That One Time...

Brad talked me into going to a boys high school soccer game and I didn't even have a relative or family friend playing.

Soooo, originally I was going to blog about the awesome apple pie I made on Sunday with Brad and Jessi, but I have yet to edit photos of the awesomeness of said pie....

Why haven't I had a chance to edit photos you ask....because Brad drug me  asked me if I would like to go to the Jesuit vs Westview soccer game on Monday night instead. He has been wanting to know what the level of competition is like out here on the best coast / wants to relive his glory days and since Jesuit High School is in pretty much our backyard and it was two of the top teams in the state playing I agreed.

Let me preface this by saying I said yes to the outing before our hard workout, where I was not happy with Brad the entire 2 mile cool down, because I couldn't feel my arms... Not to mention the fact that I now have awesome calluses from the workout.

That dirty gurl Angie:

For Time:
100 pull-ups
100 push-ups
100 sit-ups
100 squats.
*Finish each set of 100, before you move on to the next exercise.


The Crossfit workout Angie kicked my butt, but I finished it in under 23:43, so I was happy about that. However, the workout did drop my excitement level a bit, because I was now tired and already feeling the soreness form the workout....but being the good gf I am, I powered on.

Anyway, after a quick shower and and a fresh pair of workout clothes, because no one puts on real clothes to go to a high school soccer game, except young high school girls trying to win a boyfriend, we wandered on over to see what all the hype was about.

The weather was perfect and I was happy to get out of the house for the evening before it starts raining for the next 9 months. For Jesuit being such a power house in sports I was a little surprised by the low turnout, it was mostly parents and a few students, but not many.

Friday Night Lights, anyone?! No, wrong sport? Ok... 

I had the pleasure of Brad coaching me on all there is to know about high school soccer.  He informed me he could spot out the best player within the first few mins of the game, critiqued their match-ups and styles of play (if I recall correctly, both teams were running a 4-4-2, whatever that means..) Brad also informed me that he could tell which kids in the stands were no longer playing for the high school team, but instead playing for the Timbers Academy, because he is just that good.  This is news to me, but evidently, you can tell a good soccer player by just the way he walks and carries himself, who knew?!  I do have to admit the inner-workings of how Youth Academies are set up is pretty interesting.

What's a brush?

And then this picture is what happens when you start to get bored at a high school soccer match and do not know any of the players.  Not lying when I say #nomakeup Jenna Marbles....We left with a few mins left with Jesuit up winning 3-1, which was close to Brad's 3-0 prediction.  I learned a little more about a sport I never played, plus I got to give Brad a hard time about his constant commentary and enjoy a lovely fall evening... win in my book! Also, I promise I will blog about the easiest apple pie later this week! 

Cheers to High School Boys?! (because that's not creepy)

<3 BB


Kait Comiskey said...

sweet sweatshirt

blsmith6 said...

Bradley U! Fight! Fight! Fight! (I have no idea if that is a real cheer)