Hitting The Links :: 8.24.12

Happy Friday!

Just a few things I found on the interwebs this week that I wanted to share:

For any of you who know me, you know my love for J Crew.  For those of you who didn't realize.. my shirt and dress size are both Medium gift away ;) (kidding!) but no really.  Annnnyway, how awesome is this T-Shirt Dress.  It combines four of my favorite things into one: Stripes. Tee. Dress. Comfy.

I read about this idea earlier in the week from A House In The Hills and it really resonated with me.  Sometimes I find myself a little stuck in a rut and am thinking this idea of creating a vision board (something other than Pinterest) might be helpful for me. Maybe if I sit down and start to think about what I want to accomplish it will help me see the bigger picture and set goals.

Speaking of goals....Found a great leg workout on the Blonde Ponytail Blog.  Think I am going to have to try this sometime over the weekend.

This site has the coolest iPhone Cases.

Also if you're an Apple fan you'll love this video. It's awesome.  Thank you, Jessi, for sharing it with me.

Lastly, I wish I was friends with these people so I could have coffee with them and laugh.

Cheers to the weekend!


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