Tuesday Tunesday :: 1.22.13

Sorry I was gone yesterday, I was busy celebrating MLK the only way he would have wanted: with pizza and beer at Mellow Mushroom with Jessi and a few others! Okay, that might not be what Martin quite had in mind, but that is what I did with my lovely, extra day this weekend and I have him to thank for it!

Anyways, let's get to some good music :)

The Ultimate Bearhug :: Foolish Things 
My friend Creshea shared this band with me.  Love her gritty vibe and can we talk about their name?! I mean who doesn't want their band name to be The Ultimate Bearhug!?!?

Miles Fisher :: New Romance
Miles Fisher is an odd dude.  I was first introduced to him when he was the opening act for Kelley James at a show I saw when I lived in SoCal.  Not only does he look like Tom Cruise, but his videos are off the wall. They are often full on productions, like this take on Saved By The Bell or in another video of his he recreates American Psycho.  Crazy stuff, but it's really good.

The Apache Relay :: Home Is Not Places
I first heard this song probably about 6 months ago and then kind of forgot about it.  That will happen when you listen to as much music as I do.  Back to my story, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy this song when it started playing on my starred list from Spotify. It's the lyrics that I am a fan of: home is not places, it is love. I have been in a real corny mood lately when it comes to my music so lyrics like that really stick out to me. Not sure why, but I am not complaining either.

Horse Feathers :: Curs In The Weeds 
Stole this video from this link.  Plus, you can't go wrong with a local Portland band.

Sin Fang :: Look At The Light
The band Seabear shared this song on their facebook the other day and I was a big fan.

Biffy Clyro :: Black Chandelier 
Biffy, here, reminds me of The Snow Patrol a bit and there is nothing wrong with that. Although, I would suggest they get shirts for their next video.  Maybe I am wrong?

HAIM :: Don't Save Me 
takemeback, t-t-t-takemeback... That line is just so catchy.  And I think this YouTube comment said it all: 

In a world of plastic, auto-tuned, fake-tanned, ill-mannered, sluttish and vulgar female artists, it is delightfully pleasant to have a down-to-earth girl band, with lyrics which actually mean something and signers who can actually sing.

Cheers to MLK!

<3 BB

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