Hitting the Links :: 8.31.12

Happy Friday!!! And a great, awesome, fantastic, can't wait for Labor Day Weekend Friday at that!!!! I am headed home to the lovely, Douglas County for some family time full of swimming, hiking, Crater Lake and more! Super excited.  Figured I would leave you with some awesome links to keep you keepin' on until the weekend finally starts.

::First off, we have some secret style tips from a J. Crew stylist.  Who knew there was a secret way to rolling your pant leg perfectly?  Don't worry, totally rolled my casual Friday jeans just like she did in the post.

::Next I have two awesome links just in time for College Football to get started back up.
    ::One:  The Oregon Duck's take on the best music video ever.  (I would just like to state that I posted the original video on my Facebook a few weeks ago, before it blew up, because I am just that awesome)
    ::Two:  Here is your Hater's Lover's Guide to the Top 25.  My boy, Drew Magary, is the funniest man in the Sports Blog World.

::When it comes to fitness, I have a very broad approach to things.  I don't consider myself solely a runner. You wont see me running 15 miles just because. Nor do I consider myself a strict Crossfitter either.  I do not belong to a local box (Crossfit Gym) or anything like that, but I do dabble in a lot of their workouts.  So I really agreed with this post, by my latest blog crush, Jess from The Blonde Ponytail.  

::New episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is up on the website.  I love watching hilarious people, doing such a regular thing and being super funny without trying. Enjoy.

::Lastly, if someone wants to buy me this necklace with my initial, I wouldn't hate it. KThanks!

Cheers to Labor Day!



Hey You Guyyyys

Guess what!   I finally went MAXI!!  You know how I have been obessed with trying to find a maxi dress?  Welllll, I finally broke down last night and got a maxi, however, it is a skirt, not a dress.  Found this Bobeau maxi at Nordstrom Rack for under $25.00 and just couldn't pass it up.  It is seriously the most comfortable item in my closet, plus I don't have to shave my legs (the lazy in me is rejoicing)!

Today I am pairing it with a J. Crew button down I bought at the Woodburn Outlets a few summers ago and some flat sandals, and gave it a little pop with a statement piece necklace I scored on sale at Kohl's and my fun, boyfriend style watch I got from Urban Outfitters.  I am also rocking my glasses today, because I am fighting a cold and it makes my eyeballs feel heavy, so I decided to make them happy and leave the contacts in their case.

This outfit is super casual, yet pulled together enough I can wear it to work, plus the long skirt makes me feel feminine, which is an added bonus, since my boss gave me a hard time yesterday for sounding like a man... Just call me, Bob, not Brooke, for the next few days. - Thanks a lot, cold.  

I put together a little style board below of what my look is doing today.  Not all the items are the same as what I am sporting, but they are super similar.

Cheers to Maxis!



J crew

Bobeau long maxi skirt

Longs jewelry

Vintage style jewelry

Gucci sunglasses
$275 - net-a-porter.com


Let Me Tell You...

..about the time I went to The Avett Brothers concert solo dolo.  Now as most of you know. I love music.  Especially live. I even attended a concert last night (yes, on a week night - who's the Grandma now?!) to see Atlas Genius with my friend Jessi and the Boy.

Anyway, back to the story about me having no friends and going to a concert alone.  ok - that is a big lie, I have one friend, my mom :) 

Here was the deal.  Brad and I got super pumped when we heard The Avett Brothers were going to be playing at the McMenamins - Edgefield. (Side note:  I really want to go back to Edgefield soon to check out their restaurant and hotel)  We bought our tickets the day they went on sale (or so we thought) and didn't think much else of it.  Well, a few weeks before the concert, Brad found out he was going to be gone in Nashville for work.

No big deal I thought,  I would invite the little bro to go with me instead.  I always love some sibling bonding time and a chance to drop some music knowledge on him any chance I get.....This is where things get interesting. 

A few days before the concert I go to print off the tickets and notice I only have one ticket to print. Quickly ask Brad if he bought his own, where he proceeds to tell me that he thought I purchased them both.... hmmm this is not good.  Trying not to get bummed out I jump online to see if I can score another one.  Of course the show is sold out and there was nothing on Craigslist for me.  WOMP, WOMP.

After a little internal debate on whether or not to sell my ticket and a few people giving me a hard time at the thought of me going alone, I decide to just go.  Why miss an opportunity to see a band I love, when I had been so excited for the concert and already had the ticket in my hand.

Long Hair, Don't Care

So Saturday evening I kept date night going and packed up a book and a blanket and set off for Troutdale. It was the perfect evening for an outdoor concert.  Like Baby Bear's porridge, not too hot or too cold and I enjoyed reading a good book and people watching on the lawn while I waited for the show to start.

Take my advice - see them live, even if you have to go alone

The concert rocked. It's the second time I have seen them live and they do not disappoint.  One of my favorite songs they played was January Wedding:

After spending most of my weekend on my own and really loving my me time, it got me thinking: why does society give being on your own such a negative connotation?  Why is it weird for a person to eat a meal on their own or attend a show alone?  Yes, it is always nice to share moments with people you're fond of, but what's wrong with enjoying something on your own, instead of worrying what the person next to you thinks, because you're chilling solo dolo?   Which leads me to the question: what kind of things do you do on your own?  Do you feel judged or uncomfortable when you do?

Anyways, enough ramblings for the day.  I am going to go drink more tea so I no longer sound like this.

Cheers to being independent!



Tuesday Tunesday :: 8.28.12

So every week I tell myself I am going to be better about not bombarding you with music and only feature a few songs -- but then I realize that is dumb and good music needs to be shared.  So you get 7 awesome tunes today!

Atlas Genius :: Trojans (Acoustic)

Going to their concert tonight.  Super excited!! - minus the fact it is a weekday and the show doesn't even start until 9.  This Grandma already knows tomorrow is going to be a long day.

The Young Romans :: Lemon Trees

My friend Maria recommended this band to me last week and I am super happy she did! They make a lovely pairing, just like strawberries and Bisquick!  (Sorry, back when I was a waitress in Alaska we once had a grumpy old man, who was mad because we did not have A1 Sauce, tell us that steak and A1 go together like strawberries and Bisquick and I have never forgotten it. Who picks those two things? so random, anyway, moving on....)

Michael Kiwanuka :: I'm Getting Ready

Kiwanuka's voice is super raw and I am a big fan. You should def check out the rest of his album when you get the chance.

Glen Hansard :: Love Don't Keep Me Waiting

You might recognize Hansard's voice from the duo The Swell Season.  This song is off of his new solo album.  Hansard has an old soul vibe, reminds me of listening to Van Morrison with my parents when I was younger. Great stuff.

Milo Greene :: 1957

I like this song. Not much else to say... well that's a lie, I would also say to check out their song 'Don't You Give Up On Me' because it is also good.

Ethan Burns :: So Lonesome 

Sad songs are my favorite and it's not because my life is sad and depressing or I was full of suburban angst as a teen,  I just think they tell the best stories.  They are full of passion and emotion.  If a songwriter can make you feel their pain, as if it is your own, then they doing something right.

Modest Mouse :: Gravity Rides Everything

This song came on as I was finishing up my post and it is probably my favorite Modest Mouse song, which is saying something, because they have a lot of good ones.  Anyways, it's by no means new, but that doesn't mean it gets old. These lyrics make the song for me:

In the motions and the things that you say. 
It all will fall, fall right into place 

Cheers to Tunesday!



Date With Myself!

Saturday Market is my favsies

So this weekend both Brad and the Roomie were out of town, so I decided I was going to date myself and I have to say it was quite enjoyable.  I hit up the driving range, checked out Saturday Market and got a great trail run in.  I even attended The Avett Brothers' concert on my own (more on that later this week).  

Here are a few pics I snapped while at Saturday Market.  Now, originally I thought this was going to be a great place to get some cool pictures, but once I was there, I realized I was a little intimidated.  I didn't want to be that girl with her camera in the way of people actually trying to buy things, not to mention some of the booth owners are a little picky and even have signs that say no photography.  In the end I decided to stick to out of the way items.

What up, Fountain?

Totally wish it was acceptable to wear these at my age.

Decided to hit up Pittock Mansion before I headed out on a trail run, where I then proceeded to roll both my ankles... One of which was bad enough that I am still having to ice it a day and a half later.

Almost got stung too.  The things I do for a good photograph. 

It was definitely nice to get some me time this weekend.   What does everyone else do for their me time?!

Cheers to dating yourself!



Hitting The Links :: 8.24.12

Happy Friday!

Just a few things I found on the interwebs this week that I wanted to share:

For any of you who know me, you know my love for J Crew.  For those of you who didn't realize.. my shirt and dress size are both Medium gift away ;) (kidding!) but no really.  Annnnyway, how awesome is this T-Shirt Dress.  It combines four of my favorite things into one: Stripes. Tee. Dress. Comfy.

I read about this idea earlier in the week from A House In The Hills and it really resonated with me.  Sometimes I find myself a little stuck in a rut and am thinking this idea of creating a vision board (something other than Pinterest) might be helpful for me. Maybe if I sit down and start to think about what I want to accomplish it will help me see the bigger picture and set goals.

Speaking of goals....Found a great leg workout on the Blonde Ponytail Blog.  Think I am going to have to try this sometime over the weekend.

This site has the coolest iPhone Cases.

Also if you're an Apple fan you'll love this video. It's awesome.  Thank you, Jessi, for sharing it with me.

Lastly, I wish I was friends with these people so I could have coffee with them and laugh.

Cheers to the weekend!





I have a problem.  A fro-yo problem.  I am addicted... to the point I might need an intervention soon.  I eat it at least 3-4 times a week (sometimes more).  The worst part is every time I go, I tell myself that I will get original tart and berries (way more healthy, right?), but 7 times out of 8 I end up with some form of chocolate or peanut butter with chocolatey goodness toppings.  my go-to toppings are Heath Bar and Oreo crumbles (ok, ok and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups).  They add the perfect crunch and you don't need a lot.  now I am hoping this is just a summer time phase and once the weather gets back to typical Oregon weather I will calm down on the fro-yo, but what scares me is the fact that I am not sure I can give it up at this point.

Now, I have tried a good number of frozen yogurt joints and I am super fortunate to have two legit spots that I frequent on the regs one near my apartment and one by Brad's place.

Nectar off of 17th and Bybee is nestled in the adorable Sellwood neighborhood and makes for a nice little evening out of the apartment and great people watching. They have a ton of yummy toppings and a great variety of yogurt to choose from that changes regularly.  The roomie and I, as well as my lovely friend Jessi, often meet up here.

I also hit up UU Yogurt out in Beaverton a lot, because it is within walking distance of Brad's apartment.  The best part about that is I justify the fro-yo with the fact that I am exercising to and from the nomable goodness! This one is right off of Beaverton-Hillsdale Hightway, so it doesn't have quite the unique vibe that Nectar has, but their Cookies and Cream Fro-yo makes up for it.

I am also excited to try out the new joint next to my grandparent's house with my little sis.  Crave has only been in West Linn for a little while and she has coupons (double score!)

Are there any other fro-yo places I have been missing out on?!  Also, if anyone would like to provide me with a scientific reason as to why frozen yogurt is good for your health and why I should eat it daily, I might treat you to a fro-yo! 

Cheers to deliciousness! 



Tuesday Tunesday :: 8.21.12

Guys, can we talk about how excited I am for this Tunesday.  Like, so excited, I might have picked them all out last week and have had to patiently wait to share.  It's mellow mix this week, but some of my favorite, favorite go to songs.  I blame the mellow mood on the sunshine zapping my energy and making me move at about 65% of my normal pace. Or maybe it's the fact that fall is just around the corner...  Either way, I am not complaining, because I know it will be rainy for months on months on months before we know it.  Never fear though - these are also great rainy day songs. Enjoy.

Tallest Man On Earth :: Love Is All

Sometimes songs don't need any written details.  This is one of them.

Iron and Wine :: Tree By The River

I first heard this song on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert.  Let me just tell you, Sam Beam is an odd cat, but his music is beautiful so I let it slide.  During the TDC performance he talks about how it took him years to finish this song, because it was hard to make it personal for a wide audience, 'It's a guy talking to his ex-girlfriend... it may mean something to those two people, but we're like boring...so it took me a while to get me to these lyrics.'  Anyway I suggest you check out the entire TDC while you are at it.  (Also the music doesn't start until 1:10 in the A Take Away Show vid, so don't give up on it or jump to there.)  Both of these versions can bring a person to tears if you let them.

Passenger :: The Wrong Direction

There is something about a raspy voice that makes me swoon.  Plus he adds a little extra to the song at the end so listen all the way through.

The Civil Wars :: Poison & Wine

This duo can do no wrong.  Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.... you get the idea, right?

Typhoon :: The Honest Truth

Only a Portland band would play in a tree and I am totally on board with it.

Bon Iver :: Skinny Love

I mean it's a stripped down version of Skinny Love (which is saying a lot, because the original version is pretty bare), what more can you ask for?

Local Natives :: Who Knows, Who Cares

I love this song and this version is exquisite.

Leo Stannard :: Please Don't

This was a last second addition that I just came across this morning, but his voice is just so pretty I had to add it! (Not sure if a guy wants his voice to be described as pretty, but he can take that up with me in person.)

Cheers to Tunesday!



Beach Retreat.

Oh Hello There,

Happy Monday.  Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.  I know I did! Brad and I escaped the Portland heat and headed for the coast to hang out with some pretty lovely people.

Highlights of the weekend included:

::Brad and Jason winning money at the casino 
         -I can neither confirm nor deny losing 20 of Brad's dollars at Black Jack
::Mo's famous Clam Chowder
::A morning run on the beach
::Playing with my new camera
::Reading a good book
::The Newport Aquarium 
::Rogue Brewery for lunch
::And did I mention Clam Chowder ?!

Here are a few pics I snapped over the eventful, yet relaxing weekend.  *Not sure if that is considered an oxymoron or not, but that is how I described my weekend and I am sticking to it.

This was my first time hitting up the Rogue Brewery, so I was pretty excited.  We didn't get a chance to tour it, but I would definitely like to come back and take the tour. At lunch I went with a sampler so I got to try a small portion of a few different options.  The Hazelnut Brown Nectar was my favsies and the Chit Happens was just an awesome play on words.

So I definitely still have a lot to learn about my camera and the Lightroom software I was able to score.  I'd say it's currently about 1 decent picture to every 7 not so decent pictures, but I have to admit I was pretty excited when I saw how well this picture turned out.  PUPPPPPPY! 

Brad and I wanted to take advantage of our time at beach so we tried to get up early enough to get a morning walk or run in.  I am happy we did, because I was able to play with my camera on our walk. (Ignore our tired eyes, please.)

Brooke's token artistic back to the camera photo.

I think these two photos really capture Brad and I.

Really got into character for them. 

Don't mind me just creeping on their precious moment. 

Here is Brad getting his glamour shot on at the park, while small children play around us. 


All in all I was very happy with and thankful for our weekend and can't wait to sneak off to the coast again soon. 

Cheers to Chowder! 



Hitting the Links.

So I am super excited for the weekend.  I will be spending mine in Lincoln City:

I am looking forward to relaxing with friends, eating yummy food, and taking pretty beach pics with the new camera.  Maybe even get a few workouts in.. (we'll see how that last one goes)

While I am away check out these entertaining posts roaming around the internet.  

::I am still trying to find the perfect way to rock a sockbun.  Maybe this one will work? doubt it.

::WTF, Pinterest may be one of the funniest blogs I have come across recently.  Their posts here mocking fashion bloggers are spot on.

::Speaking of mocking fashion bloggers.  Not So Lonely Londoners also has a great post.  Check it out here. I promise it will make you laugh, hard. He is a straight, male fashion blogger and his 'poses' are legit.

::Also in line with mocking Pinterest...  This blog  posts real life things that have been featured on Pinterset that make you go, 'huh?'.

::Lastly, does someone want to make me these little nuggets of heaven for when I return?

Cheers to the weekend!



Work It Out!


Just got back from workout number two of the day.  I confess part of my reasoning for the second workout might have been for the AC at the gym since my apartment is disgustingly hot (which in retrospect was probably counter productive, because I broke quite a sweat with my workout, but that is neither here nor there)...  Anyway, I figured I would share a few of the good workouts I have done the past week and maybe see if any of you have good workouts to share?!

PS. This makes me smile: I wore a new pair of shoes to the gym today and that is always fun.  

Nike Swag 


Brad and I jogged to Jesuit high school and did a hard circuit workout  (And the answer is yes, I complained about the burpees during each set)

::4 rounds:
-jog 400 meters
-15 burpees
-20 pushups
-20 dips
-20 sit ups
-20 ab twists

This one is deceivingly hard and you will get your sweat on!


-1/2 mile warm up run to Milwaukie High's track. (Editor's note: I like to relive the glory days by hitting up as many random high schools as possible.  Showing up young children on a daily basis.)
-10 mins of stairs
-1 mile of jog the corners / stride the straights
-1/2 mile jog home


-30 min run

After work gym sesh:
::5 rounds:
-10 pull ups
-10 thrusters (60lbs bar)
-15 box jumps

And this is what happens when you skip pull ups for 2 weeks:

But at least the ugly black callus is long gone?! 

This weekend I am hoping to take advantage of some cooler weather and get a few good workouts in when I am in Lincoln City with friends, but we'll see if that actually happens.  I also heard there is yummy food waiting for me and that may get in the way of my workouts.

Cheers to Fitness!



Tuesday Tunesday :: 8.14.12

Happy Tunesday! Sorry this is coming late.  My day has been busy and random - the internet at work was down so I was working from Starbucks and got to have a lunch date at Nike (which hardly ever gets to happen) and then I had to get my fitness on, but better late than never right?!

Anyway, here are a few tunes to get you ready for bedtime.  (t-minus 1 hour).

The Staves :: The Motherlode // Mahogany Session

This song reminds me of fall and I am okay with that.

The xx :: Chained

Another new The xx song...enjoy - so pumped for their new album.

Mumford & Sons :: I Will Wait

What even needs to be said about new Mumford besides, thank you, boys!?

White Arrows :: Get Gone

The lead singer's voice is kind of winey and I dig it.

Steve Everett :: West Coast Time

This song is precious and it makes me want to snuggle. Perfect for bedtime!

Cheers to Tunesday!



Weekend Recap!


Another weekend in the books!   Mine went by too quickly as usual, but was great.  I got to see my good friend who was home from Denver and spend time with my family. Here are a few photos that I took with my new baby.  I am having a lot of fun learning how to use my new camera and once I get the hang of it a little more I definitely want to purchase editing software for it.

Saturday we had a family reunion, where as usual with any of my family gatherings I ate too much food.  I did however burn a little of it off with ladder toss and badminton. 

Everyone should ask Brad how bad the guys lost to the girls at Ladder Golf.  (spoiler alert: 23-2)

Senior photo shoot on the swing set? 

Creepy deer head. (Or at least I think it's a deer.)

Saturday night the Boy and I made two different Pinterest recipes and wow were they lovely.  The first was a Quinoa and Black Bean Salad - link here.  The second part of the meal was a Summer Corn, Bacon and Potato Chowder - link here .

I tried to take foodie blog pictures of the meal and laughed at myself the entire time, because it's actually really hard and I felt like a big nerd. There is the whole lighting issue and the perfect angles issue - not to mention the whole the meal getting cold while I photographed it issue.  Once I finally put down the camera though I was able to enjoy our yummy creations! nom, nom, nom! 

Sunday was spent working off all my meals and relaxing at my Grandparent's pool.  Hard knock life.

Cheers to the Weekend!



Chevron. Chevron. Chevron.

Happy Friday!

So I have a confession:  I am obsessed with Chevron Stripes (and Honey Boo Boo Child, but that embarrassing confession will have to be saved for another day).  I don't care what bandwagon or trend I am jumping on to - I can't get enough.  I want it everywhere in my life.  I am so drawn to it...I want it in my make-believe house, my cellphone, my clothes, you name it!

Here are a few of my favorite Chevron pinspirations that I have been dreaming about:

Is there such thing as too much Chevron?  Because I have a feeling I might be in trouble if there is...

Cheers to Chevron! 



Workout Wednesday!

Alternate Title: Burpees Suck. The End.

I think that pretty much sums up my feelings on the exercise.  I know, I know - they are supposed to be one the best full body exercises because they mix strength and cardio, but no matter how many times I do them, they never get easier.  Which, honestly, I find quite annoying because the movement itself is super simple and they produce results when you do more than 4 in a workout.  (I might have found my underlying problem as to why they don't get easier, but who really wants to do 100 for time? lame And yes, that is a challenge that people do in real life.)

Burpee Basics:

:: Start standing up
:: Drop to the ground
:: Kick your feet out to a push-up position
:: Do a push-up
:: Bring your feet back to your chest
:: Perform a jump squat
:: Repeat as many times as you see fit (because you're crazy)

Yesterday I did a speedy lunchtime workout, because I had plans to meet up with some lovely ladies I had not seen in forever after work... I only had time for 6 rounds of 3 exercises, but still managed to break a nice sweat:

:: 10 burpees
:: 25-30 (varied) ab exercise - crunches, plank, bicycle crunches, etc.
:: 25-30 (varied) leg exercise - squats, lunges, jump split squats, mountain climbers, etc.

As much as I dislike burpees, I always give myself a little pat on the back for doing them, especially when I do them without Brad forcing me.  Now my next challenge is to do them regularly enough that they eventually get more tolerable - because let's face it, I will probably never enjoy them.

No Cheers to burpees!



Tuesday Tunesday :: 8.7.12

'Ello Mates.  It's Tuesday, so you all know what that means: Tunesday!  And I would like to say how special I felt when I received a text at 6:37 this AM reminding me it was Tunesday (Thanks Amer!).  If the people want the music, then the music they will get.  Shall we?.....

Ghost Beach :: Miracle

First off we have this song that I just came across yesterday.  It's a great summer jam, which is fitting since I refuse to be one of those people who is already acknowledging fall.  #summer4life

Passion Pit :: Conversations (St. Lucia Remix)

Like I have said before, I love a good remix.

The Easter Sea :: The Match

Give this one a chance to warm up.  It just keeps getting better and better.

Gary Clark Jr.  :: Bright Lights

Any time you shazam a song twice in one day and not realize it was the same one, you know it's that good or you're just a dummie!  It has a gritty vibe that I totally dig.

Trails and Ways :: Nunca

This tune is catchy and this video is quite entertaining too! So it's a win, win, win as Michael Scott would say.

Hoodie Allen :: Hey Now

Hoodie does it again! Heyyyo!

And lastly, one of my favorite John Mayer songs (written before he started wearing these hats):

John Mayer :: In Your Atmosphere

Cheers to Tunesday!



Oh, boy...

It's started.  I have caught the fever... and I'm not talking about the baby variety or the flu kind.  I am talking about puppy fever.  Yesterday morning Brad and I went out for our Sunday morning shake out run and there were SO MANY PUPPIES on the jog path.  I wanted to stop and pet each of them, but our half an hour run would have turned into a 2 hour, unproductive walk had he let me.  Well it wouldn't have been a total loss, because of all the puppies and joy, but I suppose it all depends on your definition of productive running.

But honestly, can you blame me for wanting something this cute:

(And yes, in case you were curious, my motivation board on Pinterest is full of hot chicks rocking workouts and adorable puppies.  Two things that totally go together, I know.)

Here is the deal - I have grown up around dogs, since I was little we have always had at least one puppy running around outside (we just won't mention the 2 cats, hermit crabs, a bird, and the rest of Dr. Dolittle's farm we had though).  Since I was a wee-one, we have had 5 labs, with the exception of Bubba the most adorable Shar Pei ever. So many wrinkles!  In my old age (being 24 and all) I have come to realize that puppies aren't easy, in fact they are kind of the opposite.  When you're little you don't quite realize all the extra work they cause your parents, the walking, the feeding, the vet visits, etc.  One of our brilliant labs once swallowed a 4 foot rope and the vet thought it had a large tumor and almost put it down, before realizing it wasn't cancer! So the practical side of me knows I am not ready to make the commitment due to the fact dogs are:  

::I don't have a backyard. 
::They sometimes take away your free time
::You have to train them. 
::You miss out on fun things, because you don't have a puppy sitter, etc. 

But even with all those logical reasons not to have one right now, I still find myself googling pictures of puppies daily on occasion, because of all the joy they bring: 

::Awesome companions.
::They don't talk back like children do. 
::Cuteness OVERLOAD! 
::Puppies get you outside. 
::I could take so many cute puppy photos with my new camera
::Not to mention the health benefit of owning a dog! I mean that alone should be reason enough, right?
::You can give your puppy an awesome name like Rufus! 

For the time being though, I know I need to just enjoy them from afar - be the cool aunt of the dog world or something like that?  And keep pinning photos like this one: 

Cheers to Puppies! 



The Day I Became A Legitimate Blogger!

.....NOT!!! but I did get this pretty little thing from my dear friend, Anne who takes lovely pics over here at Anne Blodgett Photography.  She upgraded her camera and let me have first dibs on purchasing her old one if I wanted and I just couldn't pass it up.  I have been wanting a nice camera for quite some time, but haven't been able to commit on such a big purchase, but this just seemed like the right opportunity!

Nikon Buddies For Life -NB4L

Look how beautiful she is.  I am still trying to think of the perfect name for her, so if you have any ideas let me know.  Now don't let these looks deceive you, she is intimidating.  I am so excited to learn about the camera and everything it does, but am a little overwhelmed when I YouTube videos and they spit out terms like ISO, shutter speed, and aperture and they just assume I know what they mean and how to change the settings!  (whoopdeedo, what does it all mean, Basil?!)  I feel like an elderly person trying to work a smartphone.  No offense, Grandma ;)  

Hopefully after some online help and tips from Annie, I will be able to take pretty photos and feature them on the blog instead of always relying on the iPhone.  As cool as instagram is, it can get a little old after a while.  Plus I want to prove Brad wrong, when he told me even if I buy this camera 90% of my pictures will still come from my phone... (I hate it when he is right, let's make a pact to not let that happen)  So.... if anyone wants to give me pointers on how to use this awesome camera feel free to get a hold of me and then we can go on photog dates.  (We can be those people that take our DSLRs out on the town and snap photos of our food and farmers markets, random buildings, pics of only half of people's faces, and whatever else hipster photographers take pics of!)

Cheers to Nikons!