Not The First or Last Time Brad Embarrassed Me

Last Sunday, was the West Linn Lions Annual Bowl-A-Thon to support their Sight & Hearing Foundation.  Since my Grandparents are super involved with their local Lions club, our family makes a point to bowl in it every year.  It is super entertaining and another excuse not that we need one for us to get together for laughs, food, and fun.  Plus, in this tourney they have what is called 9 Pin No Tap or what I like to call: if you knock all but 1 of the pins down on your first throw they consider that a strike and you don't have to bowl the second ball.  PAD THOSE STATS! Still didn't break 200.

This past Sunday also happened to be an important game for the Indiana Hoosiers Men's Basketball team. Seeings how Bradley is Indiana born and bred he made sure to ask the owner of the bowling alley if they could turn the game on (along with Tiger Woods for the rest of my family of course) while we bowled. 

Here is where things start to get embarrassing interesting.  Part way through bowling I look over at Brad - as we were not on the same team, because Girls Rule, Guys Drool - and he is ever so proudly sporting the gift he recently received in the mail from his parents......

CLOWN PANTS! Also known as the Hoosiers Candy Striped Warm-Up Pants. Evidently these things are so popular back in Indiana that his parents had ordered them for his birthday back in January and they just came in the mail this past week.

REALLY?! REALLY, Brad?! Was my only reaction.  And although embarrassed, I was not really that surprised he wore them in public. He is an odd duck like that. I am pretty sure the only reason he has taken them off since he got them is because he works for Nike and they are Adidas pants. My family and the rest of the bowling alley found it entertaining and thank God luckily Indiana won.  Brad says the win came because he was sporting the pants. I beg to differ.

Speaking of win everyone should ask him who won when it came to bowling.... I'll give you a hint: Me!!!!!!!! I mean, just look at that form. 

Cheers to clown pants bowling!

<3 BB


Cre'shea said...

Seriously inappropriate those pants.....seriously. It makes it look like he is hiding stilts under there :)

Adventures in Dressmaking said...

WOW, those are some incredible pants. He's showing some serious chops by wearing them so proudly! ;)

Macey Snelson said...

OMG, those pants are, ummmm.... well.... *palm face*

Jenni Bost said...

Bahahaha... love them. LOVE them. GO BRAD. YOU ARE AWESOMESAUCE. I hope he wears the hell out of them. :)