Tuesday Tunesday + New Design

Everyone - come see how good I look my blog looks!!!!

She got a face life yesterday. Kelly from Pink + Lola hooked me up with a super affordable and crisp, pre-made template for my blog and it makes me happy :) Plus, it was actually easy to install it on my own - which is saying something, because I am by no means tech savvy when it comes html coding and whatnot. I hate clutter and this blog design really cleans everything up, as well as puts all my social media outlets all in one tidy area so it is super easy to hop on over and follow me on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Bloglovin' now.

The only thing I may change is the pink color, but for now I am enjoying the touch of girly - as long as I tell myself it is more coral than pink it's not even a little bit coral, I know! Anyway, if you're looking for a new blog design for a great price head on over to Pink + Lola.

And now let's enjoy some music shall we?!

Jamestown Revival :: Fur Coat Blues
First World Problem Blues as they call it.  Also, check out the stache on the blondie. #epic

Lewis Watson :: Sink Or Swim 
This little youngin' reminds me of a baby Ed Sheeran or something precious like that.

Jessie Ware :: Wildest Moments
Mark my words: Jessie Ware is going to be one of the next big things to come out of the UK.  I mean she even makes singing in a cab sound good.

CHVRCHES :: Recover
Bands are getting smart these days.  Take CHVRCHES, it's actually pronounced 'churches', but they spell it with a V so it is easy to find when you search on google. Plus, they are Scottish Electropop and that's just cool.

The Deep Dark Woods :: Ballad of Frank Dupree 
Going to be honest with you, this song is long.  Like 10 mins long, but don't let that scare you off.  It's one of those songs that's so enjoyable you don't even notice the length. Plus, the guy that plays the keyboard is pretty badass.

Allen Stone :: Celebrate Tonight 
I can't say enough good things about Allen Stone.  He is just so fantastic live even if he is a goof ball.  Here is his latest music video that just aired yesterday. Get it while it's hot! 

Thoa & The Get Down Stay Down :: Holy Roller 
I want love and the aftermath. Love those lyrics. I think this song is going to be right up Creshea's alley.


<3 BB


Anonymous said...

It's so so pretty over here now. I tried to change my title font today and it was a huge fail - I may have to read up a little on design or just treat myself to a facelift too! Always great tunes!

Anonymous said...

Your blog (content) is amazing. I'm loving it!!! Thanks for the sweet words! :)

Kelly | Pink + Lola

blsmith6 said...

Thanks Kelly !! Really loving the new layout :)