Tuesday Tunesday :: 6.28.12

Most who know me, know I love music and with the new addition to my cube, my coworkers often find me bouncing to tunes on my balance ball without me even realizing. Here are a few faves of the moment! There is a little bit of everything so all should go away happy. Enjoy!

Does this video not remind you of  'Where The Wild Things Are'?! No? Just me? 

 The Paper Kites :: Featherstone

Never fear.... The Avett Brothers are back with a new jam, which I am super pumped about.  They have been busy producing an album with Rick Rubin and strumming on their banjos, which is all good timing since they will be headed out to Portland in August.  (get your tix now! I already have mine) 

Avett Brothers :: Live And Die 

Now this song is not new, but it is new to my radar, so I have been listening to it on the regs. Something about her voice is haunting, yet beautiful all at the same time and I can't get enough. 

Little Dragon :: Twice

For the record: this is not me condoning adding anything extra to your lemonade, but I am loving the carefree vibe of this song, perfect for summer and to make things even better Radical Something is releasing a new track every week under the #SUMMERofRAD so be sure to check them out. This is week number 3's

Radical Something - Lemonade

If you're looking to add a little dance to your step then this jam is for you:

Fabian :: Last Flight

And lastly, I dare you to not enjoy this one.

Tanlines :: All Of Me

Cheers to good music!



Babble Takes On Blog Lovin'

My Blog is officially up on Blog Lovin' follow me over there if you want :) I have recently fallen in love with this website.  It let's you keep track of all your blogs in once place by showing you unread posts of blogs you follow!



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Knucks To Canucks!

Just got back from my first shake out run since Tough Mudder and boy did I need it. My hip flexors haven't been this sore since day two of my first hep freshman year of college. Thanks TOUGH MUDDER for reminding me I still have them!

The Boy, Jessi and I just got back from Canada after competing in one of the coolest and hardest competitions I have been in: Tough Mudder - Vancouver. Popping our Canadia Cherries together, we took our schweddy balls and hit up I-5. On the way up to Whistler we were able to pit stop in Vancouver, which I have decided is a pretty legit city. You get a thumbs up in my book, Coove (I know you were worried I wouldn't approve).

Lion's Gate Bridge is super pretty, in case you had any doubts.

After some random, but awesome entertainment (including Street Magic by an Englishman, Hungarian Dancers, and a Chinese Wushu competition) and fresh sushi in Vancouver, we hit the road again and made our way to our hotel in Squamish, BC (or Squatamala to the locals).  This song might have been played more than once one the drive (obvs Brad's request):

Squamish is 40 mins outside of Whistler and was the perfect spot for us to crash before getting up bright and early (5:01 am early, to be exact) for the race. We ate at the super chill Howe Sound Inn & Brewery and enjoyed it so much our first night in town, we headed back for more the next. Brad was happy because the Euros were on both nights and Jessi and I were happy because of the yummy menu. With full tummies we headed to bed early -- lights out at 9:15, Grandma needs her sleep to compete.

Originally, I had planned to channel my inner Katniss Everdeen for this event, but then I forgot my bow at home so that ended pretty quickly. All in all though, I think I made her proud. Luckily, signing up for it eight months in advance gave me the chance to build up my upper body strength and step up the cardio so I could pull myself up over the Berlin Walls and Everest obstacles pretty easily, as well as kick Brad's butt in the monkey bars (nbd) and still be able to run the 10 plus miles. Ok, that isn't entirely true, we did give in and walk up the Olympic Ski Jump mountain, because well it was steep and at mile 10 and by that point our quads were spent.

So fresh and so clean, clean lasted about 30 seconds into the race before we had to crawl under our first barbwire obstacle.

To answer your question: Yes, we did jump into that iced over lake.

These were the Monkey Bars that I went Beast Mode on.

The obstacles on their own were not horribly difficult, but add up 25 of them, on top of 10 plus miles, 45 degree weather, and some ice water and you've got yourself the 'Toughest Event On The Planet'. I think my dad said it best when he ask me, 'You drove 7 hours to put yourself in pain?' My response, 'Yeahhhh, but the view was gorgeous! So it was worth it?!'. Crossing the finish line three hours later after running through the final electro-shock obstacle felt like quite the accomplishment. I think the Tough Mudder Pledge had it right when they state it is a challenge, not a race. Everyone on the course that day competed as a team and I, personally, think that is pretty cool. 

Brad, Jessi, and I have already pre-registered for the Portland Tough Mudder in 2013.  Who wants to join?!

Cheers to Mud!


I Say Tough, You Say Mudder.

Blog post coming soon, but here is a little taste of my Tough Mudder Race. This is someone's go-pro view of the race so you get to see all the obstacles we endured.  I think my hands are still frozen from the lake jump!

Cheers to being tough!



Cheers To The Weekend!

Happy Friday! 

Confession:  I read blogs (hence the reason I started mine), but here is the kicker I read a ton them.  And I don't just read blogs by people I know.  As of late, my motto as been *Leave no blog behind*  I read everything from fitness blogs, to music blogs, to lifestyle blogs, to daily fashion blogs, and don't forget my favies food porn blogs. Which leads me to 2 questions: 1) At what point does one transition from casual blog reader to straight up stalker, due to the fact that you follow certain bloggers on the daily and feel like you're besties, even though you have never met them and they have no idea who you are? --Although, that question is probably best left unanswered for my sanity. 2) What kind of vibe do I want my own blog to have. 

With there being so many types of blogs online, where do I want mine to head.The more I stalk read other blogs the more I realize what I don't want mine to be, which i guess is a good place to start.

I could post photos of my daily outfits, but that just seems like too much work and a little vain for my taste. (Although, let's be honest, I think blogging in general does come with some level of vanity, because you are already assuming your life is cool enough that it MUST be shared with the rest of the internet world). And as awesome as my Style Board is on Pinterest, my wardrobe is not that impressive, nor do I have the funds to invest in one that would be.  Then there is that the whole judgement thing, I am already worried about whether or not people will find my blog entertaining, so the thought of having someone judge the way I am dressed or how I style my hair on the regs just makes me want to break out in hives.  Not to mention how much work it would be to have to dress cute EVERYDAY.  No thanks.

Then there are the hardcore fitness bloggers.  These are some of my favorite blogs to read.  They are often the most inspiring, to the point that sometimes after I read a post I am so geared up I almost want to start training for a marathon (then I remember the time I started training for a half-marathon and it only lasted 2 weeks). I love finding new workouts and healthy snackies and hope to pass them along to you, but as much as I enjoy being active and working out I don't let it consume my life and I don't want it to consume my blog either.  It's a big part of who I am, but not the only one.

Now this gurllll loves her food. Let me tell you, if I could eat for a living, I would.  With that being said, I don't think my blog will be a Smitten Kitchen anytime soon. Have you ever seen a behind the scenes of a kitchen post?! Rumor has it you need a nice camera, good lighting, and time for a lot of baking.  None of which I have.  

So I guess that leave us with just a little bit of me, being me....  Prepare yourselves for new workouts, life updates, recipes to nom on, some fantastic music, and my favisies instagram pics.  

Example: this weekend I am super pumped because the boy, our good friend Jessi, and I are driving up to Whistler, BC to compete in a TOUGH MUDDER race.   It's this SUPER scary hardcore 10-12 mile race, with multiple obstacles including electro-shock,  barbwire fences, and jumping into ice water.  I might have blacked out when I signed up for this, but Brad keeps telling me it will be awesome.  Plus some of the profits from the race go to the Wounded Warrior Project, which I think is pretty neat-o.  So, if I am not stuck in some Canadian hospital (hooray for free health care?) come Monday I will be sure to post more about it next week! 

Cheers to the weekend! 

                                                   Ps. Cheers to coffee too!