A Busted Bracket + Links

Thanks for all your kind thoughts last night during the stressful Indiana loss (but no really, I got 4 different text messages asking how Brad was doing during the game, one even came from my dad asking 'if the big guy was going to be alright?')... sadly the Hoosiers of Indiana just couldn't get it together and it was a somber night in the Smith/Snook household.

Bradley is in the process of grieving. There has been anger, sadness, blame, etc. There was pacing, and some yelling, but mostly, there has been silence. He has been quite (that's when you know he is really upset). He even went over to our apartment's fitness center to run after the game.  He later said it was cathartic... Poor Brad.

I knew it wasn't a good sign when I walked in just before half time and he didn't even say hi or ask how I was, just went straight into the not-so-pretty stat line that was Indiana's shooting percentage and turnover numbers. I thought there might be a moment of hope at the start of the second half when they cut it to within 6, but it just didn't happen. womp. womp.

I too, am feeling the effects off this loss though. Seeya, bracket, you are busted.  Thanks for nothing, Indiana. Brad also informed me that no matter the outcome of the Indiana game, I was going to lose our bet.  Now I have to wear the clown pants in public.  NOOOOOOO!

Good news though.... I can drink these problems away.... Kidding I don't condone that kind of behavior! Buttttttt I do get to go to the Spring Beer and Wine Fest today, so I am moving on from this loss quite quickly... Not sure if I can say the same for Bradley just yet, only time will heal his wounds.

Anyways, in honor of March Madness, I decided to keep the theme running with my links today, enjoy!

::The most important March Madness recap you'll read.

::Here is your guide to the most entertaining team in the Madness this year., Florida Gulf Coast University.  Let them dunk their way into your heart. (Bradley wanted me to note that their current Athletic Director was the Athletic Director of Bradley University when he attended there.  And yes, Brad attended Bradley University, cool story, I know.) 

Let's rank the top 16 teams by their fans' worst tattoos, shall we?!

24 lesser known facts about the Tourney.

Enjoy your weekend!!!! Mine starts now :) Well technically after Brad makes me breakfast to make up for his poor attitude last night!

<3 BB


Things Are Looking Up Thursday

Evidently my new thing is to start naming my days, you might have noticed this in yesterday's post).  Things Are Looking Up Thursday is today's name and here is why:

::Today is my Friday. (Heyo, Good Friday!)

::I am listening to Van Morrison Pandora and it is rocking my wold.

::I bought myself a coffee on the way to work.

::I get to play open gym volleyball for the first time in a while, because the track kids are on Spring Break and I don't have to drive to Salem. (My gas tank is also happy about that.)

::I think my spin class last night might have made my legs less sore - is that even possible?! I am still having issues with my hip flexors and my knee has been sore, but it is definitely all my fault. I wasn't proactive about stretching and now I am playing catch up, while still doing workouts that probably aren't helping.  Win some, lose some.  I have been doing more of this though:

drop down and get your eagle roll on, gurl. 

and bought these:

Can't tell if it is the placebo affect or not, but I think they may be helping a little. 

::March Madness starts up again this evening.

::Spring is everywhere:

blossoms on blossoms on blossoms 

::I am attending the Portland Spring Beer and Wine Fest tomorrow AND Saturday.  (I even signed up for a 5k Saturday morning to get free entry and drink tokens) The beer is great, the ciders are spot on, and the cheese. Don't even get me started about the cheese, smoked gouda in my mouth, please.

::I get to spend Sunday with my entire family for Easter.  Creamed Eggs are the family tradition every year.  YUM!

::Here is the real winner though - (Now, I don't want to jinx it) buttttttt it is supposed to be in the 70s this weekend. Yes.Please.

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.  Which I do, I use the term shabby quite often like right now for instance.

Cheers to Things Are Looking Up Thursday! 

<3 BB


Sports Watching

So this week has been quite the struggle street for Brooke here.  (yes, sometimes Brooke likes to refer to herself in 3rd person.  It's fun, Brooke suggests you try it).  Hard day Monday, Catch-up Tuesday, Work Computer Gets A Virus Wednesday....Silver lining of it all though - tomorrow is my last day of work for the week. Praise Jesus! But no really, I have Good Friday to thank for the day off. 

Anyways, back to my actual post - sports have always been a big part of my life, so naturally, watching sports on tv, has also been a big part of my life. It all started as a little girl watching sports with my dad and brothers and that has not changed. In fact, I have probably gotten more into sports watching as I have gotten wiser older.

Needless to say, I was very happy when I moved in with Bradley, because he had a full cable package and my place only had the basic, bebe, 13 channels total, package. YESSSS, SPORTS! GLORIOUS! VICTORIOUS!

Now, like most sports fans, I can get heated while watching my favorite teams and get extra excited when I can find track live on tv! I've also been know to even yell at the tv a time or two, as if what I have to say will change the outcome or affect the game in any matter. If you don't get emotionally attached, you're doing it wrong. 

However, I have been introduced to an entirely new form of sports watching since moving in with Brad.

This kid gets so worked up. To the point he can't sit down.  He is like a coach on the sidelines, pacing back and forth in our living room.

 What do we need to fix at half time, coach?!

Not only does he yell talk to the tv the entire time, he references the team as if he is a part of it, examples:

"We need to play better!"
"Our defense looks great tonight!"
 Oh really, Brad? I didn't see you out on the field just now. 

Ok, I suppose I can't give him too much flack for that, I did refer to myself in the 3rd person earlier in this post.  #nerd Moving on.....

Hands down, my favorite Bradely-ism is when the game gets really intense or a bad call gets made by a ref (this usually comes out when he is watching soccer or Indiana Basketball, but you will occasionally here it when he is watching other sporting events too)

Bradley likes to yell with a full on BRITISH ACCENT. His favorite expressions:

Oh, Eff' Off! 
Come On Now Man! 

Defensive stance.

I die!!!!  Our friend Cory even got to experience it last night while we watched the US National Team play Mexico (soccer, for those of you who were not aware).  It's glorious and it makes me happy.  Slash I mock him every time - it's just how our relationship works.  Lots of love, lots of mocking :)

Wish me luck tomorrow.  Indiana plays their next March Madness game and he is not happy camper when they lose. Plus, I have them wining the 'ship, so it's a must win for my bracket!

Cheers to Sports!

<3 BB 

PS. Brad keeps talking about how I need to dedicate a post to him, not sure this is what he had in mind, but since he didn't get specific he can't complain ;)


Tuesday Tunesday :: 3.26.13

Short and sweet here on the blog today.  Not much time to chit-chat as I am playing catch up at work.  What's that, you have a real job, Brooke?! Who knew. 

Here is some music that has gotten me through the past week:

Chill, electronic at its finest. 

HAIM - Hold Me (Fleetwood Mac cover)
HAIM did this cover right. 

Love these lyrics, plus this song was featured on Grey's Anatomy and they always have good music... Not to mention my friend Creshea also enjoys this tune, so you know it's a win :) 

The sound quality of the video could be a little better, but don't let that stop you.  This song is great with or without mics. 

There are a lot of details to this song and together it really makes one cohesive unit.  It's nice. 

Kendrick Lamar feat. Drake :: Poetic Justice 

Kendrick Lamar is my kind of hip-hop.  Smooth and legit. It's like there are almost hints of Bone Thugs in the track.  

Vampire Weekend :: Steps 
The more I listen to this song, the more it is growing on me, but  I have to admit the two singles they have released so far have been a tad underwhelming compared to their first and second albums.  LOVE their first album. Let's hope the rest of the album does big things. 

Allen Stone :: Contact High 
This stripped down version by Allen Stone is everything I have come to know and love about him.  Perfection. Plus, I couldn't agree more when he speaks about our addiction to social media. 

That's all I have today folks.  Cheers to hopefully being a better blogger tomorrow!  No Promises 

<3 BB 


Remembering a Friend

Death and the digital age is a funny thing.

I am not sure how I feel about Facebook telling me that a dear friend is no longer with us and originally I didn't want to 'blog' about the loss of my dear friend, Gwyn - but as sad and as hard as the past week has been, it was beautiful to see so many of Gwyn's friends and family at her service today honoring the short life she was able to live.

Gwyn, has held a special place in my heart since my first days of college and it is sad to see a life leave us so soon, but I'd like to think she is at peace now.

It is always unfortunate when a loss like this is what it takes to remember how fragile life is - but it definitely makes me appreciate all the special people in my life and I never want to take them for granted. I just hope they all know how much they mean to me :)

Remember to hug your loved ones extra tight today!

Miss you, Gwyn.


Happy March Madness + A Liebster

First off, Happppppppy, happpppy, happppppy March Madness my friends!!! This time of year, may be better than Christmas and so far the games have not disappointed!!!! Think good thoughts for my bracket.  If Brad and I have a bet going.  If I win he has to watch a weeks worth of Reality TV with me...BUT if I lose I have to wear these clown pants out in public. The only thing I am sad about is not being able to watch any games on Saturday, because I will be coaching.  I better see some good marks and times from my athletes if they are going to make me miss games ;)

Originally I had planned links dedicated to March Madness, but I am changing it up because I was nominated for a 'Liebster Award' last night from a fellow blogger. I am obviously still new to blogging, because Megan over at My Better Half and Me nominated me and I might of had to google what it was. sorry I'm not sorry. 

Rumor has it, you nominate baby blogs like mine (those with around 200 followers or less) to help gain readership, which I am all about, and then once you have participated you nominate other blogs. I really appreciate the nomination Megan!!! Make sure to hop on over and check her out! She is too cute.

{The Rules are the rule are the rules} 

1:: Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
2:: Choose new bloggers to pass the award on to and link them in your post. (Obviously don't have to participate)
3:: Create eleven new questions for the chosen bloggers. 
4:: Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5:: Each blogger should post eleven random facts about themselves. 
6:: No Tag Backs!!!
{Megan's questions to me}

1:: Are you more a dog person or cat person?
Pupppppppies!!!! I want a boxer so badly:

2:: If you could only use one social media a day, which one would you choose?
Right now my latest crush is Instagram. We are for sure in the lust phase of our relationship - you know the feeling, the one where I can't stop checking it and hoping they are stalking you back. We'll see if we can make it to the love phase or if over use of #hashtags from 13 year olds make me tired of it.

3:: What's your favorite movie?
Hmmm, one that always makes me laugh is Wedding Crashers. I can pretty much quote the entire thing...but one of my all time favorites has got to be Good Will Hunting.

4:: What makes you smile the most?
Right this moment food March Madness and sunshine, that definitely makes me smile.

5:: Would you rather go to the beach or to the lake?
I grew up near a lake that had sand does that count ? But real talk, definitely the beach there is something so calming about the ocean.

6:: If you could be any person for a day, who would you be?
Jessica Ennis, she is the Olympic Gold Champion in the heptathlon, which is the event that I did in college for  Willamette Track. I just want to know what it feels like to be that good and get a full understanding of the work she had to put in to get there.

7:: What are the top five songs on your playlist?
I mean wow, this is hard, if you know anything about my Tuesday Tunesday then you know I love music, hard.  But these are, probably, 5 songs I will never grow tired of:

(Yeah, I'm kind and linked the songs too. Enjoy!)

8:: What's your favorite kind of food?
Sushi. Gosh, I could eat this every day.

9:: Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?
Knock on wood, no... Got out of one once though !

10:: What's the biggest award you have ever received?
All-American in the heptathlon when I was in college.  Granted I was only at a DIII school, but it is still a pretty cool thing to know I was one of the best in the country that year for all of DIII, so I'll take it.

11:: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? ;)
...Get to the center of a ohhh-ohhhhhhh... was I the only one that thought of the Lil' Kim song after reading that question?! Also, does anyone else think of Baby Spice when they go to eat a tootsie pop?! No?! Just me, cool.

{Random Facts About Me}

::I am left handed
::I have a set of webbed toes. (Definitely makes me the female version of Michael Phelps.)
::I hate the word moist. ugggh, chills just thinking about it.
::I worked for Enterprise-Rent-A-Car after I graduated college.  They aren't lying when they say 'we'll pick you up'.  Also, I would not suggest moving to a new city (heck, new state like I did) and getting a job where you are supposed to know your way around.  
::If a Christmas song comes on my shuffle, I will listen to it no matter what month it is.  I have been known to sing All I Want For Christmas Is You in July.  So sue me. 
::Part of me really wants to get certified to become a Personal Trainer
::I have puppy fever real bad.  If only our apartment complex let us have them!
::I keep telling myself I want to cut out dairy from my diet, but so far I keep find cheese on my plate.
::I graduated high school when I was 16 and college when I was 20. I'm super smart like that.
::Speaking of Spice Girls - when that movie first came out, it was summer time and my family was boating and I convinced my dad to buy me the movie on video if I jumped into this snow-melt, ice cold water creek that connected into the lake we were at. So worth the numbness.
::Some days I wish I still had my nose pierced.

And that's all she wrote, folks!

{Tag - you're it}

1:: Boy Meets World or Saved By The Bell?
2:: Who's going to win the NCAA tourney?
3:: What was your first car?
4:: Sour Patch Kids or Swedish Fish?
5:: The last time you laughed really hard?
6:: Favorite show on tv?!
7:: Best recipe you have ever made? (You should probs include the recipe so I can steal it)
8:: Do you like the new Justin Timberlake CD?  (If you answer is no, I may stop following your blog... just sayin') ;)
9:: What do order when you go to Chipotle?  (I ask this because I am going for lunch.  Let's consider it my I made it through another week reward!)
10:: What book are you currently reading?!
11:: What keeps you blogging every day?

{Who's it?!}


::Now ladies, don't feel pressured to participate, but I have to admit it was pretty fun answering questions and thinking of random facts and questions to pass out! Enjoy your weekend now that you know so much more about me.


<3 BB


More Cheese, Please

Hello Folks, 

First off, let's talk about how in the middle of the night I was having a dream that I was playing in a soccer game and went to score a goal and kicked the crap out of Bradley in real life...whoopsies.  Definitely startled him and then he couldn't go back to sleep, so he got up even though it was 4:30 in the morning... I felt bad / slash laughed and then fell back asleep until my alarm went off. I'm a good girlfriend like that.

And since I evidently realllllllly do not want this past weekend at the coast to end, let's blog about it some more, shall we?! You didn't think I could go all the way over to Tillamook and not hit up some cheese factories, did you?! We went to not one, but two! Yes and yes. 

First we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory

Tyler was right to be scared for his life since Brannon was driving.

Look, Mom, no hands!

This photo is probably my favorite of the weekend.  Pretty photos of the beach have nothing on these two faces.



The size of this factory always impresses me. No matter how many times I visit.

Plus, their efficiency.  If I was half this efficient.. I wouldn't be finishing this post at work. 


After one too many cheese samples, we headed over to the Blue Heron Cheese Factory for lunch.

It has such a great vibe.  You order your food, your wine, your coffee, your beer - whatever your little heart fancies - and then pay on your way out.

I loved being able to wander around and look at all the nick-knacks.  (Including Christmas decorations)

And weird mermaid things.

What makes you smile?!


Did I mention there were samples everywhere?!

After loading up on cheese at Tillamook, I wasn't super hungry and went for their soup & 1/2 sammie comob. The Turkey & Brie Panini was quite yummy.

Brannon found the children's hats on the way out.  Too presh :)

If you're ever in Tillamook, you have to stop at both these places. It's like a law or something.  I looked it up.

I suppose I should finally be done blogging about my weekend, now that it's Thursday and all, but it was just so relaxing, I am trying to live in the past a bit longer since my coming weekend is the opposite. Oh well....

Cheers to Cheese!

<3 BB


Couples Retreat...

And I am not talking about this kind of Couples Retreat: 

Ok, so actually it wasn't a couples retreat at all. More just a group of friends that happened to head to the beach in pairs for the weekend. I promised I would have photos of our weekend at Cape Meares and here they are! 

The small group included me and Bradley, my brother and his girlfriend Rachael, and our friends Tyler and Justine. 

We stayed at Tyler's parents' beach house and it was wonderful. The house does not have wifi or cable, which I really enjoyed.  Instead we got our Jenga on, read, played cards, and just had plain ol', good conversation.  And laughing, there was a lot of laughing.

That has to be record height, no?!

We even shot a music video for the next up and coming Boy Band: Beach Boyz 4eva. Might have made that part up.

We got to enjoy experience pretty much every type of weather from fog, wind, rain, sun, and even hail throughout the weekend. So, basically, your typical Oregon day. We tried to sneak in walks when it was calm, but definitely got stuck in a downpour during one of our outings.

There were multiple logs along the bank that had random paintings on them like the one above.

So pritay.

This weather def made me realize Hunters are in my future.

A hint of sun after rain is always my favorite.

It was awesome to see what the community has done along the beach from building forts like this to community fire pits (where we tried to make one, but it was raining and it ended up being an epic fail, because all the logs were soaked, but that's neither here, nor there.).

The BB4Eva in all their glory.

It was a tad windy and cold, but we braved the beach anyway.

The house in the middle is the one we stayed at and and I loved it...but I am hoping the one next to it goes on the market soon so Bradley can buy it for me ;) I wish. 

Beautiful sunset on Saturday evening.

Get excited for Cheese Factory photos tomorrow!

Cheers to the beach!

,<3 BB


Tuesday Tunesday + Hip Flexors Are The Worst

So, I am officially the girl that cried wolf hip pain.  Here is the deal: my hip flexors are constantly sore and I have no one to blame but myself and Brad for the workouts he makes me do.  I complain about them all the time, especially to Brad, but have been really bad about stretching.  Especially since I need to not only be stretching my hip flexors, but the rest of my lower body as well.  I think my body has finally had enough of it and is mad at me.   The past few days my right hip flexor has been doing this weird pinching pain pretty much every time I take a step and it aches when I am sitting... hmm.

Looks like I need to take it easy / for reals do more stretching and yoga. Last night I tried to switch up my workout.  No squats or mountain climbers, or burpess, or anything like that for this girl - my awesome swim cap and I hit the pool instead.

Just your typical locker room selfie, because that's a cool thing to do. said no one, ever.

Anyway enough awesome pictures of me.  Let's listen to good music instead.  Maybe the tunes will heal my hippie!

Little Boots :: Motorway
This video is trippy and the song is catchy.  It almost sounds like it should belong on the Drive soundtrack, almost.

Gabrielle Aplin :: Please Don't Say You Love Me 
A beautiful song with beautiful lyrics.

Born Ruffians :: Needle
This band kind of reminds me of a more uptempo Fleet Foxes or something and I dig it.

Bastille :: Flaws
So I can't find this version to add it this post for the life of me, but do yourself a favor and click on the link above. The world is right again. This is the most fantastic version of Flaws that your little ears will ever get to listen to.  I came across it like a year and a half ago, but then it was taken down due to copy right issues.  stupid. BUTTTT now it is back and I am happy not stupid.  I love everything about this song.

Of Monsters And Men :: Skeletons (Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Cover) 
Best of both worlds.  Yeah Yeah Yeahs are always doing it right and this is a great take on their single by Of Monsters and Men.  Plus my girl Creshea hooked me up with this cover.  Good looking out.

Shadows On Stars :: Little Bit (Lykke Li Cover)
Am a big fan of this take on Little Bit, too.

Ghost Beach :: Miracle (Gigamesh Remix)
This remix takes the already good song to another level.  Check out the difference here. Whole other vibe with the two versions. 

That's all folks.  Wish my hip flexors good luck! 

<3 BB


Beach Time

I am writing wrote this post while I sat at my friend's beach house just outside of Tillamook, sipping on a glass of wine in the window nook with an amazing view of the ocean and setting sun after a downpour ... It was quite..... perfect

I needed this weekend:

To Unwind
To Recharge
To Slow Down

There was:

No Internet
No Facebook
No Instagram (ok, there might have been a tiny bit of insta, but it was taking forever to load - so I stopped)

Instead there was:

Great Conversation
Card Playing
The Happiness Project
Good Music
Good Food
And many walks on the beach between the storms.

There were also lots of photos taken with a real camera, but that would have involved me uploading them last night and I just didn't have the energy. Forgive me, but I was still on beach time.  

Happy Monday! 

<3 BB 


Happy Friday!

Friday, I needed you. Although I didn't need your alarm to come quite so quickly this morning.  This girl had every intention of getting up early for a morning workout, but when that alarm went off there was no way I was getting up.  Kind of like how I have been meaning to stretch / yoga every morning and night too....yeah that hasn't happened either.

Good news:  I brought my running clothes with me for a lunch time workout! Win some, lose some. 

Double good news: As long as I get through this work day I get to head to the beach for the weekend. The weather is maybe even going to be decent! Say it isn't so?! I am hoping to play with my camera on the beach some and eat cheese curds at the Tillamook Cheese Factory! Wish me luck.

Anyways, Happy Friday! Here are links to get you through the weekend or at least your afternoon of work.

Don't be a dummy.

Why Joseph Gordon-Levitt is perfect.

Please don't tell me I am the only person who loves Lionel Richie this much?!

I can only imagine that this is what The Postal Service auditions were like back in 2002.

If only I had moves like this.

Behind the scenes of Kid President.

15 signs you're an adult.

When it comes to marriage proposals, simple is better.

Are you addicted to social media?!  (Speaking of insta you can easily follow me by clicking the little pic on the upper right hand corner) shameless plug

Enjoy your weekend!!!!!


<3 BB

drops mic, walks away. 


sweet potato, kale, and black bean hash

Here is the deal - I am really trying to make an effort and step up my food game these days.  I came to realization I needed more content for my blog that we were making a lot of the same meals week after week and I was getting very bored.  So over the weekend I decided to try this awesome hash. It is super versatile and can be eaten at pretty much any time of the day,  I chose to make it for brekkie (aka breakfast), then added chicken to the leftovers the next day and ate it for lunch! #resourceful 

{here is what you need}

::2 cups chopped green onion
::2-3 sweet potatoes
::1 can of black beans
::2 cups chopped kale
::sea salt
::coconut oil

{here is what you do}

::chop sweet potatoes into 1/4 inch cubes 
::toss them in coconut oil 
::spread them on a baking sheet and roast at 325 degrees until they are cooked through (should take around 25 minutes)
::coat a skillet with coconut oil and saute onions until just a little soft over medium heat.
::add sweet potato and sea salt - cook over high, stirring occasionally (add more coconut oil if potatoes start to stick to the bottom of the pan)
::when the potatoes have softened and the onions are cooked through, add black beans and cook for an additional two minutes stirring gently to avoid sticking
::add kale and fold in until it's completely softened

::serve with avocado and your favorite hot sauce (Tapatio is my first choice!)


Naturally, because I am a bad food blogger, I forgot to feature the kale in the picture of ingredients.

Also, did you know that sweet potatoes can be yellow?!  MIND BLOWN. I thought I had grabbed the wrong ones when I peeled them and saw they were yellow, but after a quick google search, I realized I had been wrong all along.  Figures.

Yum, yum, yum.

Fact: Avocado makes everything taste better.


<3 BB 


Not The First or Last Time Brad Embarrassed Me

Last Sunday, was the West Linn Lions Annual Bowl-A-Thon to support their Sight & Hearing Foundation.  Since my Grandparents are super involved with their local Lions club, our family makes a point to bowl in it every year.  It is super entertaining and another excuse not that we need one for us to get together for laughs, food, and fun.  Plus, in this tourney they have what is called 9 Pin No Tap or what I like to call: if you knock all but 1 of the pins down on your first throw they consider that a strike and you don't have to bowl the second ball.  PAD THOSE STATS! Still didn't break 200.

This past Sunday also happened to be an important game for the Indiana Hoosiers Men's Basketball team. Seeings how Bradley is Indiana born and bred he made sure to ask the owner of the bowling alley if they could turn the game on (along with Tiger Woods for the rest of my family of course) while we bowled. 

Here is where things start to get embarrassing interesting.  Part way through bowling I look over at Brad - as we were not on the same team, because Girls Rule, Guys Drool - and he is ever so proudly sporting the gift he recently received in the mail from his parents......

CLOWN PANTS! Also known as the Hoosiers Candy Striped Warm-Up Pants. Evidently these things are so popular back in Indiana that his parents had ordered them for his birthday back in January and they just came in the mail this past week.

REALLY?! REALLY, Brad?! Was my only reaction.  And although embarrassed, I was not really that surprised he wore them in public. He is an odd duck like that. I am pretty sure the only reason he has taken them off since he got them is because he works for Nike and they are Adidas pants. My family and the rest of the bowling alley found it entertaining and thank God luckily Indiana won.  Brad says the win came because he was sporting the pants. I beg to differ.

Speaking of win everyone should ask him who won when it came to bowling.... I'll give you a hint: Me!!!!!!!! I mean, just look at that form. 

Cheers to clown pants bowling!

<3 BB