also, don't even get me started on Jodie Foster.... UGH that was painful.  At one point Brad looked over at me and asked why I was literally hiding behind the pillow.  Seriously though, someone should have started the get your ass of the stage music on her, I don't care if it was her moment.  She did the opposite of shine.

Overall, I thought Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did a solid job hosting, there were definitely some funny moments.  I think the best line of the night was the unscripted moment when Tina comment on Girls star and winner Lena Dunham's speech about how Tina and Amy helped her through middle school.  Tina: "Yeah - I got you through middle school - FANTASTIC!" as she takes a drink.  

There is that fine line when it comes to being funny and just plain dumb when you present an award or host a show like this and Tommy Lee Jones was not impressed with any of it, especially Will Farrell and Kristen Wiig:  I died when they showed him in the audience.  I am glad the rest of the internet picked up on it too. 

Tommy Lee Jones is not amused. 

When it came to fashion there were a few loves and a few hates, but over all I thought it was a fairly tame evening in the world of red carpet affairs.  

These were my top misses: 

I don't get this look.  Why does the dress end at your ankles awkwardly.  Why do the sleeves cut off like an 8th grade boy's gym shirt? Also, might want to try smiling, Kerri. 

We know, we know, JLo, you have a nice backside.   For God's sake though, quit drawing even more attention to it. 

Haley, I get it.  You've got nicer legs at age 46 then I do at 24, but seriously.  You look a little slutty for my taste. Let's tone it down a bit shall we? 

And a few of my favs

Katniss Jennifer Lawrence, I love you. You can do no wrong in my eyes. ... and I know I am not the only curious one - are you and Bradley Cooper, you know, dating?! I would be so jealous of both of you if you are. 

Jessica Alba, you're pretty and married to JT.  I think you should only get to be one or the other, but not both. It's not fair to the rest of us. 

Update:  She is not the Jessica that married JT.  My apologies, to Jessica Biel.  (Thanks, Josh for the correction).

Obviously this is what they wore during the days of Downton Abbey. 

Big fan of Jennifer Westfeldt's dress... or maybe her husband...

After 3 hours of the Golden Globes I wondered why I put myself through it.  I do this every time after an awards show, which is why I usually only make it through the first half an hour. More often than not I get bored and then just check out the pretty dresses online the next day, which is probably what I will end up doing for the Oscars.

Cheers to awards shows!

BB <3 


Hitting the Links

Today's Highlights:

::It's Friday! Cheers to that!
::There was freezing fog in Portland this morning.  Not sure that technically counts as a highlight, maybe more of nature doing its thing and I found it interesting.  Nature, you be crazy.
::I was proud of myself for being smart and starting my car a few mins before I actually left for work so it was nice and toasty when I got in it. (Small details: I was still 10 mins late to work, but in my defense 10 mins late is pretty much on time at my office. The 7am start time is a little early for some of us here at the office.)

Anyways, here are some links I have been collecting throughout the week. I find them entertaining and I hope you do too!

What happened to down time?

My kind of sports story. Oregon's very own Rudy, anyone?!

I beg of you, please don't ever be any of these couples on Facebook.

This is one of my favorite things Jimmy Kimmel does. There are two others you should probably watch. Here and Here.

Really want my new booties (on sale!) to be here already! I have been stalking the tracking number all week.  Their last check in was Hodgkins, IL. I didn't even know that was a real place.  The Midwest is weird.

Think I might make this over the weekend.

My girl, ZZ Ward played on Conan last night.  #teamcoco.   I wonder if she got to meet Ryan Gosling while she was there?  Jelly if she did.

Need to buy this game. So.Much.Fun.

Bradley and I are slowly starting to plan a small vaca for Memorial Day Weekend, but now I think I want to go to one of these places instead. #travelenvy

Enjoy your weekend.  I am going to daydream about traveling ... diligently work the rest of the day!


<3 BB


How Bad Do You Want It?

So, after yesterday's workout fail post Bradley and I had a little heart to heart on what a struggle I have been lately we both want to accomplish when it comes to our workouts and personal health/fitness goals. Watching 4 hours of the Biggest Loser over two days will do that to a person.

To help with motivation, Brad printed out some eye candy inspiration to bring home yesterday.  A photo and quote from this talk.

"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful." 

It's on the verge of over the top and corny, but yet it somehow still works or as Bradley puts it, makes you want to run through a brick wall after you watch it.  Not sure if the video has quite the same affect (effect? I always get them confused) on me, but it still gets me pumped up. 

I also found this cool tutorial on how to print off pictures of your personal goals/resolutions that I might attempt.  Maybe hang one or two up in my work cube to stare at 8 hours a day remind myself to stay positive and motivated. 

To kick start a new fitness routine Brad and I came up with a plan.  We decided to have a new weekly routine and get up early a few days a week before work to fit in additional cardio on top of our afternoon workouts.  I think I will benefit from this, because often times I am pretty dead after our gym workouts and the last thing I want to do is run another 3 miles. 

Speaking of the opposite of fun workouts, we did this at the gym yesterday: 

For time:

::50 x box jumps 24"
::50 x jumping pull-ups
::50 x kb swings 35#
::Walking lunges, 50 steps
::50 x knees to elbows 
::50 x push press 50#/40#
::50 x back extensions
::50 x wall ball 20#/15#
::50 x burpees
::50 x tuck jumps

Notes on this workout:  
::Brad finished in: 29:02 and I finished in 36:24. 
::The jumping pull-ups are nice because they are a little easier to complete since it is one pull-up at a time, but they also add an extra cardio element in addition to the pull-up. 
::Burpees suck.  I was moving along pretty well through the workout until I got to them. They for sure added a few extra mins to the workout.  I tried to break them up into sets of 10 and even that was hard. 
::We finished up with a 10-15 min cardio cool down and I was done-zo by the time we left the gym. 

What I was most proud of though, was the fact that I still forced myself out of bed this morning for some cardio at 5:14am!    

My goal is to stay motivated through the winter months, especially now that Willamette University Track officially starts next week and I will be driving down to Salem twice a week to help coach, which will take a big chunk of time out of my schedule.  Even more reason to get up early and get some workouts in! 

Cheers to Success! 

<3 BB