Happy Hump Day!!! Let's get some of this week's confessions out of the way, thoughts? I feel like that is what Kathy would want. Since it is her Wednesday Link-up and all...

Vodka and Soda

//First off, I confess: It is supposed to be 80 degrees here today. I forgot what warm weather feels like. How does one dress for 80 degrees? Don't worry it is supposed to rain by the weekend, so I really won't get much time in the nice weather. booo work. Also, nice weather means I need to shave my legs on the regular. Ugh. I don't wanna. You can't make me!!!! 

//I confess: I don't know if I can live in a world where Christina Yang is not on Grey's Anatomy. I may have to finally give up and stop watching Grey's Anatomy after this season.

//I confess: I have had hiccups all morning and it is so annoying.

//Confession: I am still not sure I like who they cast for The Fault In Our Stars. I just don't know about the guy especially. At least give me Theo James if you are going to use all of the Divergent cast in a movie?! 

//Confession: I have watched this no less than 7 times in the last few days. 1) I love Blues Travelers 2) I love Emma Stone.

//I confess: I died when I saw this on Pinterest. Thanks Creshea for that, ps. I miss your blog. 

//Confession: Yesterday before my trail run I took my DSLR for a little spin and tried to take pretty pictures of Pittock Mansion and Mount Hood because it was gorgeous out, but then I was lazy and didn't upload any of them..so all you get is this crappy iphone picture instead. Not sorry. 

//I confess:: The trail run I mentioned above kicked my butt yesterday. I forgot how hilly the trails are around Portland. My butt is screaming at me today and my lungs tried to scream at me yesterday during the run, but they were tired and could only muster up heavy breathing. Running is hard. 

//Lastly, I confess I was super close to calling in sick today to enjoy the sunshine... In fact now that I am here at work, I think I am coming down with something quite rapidly. I should probably go home. Wouldn't want to get the rest of the office sick..... 


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Sweat pink

Exciting news on my end today, guys. Last week I was approved to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador with Fit Approach and I could not be more excited! If you have been following my blog for a little while, you know that I love to get my sweat on and let's be honest how much cooler would sweat be if it was pink! Well...the more I think about it maybe not that might be weird... hmm.

Ok sorry getting off track here, Sweat Pink and the Fit Approach is a healthy community and their mission is pretty awesome:
We believe that kicking ass is best done in pretty shoes. We’ve learned that real women sweat, and sweat hard. We know that assertiveness, strength, and ambition are the ultimate feminine qualities. We concede that sometimes it takes hours to get ready, but we’re also no strangers to just rolling out of bed and going. We’re convinced that we run faster in pink shoelaces. We believe in pushing ourselves, and we believe in giving ourselves a break, too. We’re all about the rush of endorphins and the thrill of the challenge. We’re all for looking great and feeling even better. We’re committed to finding our best fit, and making it stick. We sweat pink.
Being part of the Sweat Pink ambassadors network is super exciting for me and I hope that the community of awesome women (and some men) is just another outlet I can use for motivation for myself, to help motivate others, encouragement, new sweaty workouts, and more.

In honor of sweating pink today, I obviously had to share a workout I did over the weekend with you all!

You know the drill with Tabata.  After you get a 5-10 min warm up in, do each movement for 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest before you move on to the next exercise. 

Here are videos for each movement if you're unsure: 

Cheers to sweating pink! 

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things I learned in Tacoma

Hello blog blog,

I am back from Tacoma and oh so happy to be back in my own space and my own bed. Since I have been gone all weekend and learned all this new knowledge while I was away...I wanted to link up with Katie from I'm Your Kaite Que and share a few of the things I learned. Link up with us - the info is below! 


//First thing I learned over the weekend - As the team mom aka the only female assistant coach to a track team full of college athletes, you do a lot of waiting around for Track kids to get ready.  The best way to wait is to obviously take selfies.

//I forgot how nice it is to have a hotel by yourself for an evening. 

//I was happy I had a hotel room to myself to finish the The Fault In Our Stars. It made me cry and cry and cry some more. So, so, so, so good. 

//I also just learned that the girl from Divergent is playing Hazel Grace in the movie. Mind blown. Who knew?

//I learned that rain free days at the track make me the happiest.

//I also learned that rain free days will give me a sunburn on my forehead, even though it wasn't actually that warm. I learned I am just that pale. 

//I can cook a mean salmon dish when I want to. You can be jealous of this beautiful, colorful meal. 

//Lastly, I learned that sleeping in your own bed after 4 days of being away from it - is a beautiful, beautiful thing. In fact, I wish I was still in bed now.... 

Cheers to making it to another Monday! 

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Mr. Cumberbatch Favorites

Guys, guys, guys... Guess what!?

It's Friday. Raise all the roofs of the houses.

I knew I wanted to link up with Amanda for her favorite things this Friday....BUT can we do it a little differently? Would you all mind? Here is the deal, I have been a bad blogger and bad internet friend. I have been stockpiling my favorite links of Benedict Cumberbatch waiting to share them with you all. It's rude. It's not fair and you deserve better, BUT good news is I am sharing all my favorites with you today!!! 

//Here are 52 things you might not know about Benedict.

//You know how I shared that 2048 game a few weeks ago...well you are in luck, because they have a version with Benedict's faces. You're welcome.

//26 reasons Sherlock is the best show ever.

//John Watson's blog is a real thing.

//Mashup of Texts From Last Night and Sherlock.

You're welcome, my favorite people of the internet.

Kick Drum Heart (Live) by The Avett Brothers on Grooveshark

Now let this song carry you, run you, dance you, whatever you need it to do into the weekend for #backthatazzup Friday. I am off to Win a Conference Championship! Well the athletes are, I am just going to try and coach them to victory.


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i'm a survivor

Oh Thursday, 

Let's pick it up quickly please. Here is how my morning has gone so far. I am house sitting with my sister for a few days and the family has smoothie fixings and a magic bullet! Score... Until I realized that the magic bullet has nothing on my Ninja blender at home.Evidently the bullet could not handle my fruit to liquid mixture. It was a struggle making a smoothie this morning. The end result was more large chunks of frozen fruit with some splashes of liquid. Whatever. 

It has also been raining for the millionth day in a row here in Portland, so I decided to wear my rain boots. Note to all, Hunters don't have much traction. Second note to all: Hunter boots + rain + slick paint lines in a parking lot = an almost epic fail. 
By the grace of the sweet lord baby jeeezus I somehow managed to catch myself from falling and spilling my smoothie everywhere. Bad news, I think I might have almost strained my groin in the process. It is really sore now. We shall see how my workout goes tonight.... 

Thankfully I am a survivor and I am going to make it through this day....Let's hope.

Cheers to not spilling my smoothie everywhere!

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Happy Wednesday my favorite people. (I consider you my favorite people because you're here reading my blog, which means you love me, obviously) Since it is Wednesday, you know what that means.... We link up with Kathy for some confessions!

//Confession: I am excited about the new snap chat friends I made after yesterday.

//Confession: while watching soccer highlights on tv the other day a player was given a red card and the analyst called it the red mist. My reaction 'I didn't know male soccer players struggled with that time of the month' aka shark week as I like to call it in my home. Then I decided I will start referring to it as the red mist not shark week from now on. 

//Confession: if you call my office and the person you are trying to get a hold of does not pick up and you call back I will be shooting you daggers and death stares over the phone. Do not call back. Leave a damn message. You calling again and again does not make them pick up the phone and it just makes me angry.

//Confession: I brought my tiger roller to work because my calves are so sore.

//Confession: I took a work selfie to prove it. 

//Confession: I don't know why that is the face I chose to make. Do we consider that duck face or not? Meh. whatever. 

//Confession: I get to drive a group of track kids up to a meet in Tacoma this weekend. I am driving them in a mini van. I feel like the team mom. Do you have enough snackies? Did you pack a jacket just in case you get cold?! Did you bring a water bottle to hydrate? Don't worry, I have a tissue in my purse if you need it. Gosh, I am going to nail this! 

//Confession: I went to the Nike outlet store the other day and bought workout clothes I didn't actually need nor did I have money for them. However, I can always justify buying workout clothes when they are 1) on sale and 2) benefiting my health when I actually workout in them. Now if only I could be more like Kathy and sneak my workout clothes into my office outfits, then I would be golden.... 

Anyway, that is all I have for you folks today! Enjoy your Humpday, hope it is less rainy than mine is! 


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messed around and got addicted

So here is a story about a girl who is addicted to not only her phone, but even more specifically SnapChat on her phone. Yesterday as I was halfway to work I realized I had left my phone on the nightstand. Being already late and not actually needing it for anything, I decided to leave it behind. Not a very good solider move with the whole never leave a man behind thing, but whatever. 

What I realized halfway through the day was that I was not missing my phone to text people or call people (who calls people anymore anyway?)... What I was most sad about not having throughout the day was SnapChat. 

How was everyone going to know that my hair was washed or dirty today? Or that I spilled water on myself? Or that I was having my morning cup of jo? Or what my outfit looked like?! Or that I was on my lunch time walk? Or that I was ready to go home at 9am?! These are all the things I snap on a regular basis. The people need to know duh

This is when I realized that I have a problem. A SnapChat problem. I don't see it stopping anytime soon either. The thing with SnapChat is I feel like it keeps me connected with my people. Especially the ones I don't get to actually see on the regular. They probably get tired of my snaps, but oh welllllll. 

Here is a little taste of the snaps you get when you're buddies with me.... 

Not even a little bit sorry..... Anyone else addicted to the Snap?!


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Things I learned from easter weekend

Hi Blogland, 

I wanted to linkup with Kaite Que and share a few things I learned over Easter weekend. 

//First, it is hard to blog when you leave your phone at home all day and that is what all your photos are on. Hence me blogging on a Monday night. Who does that? 

//Do not go to Costco the day before Easter. Holy packed. Good lord, sometimes I don't like people. Saturday afternoon before Easter at Costco was one of those times. 

//Brunch on a Saturday afternoon is always better when it is with good friends and gravy. Tilt always does it right.

//Ice cream treats after over a month without it tastes better when you eat it on your Friday off from work.

//Portland's Spring Beerfest is always entertaining. 

//Easter with family makes my heart happy. 

//I always eat too much food at family gatherings. 

//If you haven't caught on yet from this post - my life revolves around food.

//Bubbles are still fun to play with when you are 25. 

//The Fault In Our Stars is a great post Easter coma read. 

Cheers to learning new things! 

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Cirque du Soleil // Totem

Had the chance to go check out the Cirque du Soleil show last night. It is currently in Portland for a few weeks! Let me just say, it is fascinating! Go check it out before it leaves Portland or see if it is coming to your area soon! The acts, the characters, the costumes, the acrobatics will blow your mind! Figured I could live blog the thoughts I had last night. It was entertaining to say the least. 

Here we go....


No wait it is pronounced toe-tem not toe-tum like totem pole . Got it. So sophisticated. 

How do you even spell Cirque du Soleil. I have to look it up on google every time. 

Man, I have to pee already. Intermission is so far away.

Ohhhh hey man dressed as a disco ball... I bet he wasn't made in Louisville ... fun fact 90% of all disco balls are made in Louisville ... Only Brad would know that kind of stupid fact and then share it with me so now I know it. 


Holy moly so much going on.

Those people look like real frogs.

So damn strong.

What is going on.

Ohhhhh it's a play on evolution I am getting it now.

How do they do that with their bodies?

Wait, where did the old man in a boat come from...

Is that Old Greg ?

Now they are on rings!

Ok that woman is jacked .. She must do Crossfit ....kiddinnnng

Although, I bet Crossfiters are jealous of her bis and tris ... I bet they wish they could do a muscle up this well, too. 

Shoot I am jealous of her bis and tris.

So over stimulated right now.

Holy strong.

But no really they are gymnasts on steroids.
I can't even do a head stand for more than 10 secs.

They are even graceful when they move their props off the stage.

How does one find out they are good at spinning things on their heads or toss hula hoops in the air?

The stage looks like a scorpion right now. 

What they can do with the stage might be more entertaining than the show. 

Ohhhh unicycles!!!

Those look hard.

And they are catching bowls on their heads while on unis.

This is not real life.

Oh they dropped one.. now two bowls.

I wonder if they bitch each other out after a bad toss backstage?

Oh thank god intermission. I need to compose myself.

Must pee. Now.

Here comes act two!

Oh Native Americans with hula hoops. So many hula hoops ... Is she using 5 at once ?!

On to the next act. This one looks promising. Two people on one swinging bar. 

Wait is she trusting him with her own life right now?! 

I would never trust a man like that. Not even Bradley. 

He is literally holding you up by your heel. You are going to plummet to your death woman, be careful! 

More Native Americans costumes. 

Can I be that for Halloween? 

Nah, that would probably be shunned upon. 

Wait, are they on roller skates?!

Pretty sure roller skates were not a thing back then.

Annnnd he just ripped off her costume. 

So many sequins and shiny things on her second outfit. 

Are we going to witness Totem's take on Native American roller skate sexy time on a huge ass drum?! Yes, yes we are. 

Pretty much just happened.

I can't even handle this all right now. 

So fascinating. 

Here comes the dancing finale! 

And the show is over. 

I need to go take a gymnastics class or something.

Cheers to Totem! 

<3 BB 

Ps. all images found here



Hello Blog World, 

First I would like to start off by saying sorry to those of you who I made excited yesterday and then ruined your day, when I said it was Wednesday, but really it was only Tuesday. That was inconsiderate of me. Also, we all know that Wednesday is saved for linking up with Kathy for Humpday Confessions

With that let's get to my confessions for the week. 

//Confession: I think I am a bad track coach. One of my  favorite athletes that I work with almost broke my school record in the Heptathlon #humblebrag yesterday - and as happy as I was for her awesome performance, I was even more relieved that she is only second all time on the list...for now. Obviously as a coach I want her to perform at the highest level she can; but the selfish part of my former athlete side does not want to see my record go down. Yesterday was too close for comfort and she has another chance to break it later this season. Maybe I will sabotage her and start coaching her poorly? Kidding...obviously! 

//I confess: I am tired of seeing your quiz results from Buzzfeed up on Facebook. We get it - Buzzfeed is awesome. The quizzes are pretty spot on...but you're not special for doing that quiz. EVERYONE on buzzfeed has done that quiz. Stahhhhp it, you're tramatizin me. I got 'Recess' for which 90s Cartoon Series I am, because I know you were wondering.

//I confess: I am still not good at yoga. It's way harder than regular workouts. How does one get so bendy?! (ps. who doesn't love Natalie Dee?)

//I confess: last night's yoga sesh was my first time doing yoga in probably at least 6 months. No wonder I am not good at it. 

//Continuing on with yoga - I confess that I enjoy the Tone It Up Girls and their workouts (including the yoga one I did last night)...BUT HOW DO YOU GIRLS WORKOUT WITH YOUR HAIR DOWN?! Insert all the shouty caps! How is your hair still curled? How is it not wet noodles? How are you not getting it in your mouth and chocking on it twss How are you not getting it stuck in your armpit and pulling your head and hurting yourself. Not that any of this has ever happened to me....It defies logic and science.

Anyway, those are all the things I have to confess today. Until tomorrow, blog world. 


<3 BB 


happy wednesday?

Happy Wednesday... for those of you that don't have to work this Friday (hey, that's me! I don't have to work this Friday). Sorry to those of you who do; hope your Tuesday goes by quickly... Although I am not sorry enough to give up my day off for you. I am nice, but not that nice. 

Anyway, Spring is hopping here in Portland and I wanted to share a few things that are making me happy because of it. 

//It was warm enough to wear shorts for my workout on Sunday... I quickly remembered that shorts are the worst, but that is neither here nor there. 

//Saw these flowers at the grocery store the other day. I was going to buy some for myself, but then didn't cool story, Brooke. So I took a picture instead. 

//Guys, iced coffee season has arrived. HEYO. I haven't been letting myself buy coffee now that I have a Keurig, but sometimes you just need to treat yo self with some iced coffee now and again.

//Might as well call me Bubba Watson, because I am going to win the Masters next year after a few more buckets of balls at the driving range. 

//Lastly, I wanted to share this playlist that has been making me extra happy these days. The whole thing is pretty legit (if I do say so myself), but if nothing else, check out the song I See Fire remix by Kygo. It's the truth. 

Cheers to a short week! 

<3 BB 


Things I learned at tedx

So Tedx - Portland....was pretty fabulous. I learned so many things at it on Saturday - which ties in nicely to the fact that I am linking up with Kaite from I'm Your Katie Que to let you know what I learned this weekend. 

The topic of this year's Tedx Event was perfect. Does it exist? If so, what is it? Ask a thousand people and you'll get a thousand different answers. Whether you're talking about a person, place, thing or idea, this word provokes discussion. The desire for it pushes people to think of bigger and better things, challenging them to make their own definitions and maybe even make them a reality.

All the speakers were wonderful at TedxPdx and here are some of the things they taught me this weekend. 

Aaron James Draplin
//Invest in your life
//Invest in your clients

Nong Poonsukwuttana
//You will always chase perfection
//Give first
//Chasing meaning is a much better approach than avoiding discomfort

D'Wayne Edwards
//Leave your mark

Lisa Sedlar
//Perfect is the enemy of good enough
//Perfect can paralyze you with fear; being real does not

Frank Moore
//Invest in the art of living
//This cute 91 year old WWII Veteran (and his wife) will make an auditorium cry tears of joy and loss in 18 mins.

Cody Goldberg
//Don't think so much
//Use hearts more than minds
//PLAY is perfect

James Keller
//If your technology choices are making you feel bad about yourself. Change your choices

Zach King
//Hard is not relevant. Hard is hard

Zalika Gardner 
//In order to truly listen you must quiet your own experience to make room for someone else's

Isaiah Holt
//There is always room for second chances
//Ask yourself daily: What do I want to accomplish today? What does it take? What can I do to get there?

Ben Haggerty aka Macklemore
//The easiest thing to do is to not live presently
//It is important to slow down and remember what you are doing and why you are here

What did you guys learn this weekend?! Link up with Katie here.



<3 BB


more talk about eggs

First things first. I would like to note a few things that have happened in my life since yesterday.

1) I was successful in peeling my hard boiled eggs this morning. No eggs were called asshat in the process.

2) Bradley normally makes breakfast smoothies in the morning. He did not make me one this morning and I am sad and feel like there is a void in my life today. 

3) RAC's spotify page has been my jam since yesterday afternoon. Can't. Stop. Listening. His version of  Zee Avi's Concrete Wall. Wowza. 

4) I hate sleeping on my back. My allergies are bad enough that I have been forced to mouth breathing on my back. Talk about some crappy sleep....whatever though, it's Friday. 

5) Oh Em Gee.....Bradley made up for not making my smoothie when he pulled the trigger for tickets to Portland's Tedx Talk tomorrow!!!!! The theme is Perfect and I cannot wait to see all the speakers. There are a number of fascinating speakers on the docket, including Macklemore even. Hopefully I will feel like changing the world in a positive way after tomorrow.

Anyway, here are a few links from the internet I enjoyed this week. 

//Here are 4 life tips for building muscle, bro.

//Shoot, I would even pay Paul Rudd the dollar.

//Just two local, private high school baseball teams in a bench clearing brawl. nbd

//This may be my favorite link of the week. Why do we make love so complicated?

//What does your drink really say about you?

....Now enjoy this #backthatazzup Jam and head into the weekend!

Ain’t It Fun by Paramore on Grooveshark

Normally I am not a huge Paramore fan, but this jam....super catchy.  Don't go cryin' to your mamma, cause you're on your own in the reallllll world. 

Hope you have a weekend full of funshine!

<3 BB


dirty 30


I threw the javelin a bunch after I was done coaching on Tuesday and I am sore today. My abs and shoulder forgot what it was like to throw the javelin a lot, not to mention my hip flexors are sore from all the crossovers. On top of being sore I keep coughing because of allergies and every time I cough my abs get angry at me. Lammmmme. Since misery loves company and I want everyone to suffer and be sore with me...I decided to share a workout today! You're welcome :) 

Here are videos for each movement in case you're unsure.

//KB Swings
//Russian Twists 
//Push Press
//Air Squats 
//Bent Over Rows
//Plank Knees to Elbow 

PS. This playlist from The Skinny Confidential will go great with the workout, too.

Don't say I never do anything for you!

<3 BB


confess sesh

Why hello there Humpday, nice to see you again. Let's just not mess around this morning and get straight to complaining confessing with Kathy. 

//I hate that stupid 'Stay Calm and ....(insert whatever stupid thing you should be doing) On' saying. Go away forever please. I just can't handle it. It makes me want to punch babies or you right in the baby maker. Either would be satisfying after seeing that stupid phrase all over the internet all the time. Sorrrrrrry. 

//If I am walking down a hallway or on the street and I pass you and I am friendly and smile - I expect a smile back. It is 20 times more uncomfortable when you do not acknowledge me and go out of your way to not make eye contact.

//Lately any time Bradley agrees with something he responds by singing 'story of my life...' and it makes me giggle every time.

//I got the wild idea to paint my nails for the one time this year. It was a fail. You should not be surprised even a little it. I almost dropped the brush and had to grab it with my hand so I had polish all over me, not to mention my nails look like a 3 year old paints them every time and they were chipped by the next morning. It's never worth the struggle. 

//I cursed at a hard boiled egg this morning that was not cooperating with me as I was trying to peel it. It was not my proudest moment, but it deserved the lashing. 
//Also, I can't stop eating hard boiled eggs. I kept forgetting to make them and then finally remembered and now I eat multiple a day. Weird? Maybe,  but I don't care.

Cheers to it being on day closer to the weekend.

<3 BB