Easy Schmeasy Apple Pie!

Not this Sunday, but the last, Brad, Jessi and I went on a scavenger hunt for apple orchards.

It did not go well.  In case you're curious, most apple orchards are not open Sundays, we learned the hard way after we drove to two closed orchards - which if you ask me that is pretty stupid, but I digress.

We ended up stopping at Grammas Place which we had driven by when we were in search of open orchards.  We picked up super yummy Granny Smith apples to make a pie, as well as other goodies including nectarines, peaches, and purple potatoes (side note: I love cooking with purple potatoes)!

This farm was super presh. 

These ^ were no joke. Yummmm.

They also had a U-Pick Sunflower Garden

Brad felt very at home.

After the farm we headed back to the apartment and got our bake on.

We used Grama Ople's Apple Pie Recipe and let me tell you, Gma Ople knows her ish.  No, she is not my grandma. I have no idea if she is even a real grandma.

 What you'll need:
  • 1- 9 inch double crust pie
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter
  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup packed brown sugar
  • 8 Granny Smith apples - peeled, cored and sliced

 How you'll use it:
  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. 
  2. Melt the butter in a saucepan. Stir in flour to form a paste. Add water, white sugar and brown sugar, and bring to a boil. Reduce temperature and let simmer.
  3. Place the bottom crust in your pan. Fill with apples, mounded slightly. Cover with a lattice work crust. 
  4. Pour the sugar and butter liquid over the crust. Pour slowly so that it does not run off.
  5. Bake 15 minutes in the preheated oven. Reduce the temperature to 350 degrees. Continue baking for 35 to 45 minutes, until apples are soft.

*We cheated and used Marie Callender's Pie Crusts, but whatevs, I am lazy and didn't even feel bad about it. The package comes with 2 crusts, so we turned one of them into a makeshift lattice for the top of the pie. 

 Pre-Oven! Oozey and delish. 

Also, I don't know if our apples were on steroids or what, but we cut up all 8 apples and had enough to make two pies, so we had to go back to the store and get more pie crusts, but it worked out nicely so Jessi could take one home and we could keep one at the apartment!

Post-oven greatness.

Confession, we may or may not have almost gotten the fire department called on us, because the sugary, buttery goodness started to drip down to the bottom of the oven and made the apartment super smokey.  In other news, our smoke alarm did not go off, we should probs get it checked out. NOT SAFE. 

Now, this isn't the healthiest things I have ever made, but sometimes it's not worth sacrificing taste for health.  This was one of those cases.

Cheers to Autumn Baking! 

<3 BB


Hitting the Links!

Happy, happy Friday and an exciting one at that.  I have a busy weekend filled with a Portland Timbers game, Citizen Cope concert, and a Willamette Cross Country meet to attend.  (aka lots of things to blog again next week!)

Cheers to Friday!

Now most people who know me, know that I am not a big drinker.  I have many reasons for it and do enjoy a nice yummy beer on occasion - in fact I just picked up a 6-pack of this to have around.  However, more often than not I stay away from large amounts of it.  Here is an article that shares a lot of my same thoughts about alcohol.

Which Instagram Filter are you?!

And this is why I love Uncle Jesse.

You're doing it wrong.

I know I mentioned being active on my last Links, but when Jessi sent me this link I knew I had to share. We are Designed To Move.  Check out the video and stats, then get active!

Ellen shows us how sitting crossed legged is bad for our backs.... which I already knew, because mine is always sore.  I am really trying to make a conscious effort to stop - update: it's hard!

Since New Girl is back, I'll get you excited and back into it with this workout video from Schmidt.

Who wants to buy me a Keurig? I saw one on sale on Ebay! Really trying not to give in and buy one, but it's so tempting.

Going along with the coffee thing, here is an article from the WSJ that discusses the benefits of drinking the stuff.

Really trying to be good about eating cleaner and healthier, but this looks so good I might have to make it this weekend.

Cheers to Friday!

<3 BB


That One Time...

Brad talked me into going to a boys high school soccer game and I didn't even have a relative or family friend playing.

Soooo, originally I was going to blog about the awesome apple pie I made on Sunday with Brad and Jessi, but I have yet to edit photos of the awesomeness of said pie....

Why haven't I had a chance to edit photos you ask....because Brad drug me  asked me if I would like to go to the Jesuit vs Westview soccer game on Monday night instead. He has been wanting to know what the level of competition is like out here on the best coast / wants to relive his glory days and since Jesuit High School is in pretty much our backyard and it was two of the top teams in the state playing I agreed.

Let me preface this by saying I said yes to the outing before our hard workout, where I was not happy with Brad the entire 2 mile cool down, because I couldn't feel my arms... Not to mention the fact that I now have awesome calluses from the workout.

That dirty gurl Angie:

For Time:
100 pull-ups
100 push-ups
100 sit-ups
100 squats.
*Finish each set of 100, before you move on to the next exercise.


The Crossfit workout Angie kicked my butt, but I finished it in under 23:43, so I was happy about that. However, the workout did drop my excitement level a bit, because I was now tired and already feeling the soreness form the workout....but being the good gf I am, I powered on.

Anyway, after a quick shower and and a fresh pair of workout clothes, because no one puts on real clothes to go to a high school soccer game, except young high school girls trying to win a boyfriend, we wandered on over to see what all the hype was about.

The weather was perfect and I was happy to get out of the house for the evening before it starts raining for the next 9 months. For Jesuit being such a power house in sports I was a little surprised by the low turnout, it was mostly parents and a few students, but not many.

Friday Night Lights, anyone?! No, wrong sport? Ok... 

I had the pleasure of Brad coaching me on all there is to know about high school soccer.  He informed me he could spot out the best player within the first few mins of the game, critiqued their match-ups and styles of play (if I recall correctly, both teams were running a 4-4-2, whatever that means..) Brad also informed me that he could tell which kids in the stands were no longer playing for the high school team, but instead playing for the Timbers Academy, because he is just that good.  This is news to me, but evidently, you can tell a good soccer player by just the way he walks and carries himself, who knew?!  I do have to admit the inner-workings of how Youth Academies are set up is pretty interesting.

What's a brush?

And then this picture is what happens when you start to get bored at a high school soccer match and do not know any of the players.  Not lying when I say #nomakeup Jenna Marbles....We left with a few mins left with Jesuit up winning 3-1, which was close to Brad's 3-0 prediction.  I learned a little more about a sport I never played, plus I got to give Brad a hard time about his constant commentary and enjoy a lovely fall evening... win in my book! Also, I promise I will blog about the easiest apple pie later this week! 

Cheers to High School Boys?! (because that's not creepy)

<3 BB


Tuesday Tunesday :: 9.25.12

First off, because I know you haven't had enough Gangnam Style here is a playlist of awesome remixes.

Tristan Prettyman :: Say Anything

I first fell in love with TP during my sophomore year of college and the love hasn't gone away.

JJAMZ :: Heartbeat

Might have found this song when watching the new MySpace ad.  Who's to say really?  To answer your question, no, I do not plan on revamping my MySpace page anytime soon.

Wiz Khalifa feat. The Weekend :: Remember You

New Wiz + My boy The Weekend.  Yes, please!

Timeflies :: Without Me  {Timeflies Tuesdays}

It's been a min since Timeflies Tuesdays was out in full force, but here he is sampling Without Me.  His free styles are so legit.

And last but not least, in honor of the new Mumford & Sons CD that came out yesterday, I will leave you with this:

Mumford & Sons :: Lover's Eyes {iHeartRadio Session}

Cheers to Tunesday!

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First Day of Autumn - Hood River Style

Saturday Bradley and I decided to celebrate the first day of autumn by trekking up to Hood River.  So after a nice gym sesh we hit the road. 

Our first stop was Multnomah Falls. 

Which was super pretty.

But short lived, because I think all of Portland decided to stop there.  I don't get along very well with crowded places, so we stayed long enough to snap a few photos and then hit the road again.

When we got to Hood River we headed straight to the river to check out all of the wind and kite surfers.

It was like a little city of surfers.  

Brad took this photo and he would like his credit, so I suppose I should give it to him. 

The weather was lovely, but super windy, which was perfect for the surfers not so perfect for my hair.

He wanted you all to know that he took this one too. 


It was awesome to see the kites and boards up close. 

Plus they looked like dinosaurs.  

And who doesn't love that?! 

Action Shot. 

 Might have almost fell over when trying to take that photo.  I blame the wind.

Papa. Papa. Paparazzi.

After our afternoon outside, we were quite hungry so we headed over to Full Sail Brewery

The beer was yummy. 

 Brad played model for me all day.  Isn't he such a good boyfriend?! 

 Look at those pearly whites!

My bubbles!

I tried the seasonal LTD 06 and it was great.  It had hints of coffee which I am a big fan of. 

Gotta love a dark beer and scarf weather!

After dinner we headed downtown to wander around.  We stopped for ice cream at the cutest shop.  Kahlua Chip, wowza!  

 My favorite part of the entire trip might have been this purchase.
These large matches are awesome,
plus they were on sales.  Double Score!! 

Brad kept trying to give out free advice, but no one wanted it from him.  I think he scared the children more than anything.

If you're ever in HR, you should probs check out Mike's Ice Cream. It's precious and the ice cream is delish too.  

All in all, it was a great start to Fall and I can't wait to enjoy the rest of it before the rain sets in...  What did everyone else do to celebrate the beginning of the best season of the year?!

Cheers to Autumn!

<3 BB


HItting The Links !

So tomorrow is officially the first day of autumn and in honor of its arrival, I wore my fall boots for the first time this season and got my self a Soy Pumpkin Spiced Latte.  It was yummy.  I try to limit my starbucks intake (for both my wallet and pants size sake) to once during the week and once on the weekend.  Then it's more of a treat :)

Yes, to answer your question, the headband means I did not wash my hair when I showered this morning, and no, I don't feel bad about it.  #dirtyhairdontcare

Bradley and I are thinking about hitting up Hood River... maybe even pick a few apples this weekend, as long as the gloom goes away.  You know, fall things! What fall things does everyone else have planned?! 

Annnnyway, here are a few links to get your through you Friday afternoon.

Fact: Sitting makes you fat and kills you.   *As I sit here and write this post

Anytime I read the Wall Street Journal I automatically feel 7 times smarter.  Here in this article they discuss how food cravings activate the same reward circuits in the brain as cravings for drugs or alcohol do (their words not mine).... which I find to be quite fascinating.

The iPhone5 promo they didn't want you to see.

Sh*t Girls Say is probably one of my all time favorite things on the internet and they just came out with a 4th one! Gosh they just make me laugh, probs because I say most of the references myself.

In honor of Mumford & Son's new record coming out in three days I leave you with the Big Easy Express Trailer!

We all know about my love for this song, now here is an article on the subversive message of Gangnam Style! Also, fun fact, Brad just told me this is the most liked song ever on YouTube!!!! Double awesome.

Cheers to Fall!

<3 BB


The Poor Man's ProActiv

So I was blessed with a lot of great genes from my parents, but porcelain skin was sadly not one of them.  I have more of a 13 year old boy's acne ridden face...ok that might have been a little far fetched, but still it's not great for being out of my teenage years.  Plus, it doesn't help that I sweat a. lot.   Over the years I have tried many things to make it better, every face wash you can think of... I even tried Accutane in high school which worked sort of.  Minus the whole monthly check-ups to make sure you're not preggers (evidently one of the side effects is it will ruin a baby) and checking to make sure you don't all of the sudden have depression overnight (also another side effect)..annnnnd after a quick Google search it has evidently been pulled off the shelves due to all of its side effects. Not surprised at all.

Anyway, while I was wandering Walgreens the other day I came across the drug store equivalent of ProActiv and I decide to grab it since it was about 10 dollars less than what they advertise on TV and I figured, what the heck, might as well try it. Plus with buying it in the store you are not forced into the automatic monthly charges that ProActiv has.

 Beebs and I share the same pre-teen boy skin problems.

Speaking of Beebs, got you this:

Thanks for the distraction, Favorite Coworker.

After just a few day I am thinking it might be helping, but then again it may just be wishful thinking.  I'll let you know after a few weeks. 

Does anyone else have skin problems?  Any secret tips that I should know about?  I heard cutting out dairy can really help, but then that means I would have to give up fro-yo and I am just not sure I can do that. 

Cheers to Crater Face Knock Off Pro Active!? 

<3 BB


Tuesday Tunesday :: 9.18.12

Happy Tunesday!!!!!!

First up...

Rags + Ribbons :: The Marks You Make

Willamette Alumni holding it down with this video.  Plus it is at one of my fav venues in pdx, Mississippi Studios. 

Up Next we have...

Stars :: Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It

My old track coach (I say old, as in past tense, once was my coach, not old as in Grandpa status), now life coach sent me this new Stars single, which I was excited about.  I have been a Stars fan since college and this album does not disappoint.  

And then there is Muse...

Muse :: Madness

This is one of those songs that has layers.  It just keeps adding layer after layer of goodness.  It is also one of those songs that I have to listen to at least 2 times in a row, because I just didn't get enough of it the first time.

In the Acoustic Corner we have...

Bad Books :: Forest Whitaker

Andy Hull of Bad Books has it going on, in what looks to be a kitchen?

Here we have a band that I have a very love/hate relationship with...

Right Away, Great Captain :: Father Brian Finn

Love the band, because they make beautiful music - but their music is often so sad it could make you cry.  Win some, lose some, I guess.

And lastly, just because this is the best. song. ever.  and even though I have posted about it before here and here I am leaving you with:

PSY :: Gangnam Style:

Cheers to Tunesday!

<3 BB


Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday Folks,

Hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was a combo of busy and relaxing.  Oxymoron much?   Here are the highlights:

Friday: after work I drove to the hometown with my sister. We listened to screamed this song a lot:

Heyyyyyyy, Sexy Lady!

Can't get enough.  It's so catchy and the dance is awesome... Also, I am totally that person who wants everyone to know they knew about something before it went big.  #hipsterstatus

I definitely started listening to this song over a month ago.  I even shared it with the boy and Jessi, so I take full credit of it blowing up.  I especially get excited when I find something on the internet before Brad, because he can find anything and everything. 

Saturday: I went for a beautiful trail run on the NUT.

I run this trail any time I am home and every time I forget how hilly this first section is.  Good news is:  I didn't roll my ankle this time, which is a miracle.

Sunday:  After a nice little long 5 mile run, Brad and I finally used our LivingSocial deal for Hall Street Grill brunch out in the Beevs.

Celebratory Mimosa for no reason, yes please! 

I love brunch, it may be one of my favorite things.  It also reminds me of the How I Met Your Mother episode when Marshal goes to brunch with a male friend and it ends up feeling like a date. 

Is frittata not the most fun word say?!  Friiiiitatttttaaa.

Brad got the Pulled Pork Frittata.  It was delicious. The sweet caramelized onions and smokey pulled pork paired wonderfully with the fluffy egg frittata.   

Eggs Benny! 

I picked the Quinoa Crab Cakes Benedict.  Wowza it was yummy.  The rich crab combined with the béarnaise sauce.... still drooling over it.

The rest of the weekend consisted of the NFL RedZone Channel, running errands and napping lounging around.  Another favorite of mine :)

Cheers to Brunch!

<3 BB 


Hitting the Links :: 9.14.12

Oh man, I am so happy it's Friday.  I needed this Friday.  I don't know if it was because this was the full first week since Labor Day or what, but this week was super slow for me.... Good news, it's Friday, so I can quit complaining now :)

Anyway, here are a few things I found around the internet this week.  Thought I would share!

If this doesn't inspire you to get your game face on, I don't know what will.
     -heads up it is a little icky around the 2min mark, but the story is super inspiring, so watch it all.

Yesterday, I said the word grood to my friend Jessi and she had no idea that it meant: Good and Great, Great and Good....which then meant I had to stop everything I was doing and show her Teen Girl Squad.
If you have never seen TGS, you will be in for a real treat.  My old roommate in college and I use to quote this on the regular and it is never not funny.  Editor's note: my humor may be cooler than your humor if you don't appreciate TGS.  

Rajon Rondo Interns for GQ during fashion week and then complains about it. It's quite entertaining.  Did I mention that I love GQ even though it's a men's magazine?  Honestly though, ladies mags, take note. This is a magazine done right.

Glen Hansard recently rocked a NPR Tiny Desk Concert.  It is lovely.

So the founder of PostSecret put up this powerful article on September 11th, which lead me to the site Dear World and I think it is a super touching movement. Be sure to watch the video and check out the site, it's pretty humbling.

Here Jimmy Kimmel makes people look dumb when he has them think the iPhone4S is actually the iPhone5.  It's funny, because the iPhone5 hasn't come out yet.  That's the joke, guys.

Lastly, since it's Friday and I am feeling extra nice, here is a timeline of the band Hanson. You're welcome.

Enjoy your weekend, I am headed home to visit this pretty lady's brand new baby :)

Cheers to Friday!

<3 BB


Blogger Style, WTF?

Before you get ahead of yourself, this is not an outfit post. You will not see what I am wearing today.  Sorry to make you sad, because I know you are just dying to see my face and outfits on the regs.

What this post is about though, is blogger fashion.  I recently read two very similar posts.  The first was from Raven, from Don't Quote the Raven.  In her post, I Dress For Menshe talks about how a lot of men, especially her husband do not like blogger fashion trends.  The second post was from a gal named Jenni, over at Story of My Lifewho had also read Raven's post.  Her's was titled How Far Would You Go To Please Your Man?.  Here she discusses how she had recently gotten in a fight with her husband over her style and how she was offended that he did not like a lot of the trends that she wears.

Both of these posts got me thinking about my own style.  When I get dressed each morning I'd like to think I am getting dressed for myself.  However, I know on some large level I am dressing for others.  I obviously want Brad to find me pretty and want him to think it's okay to be seen in public with me, but let's be real... a lot of the time I get dressed for the ladies.  In my scientific research I did for this post: men found 87% of current style trends to be laughable, because when it comes down to it, most trends are quite mockable.  Now don't get me wrong, I love me some cardigans and maxis, and I secretly love the fact that the top knot is now considered fashionable (yay for not having to actually do my hair). I think that last one is more because I am lazy and less because I actually think it's fashionable, but who's comparing?

As much as I love daily fashion blogs, I have mocked them on my blog before here with this link. There are a lot of pins on Pinterest and outfits from fashion bloggers that make me ask, did you really wear that in public?   Do you actually think those articles of clothing go together?  Take this outfit for example:

My good friend Jessi and I were just mocking this outfit yesterday.  Is she half bird / half 1970s gym teacher? I am not really sure what's going on there, but I am not a fan.

Then we have the red lipstick trend.  I personally am not a fan of lipstick.  I think it has to due with the fact that my lips are plenty big already, I don't need to draw more attention to them.  Chapstick, however, is a whole different story.  Can't get enough chapstick. Now, Brad hates lipstick.  He, essentially, thinks it makes women look like clowns.  Nothing funny about that, if you ask me.

Hate to break it to you miss, but you look like an old librarian.... and that is not a compliment.  I do, however, like your polka-dots though! So there's that?

Next, we have the statement piece necklace.  I love a little bling around my neck.  I think a necklace can really tie an outfit together, but the question is how much is too much necklace.  I mean seriously, lady you're going to have back problems at this rate:

Next we have the top knot:

When does it go from cute knot, to swirled turd knot?  Fine line ladies, fine line. 

I guess what I  am trying to say is, be careful when it comes to fashion trends.  If you want to rock one, I say go for it, but just make sure you are dressing for yourself and not because Kendi Everyday wore something similar, so it automatically makes it okay.  I may also suggest attempting one trend at a time.

Lastly, don't fall victim to the everyday fashion police: one of my sister's comments about a maxi dress I tried on, 'You look like a pilgrim on Thanksgiving.  Are you headed out to churn your butter?' Needless to say that dress was not purchased and it made me realize: just because it's a fashion trend, doesn't make it a good trend.

Cheers to Pilgrims!

<3 BB


Tuesday Tunesday :: 9.11.12

First off, it's the brother bear's birthday today (and the mother's is tomorrow) so this obvs needs to happen:

Happy Birthday, Brannon and Mom :)


Stars Academy - Myles and Kolton :: I Won't Give Up (Cover)

Found this song online yesterday, you can thank me when it blows up all over the internet and you already knew about it. 

Passenger :: Let Her Go

I have had Passenger on the blog before, and then this song came on during my drive to work today. The lead singer of Passenger has such a great, unique voice.  It makes my heart swoon.

Van Morrison & Ray Charles :: Crazy Love

An oldie, but goodie that also came on during my drive to work.  If Van Morrison and Ray Charles doesn't make your heart melt, then you're doing it wrong.

Capital Cities :: Safe & Sound

This song will get you moving and if you're into remixes check out this one, it's catchy.


Dave Barnes :: Nothing Fancy

I love this song.  Just like the lyrics say, there is nothing fancy to the song, but that's what makes it beautiful.

Cheers to Tunesday!

<3 BB


Moving Is The Opposite Of Fun.

Especially when you travel all over Oregon to do it....but good news:  I am officially moved, keys turned in at the old apartment, and have somehow managed to fit everything in the new place.  *Now cross your fingers Kyndra and I get back some of our security deposit*

So this weekend went by way too quickly and was far too busy, but all in all it was quite successful.

Saturday we picked up a U-Haul at 8am sharp and had the entire apartment in the trailer (and other vehicles) by 9:30.  This is where our little road trips gets really fun....

First Stop:  Brad's (well now mine too) apartment out in the Raleigh Hills area.

Second Stop:  Hillsboro to drop all of Kyndra's stuff off at her adorable townhouse she is living in with a friend from college.

Last Stop:  Monmouth, Oregon, because I am the best sister ever and am letting the baby brother use all my apartment stuff for free !  He and his two roomies now have nice leather couches, plus he gets to use my lovely Ikea bed frame and bed and a few other pieces that I didn't need at the new place.  Moral of the story he is spoiled for a college kid, thanks to me.

Saturday night I came back to this:

Which then turned into a mess on the bed and bedroom floor Sunday:

But never fear, Ikea is here!  2 new dressers later we were able to get all of my our clothes away.

Yeah, we put both of those dressers together (while we watched the Red Zone Channel) like a boss...

Side note:  I hate to admit when Bradley is right, but the Red Zone Channel, may be the greatest invention to the NFL.  It's like football with ADD, but a good kind of ADD where it only shows the good parts of every game that is live.

I also had to invest in another shoe rack, because when your boyfriend works at Nike and brings home free shoes like this :

 You start to get a collection.

And yes, finding this beauty when making a Target run might have been the highlight of my weekend:

Here's the deal: Brad tells me I have unnecessary, expensive taste.  So when I saw this boyfriend style watch, that looks similar to the Michael Kors one I have been swooning over for a long time, for only $16.99... I asked myself  WWBD? (What Would Brad Do?)... Buy the $275 one or the $16.99 one?   So I obvs pulled the trigger.

Anyways, moral of the story  I am no longer a hipster on the East side.  Say hello to the West Hills Snob ;)

Cheers to being unpack!

<3 BB  


Happy Friday!

It's Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friiiiiiday! (You're welcome for now having Rebecca Black stuck in your head the rest of the day.)

So here's the deal.  Tonight is my last night in my current apartment as a free woman.  Tomorrow I am moving into a new place...  As Monica from Friends would say, I'm moving in with a BOYYYYYY.  Ahhhhh! Which means it's going to be the end of an era for Kyndra and I.

Good news is, I am not kicking her out on the street.  She already had an awesome living situation lined up, so it will all work out swimmingly. I will miss roomies nights with her though.  So we have lots of Fro-Yo dates and dinners already planned.

Even with all the excitement of a new place, I am not looking forward to tomorrow.  Granted I have slowly moved a lot of items out of my apt already, but there is still a lot to be done.  The U-Haul is rented: check, but now comes the hard part of moving things like my couches, which were a tight squeeze getting into the place and cleaning and organizing and.... uggggh stressing just thinking about it.

As much as I want to complain about the actual process of moving it does mean new goodies :)  We are going to need extra storage and what not, plus I want it to feel like my space too, not just me staying at his. This is where Pinterest comes in and really makes me want to buy (with Monopoly money, because I don't have any real money) fun things for the place including:

This fun chair for the bedroom, to add a pop of color (AND CHEVRON!) 

It also gives me the urge to want to paint.  As much as I love the stark white walls, something like this combo would look great as an accent wall with the gray couches already in the living room: 

Brad says I can't come in and girly the place up too much...  It's like he doesn't even know me. Maybe we shouldn't be moving in together.  I am not girly, and nor is my taste.... but I do want to be able to hang my pretty necklaces up better, so they quit getting tangled and I have them out on display so I don't forget to wear them.  Definitely want to do something like this: 

Plus leaving it as bare wood is the opposite of girly! 

Since it is a one bedroom place, we will have to get a little creative with storage.  I think something like this at the end of the bed would be perfect: 

And lastly, since I am broke, I will have to get creative with the extras I add.  I am thinking something like this would be inexpensive, but make a room more cozy and enjoyable. 

So yeah, wish me luck! Also, if you have any fun (and inexpensive) ideas for a space, let me know!  Just take into account the fact that I am by no means Martha Stewart. 

Cheers to moving?! 

<3 BB