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Hooray!!!! We made it through another week, unless you're someone that works weekends, then I feel very, very sorry for you. Anyway, in honor of the oh-so special occasion, I collected all these links for you. 

//Allen Stone sings to my soul.

//I can't stop listening to Jillian Michaels podcasts. I know not everyone is a fan, but I enjoy her.

//Kay posted this link earlier in the week and the graphic is spot on. Sitting is the worst.

//What does you celebrity crush say about you? Side note: what does it say about you if you have more than one crush; my signals are getting all sorts of crossed! Paul Rudd, Jennifer Lawrence, Aubrey Plaza...

//For Fan Friday with Sarah...Are you a betting man? Check out all the odds for the Super Bowl. This is probably the best one:  21 percent chance announcers say "Marijuana" during the game (Yes +350 | No -600)

//If you're in Portland check out this cute coffee shop Blend.

//Also, do yourself a favor and go check out a hockey game in your area. We went on Wednesday night to the Winterhawks game and it was super entertaining. Multiple fights were had.

//And for my final trick today, I am making you listen to this song by Allen Stone for #backthatazzup Friday, in case you were too lazy to click on the link above. You're welcome, you lazy asshats. 

Figure It Out by Allen Stone on Grooveshark
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geoducks are funny

So, I had a different post lined up for today, but then this happened...As I have mentioned before, I am slowly trying to be a grownup. This transformation has included listening to NPR on the drive in to my adult desk job. Well today, I realized I am just not a full grownup yet, when I kept laughing at the piece they had on geoducks in the Northwest. Not sure if you have ever seen a geoduck, but they have to be the least attractive shell fish, ever. The chef of Seattle's restaurant, How To Cook A Wolf describes them as this: 
“This is going to get a little raunchy. As you can see the geoduck is a very phallic looking animal,” he said, standing in the stainless steel kitchen as two large clams sat on a shelf nearby, their foot-long siphons draping down.“So what we do is we bring them in, let them relax a little bit, let them go down and get out to its natural length,” Gifford quips. These necks can stretch to a meter in length.
Don't worry, I got you this photo from this article, just in case you don't know what they look like.

Can't make this stuff up, people. Evidently, I still have the humor of a 13 year old boy; not sure that will ever change either. Anyway, knowing what the geoduck looks like and laughing at the piece on the radio today, I realized I still have a lot of growing up to do. I'll try better tomorrow. 

PS. Sorry you had to read this, Grandma and Mom. 


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JUANSday // week 4

Bradley is back at it again and brought his A-Game today. As always there are spoiler alerts in this Bachelor Fantasy Draft Recap, but I mean it's the Bachelor...does it realllllly matter if it gets spoiled for you? The recaps are too funny to not read. He provides the commentary, I provide the pics and gifs. Enjoy!


This is the week the claws officially came out. The Bachelor mansion has become a house divided, and the battle lines have been drawn. This season is shaping up to be Clare v. Nikki for the role of alpha female. The great thing about this battle is that it’s possible for both women to lose.  This is the outcome I am definitely hoping for.  Let’s look at the case against Clare, shall we?

//Clare Clare loves attention more than anything in the world. She is unafraid to hijack a date and not let any of the other girls get close to JP. She gets way too over dramatic about having to eat octopus.  It’s not like she was asked to eat yak taint, octopus isn’t even that exotic. Andrew Zimmer would slap Clare in the face and tell her to get her life together.

She is from Sacramento, a city where dreams go to die.  It may be the state capital, but not by choice. True story, Sacramento is the Cleveland of the West Coast.  Not even the Kings want to be in Sacramento anymore.

No offense to the hairstylists of the world, but your job involves conversing (and I’m sure sharing in gossip) with clientele in the name of keeping up personal appearances.  Should it come as a shock that Clare comes off as someone who instigates drama, cares entirely too much about how she looks when Juany Pabs walks in the room, and is clingier than Seran Wrap?  Don’t get me wrong, Clare may very well be the spawn of Satan, but let’s not all act shocked that homegirl is what she is.

There are several things I would rather endure than having to date Clare, such as:

- Poke a hornets nest
- Be stuck in a room with Kate Gosselin for a week straight
- Be forced to eat only mayonnaise for the rest of eternity
- Become part of Bieber’s entourage
- Let Honey Boo Boo’s mom eat things off my body

So yeah, basically Clare is the worst type of person.  Juan Pablo, do you really want to be stuck with that for life? The woman has more red flags than Switzerland.  Even Lauren S. dropped the “she’s not here for the right reasons” quote in regards to Clare.  As the GM of team “Here For The Right Reasons,” thank you for the ringing endorsement.  We’ll miss you on the show.

Other highlights of this week’s show:

//Sharleen continuing her masterful slow playing of Juan Pablo.  Seriously, she’s playing the “I’m not sure if I’m actually very interested in him or not” card to perfection. Shar Shar is like a tractor beam, sucking JP right in. Bonus points for Sharleen spending some time practicing her kissing technique (I imagine on her hand, like a girl at a middle school slumber party). Sharleen was handsomely rewarded with a seductive post-kiss lip bite from Juan Pablo. Way to step up your game, Shar.

//Kat taking over the dance portion of the group date, showing extreme enthusiasm and vigor to show off her moves to a crowd of onlookers.  She may list herself as a ‘Medical Device Sales Rep’ now, but I am led to believe that she had a prior life in another job.  The fake boobs and crowd-pleasing hip thrusts can only mean one thing: Kat used to be a stripper/high-end escort.  That, or the hot, easy girl on the college dance team.  You be the judge.

//On the other end of the spectrum, Nikki showed that her dancing ability is equal to that of Taylor Swift at the Grammys. For someone who loves dancing, Juany Pabs couldn’t have been impressed.


Which will come first, a fight in the Bachelor mansion, or Clare is the first one to go all the way with JP?  My money is squarely on the latter.

There are only two teams remaining with all their girls left.  Clearly Cory and I scouted well as our teams are still completely intact (THERE WAS NO SCOUTING WE DREW FROM A HAT #BrookeEdit).  We’ll see what happens in coming weeks.  Stay tuned...


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blogging is a funny thing

Blogging is a funny thing, I am sure you have all heard or felt that before. When I decided to jump into blogging, for reasons I am still unsure of, I didn't know what the hell I was getting into. Here I am two years into it and still don't know what I am doing - but I am enjoying it. 

I love getting to write about whatever I want, but I think what keeps me coming back are the friendships I am making. My real life friends don't quite understand and that's fine. They don't understand how I was not nervous to meet Kailyn and have her come stay at my house for a weekend. They find it a little amusing that I get thoughtful packages from people like Jenny, who remembered my New Year's Resolution was to write more with stationary - so she sent me the cutest cards around.

And the thing is I don't care if they don't understand the friendships I am making. I may not meet most of these people I interact with online every day and that is fine...because for me, at the end of the day, I love that I am forming bonds with people. I love that people take the time to read my posts and they keep coming back to see what I have going on in my life. I love that I look forward to reading about what is going in their's. It's corny, but it's nice. 

So, today, cheers to blogging and the friends I am making along the way! 

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Not a shabby sunrise, Portland.


Sherlock weekend

Had a weekend, now it's gone and I miss it. Here is a little recap of what I did.

//Played pool here.

//Took selfies when no one was looking here. Must document a good eye makeup day.

//Had a cold and hilly, but also sunny morning run here

//Most importantly though, I watched a lot of this. I heart Benedict Cumberbatch. Sherlock could come solve my crime any day. Now it is off to google image Benedict all morning... I mean get some work done. I wish I was British.


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about to get serious about the beebs

I am sure we have all heard about the Beebs latest stunt. He was recently arrested for a DUI in Miami and on top of that he is underage. And yes it's easy to make fun of him, he is kind of a big dummy sometimes... but let's try something else instead.

I found this article on NPR yesterday and it really hit home for me. Why is our first move to automatically make fun of celebrities that are struggling and are in trouble instead of our first thought be to help them? In the NPR article they show this clip of Craig Ferguson from a few years ago when Britney Spears was going through all her crap. (The clip is about 13 mins long, but it's interesting and it is good.

Now, I am not trying to make people feel guilty for drinking or feel guilty for making fun of celebrities when they do dumb things. For me this isn't even really an issue of JBeebs, he is just the latest celeb to do something dumb with alcohol... it's more the issue of how we deal with alcohol and alcoholism as a society that bothers me. We make jokes about alcohol and treat it so carelessly; but then we shun alcoholics and make people feel embarrassed when it does actually become a problem for them. Alcohol and addiction is a serious thing - so let's treat it like one. It is an illness, not something to laugh at. I am not an alcoholic myself, but it runs in my family and it is something that hits very close to home. Alcoholism not only affects the person struggling with it, but all of the people involved in an alcoholic's life. I think maybe it's time for us to all start taking it more seriously...but what do I know?

PS. If you ever want to read a beautiful book on addiction pick up Beautiful Boy by David Sheff  or Tweak by David's son Nic Sheff. 

And since I don't want to get too serious on this post today, I still want to leave you with a #backthatazzup song. Obviously, we have to go with the Beebs. 

As Long as You Love Me (acoustic version) by Justin Bieber on Grooveshark
Happy Friday! 
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JUANSday // Week 3

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

We are back for another installment of Juanny Pabs and his lady friends. Bradley is here to recap this week's episode of The Bachelor and he is hoping he gets a little more love. Last week he was sad when he didn't get very many comments. I told him welcome to the world of blogging; it's dog eat dog here in blog land. I also laughed when my halfass polyvore outfit-board the next day got many more comments than his recap. Just goes to show that people are scared of paragraphs. Take it away, Bradley.... 


Life is all about probability.

Another week in the books, and another team has seen their girls swept aside like the street trash they are.  Sorry Brooke, but this week saw the tragic demise of Christy, whom I hadn’t even realized was still on the show because they never once featured her on camera.  The most camera time she got was when she was eliminated.  Is it her fault that Christy has a hard time opening up to people? Well, if you are going on a dating show where you are trying to beat out 26 other women to win the heart of a Venezuelan who can more than likely only comprehend half the things you are saying; yes, it would be advantageous to open up a little more. 

Now I enjoy odds and statistics, and women who go on The Bachelor need to understand that there is only a 1 in 27 chance that Juan Pablo will chose them.  If you’re doing the math at home, which I’m sure you are because you’re not stupid (expect for Cassandra), that means there is a 3.7% chance of finding love on the show. 96.3% of the women on the Bachelor are only going to find disappointment and, in some cases, humiliation. What is something with a better probability of finding love on The Bachelor?  I’m glad you asked:

Probability of finding love on The Bachelor – 1 in 27 = 3.7%

Probability of getting hemorrhoids – 1 in 25

So yeah, statistically, you more likely to have to sit on a special hemorrhoids pillow than actually fall in love on a TV show. 

This week was filled girls who found various ways to open up to JP to win his attention, if even for a fleeting second.  Each of these women ended the week with a beautiful rose to her name, and increased odds to live happily forever in a relationship formed on a TV show.  Christy, all you left with was heartbreak, and an emotional scar. Let’s take a look at who helped herself this week:

Kat – Kat used the subtle, yet effective strategy of strapping her fake boobs in a blue bikini and straddling JP’s head for what seemed like forever while playing games of chicken in the pool.  Kat clearly knows that when your thighs are clenched around JP’s ears, his mind will not roam elsewhere.  So what if it makes Crazy Clare get jealous and start to break down (and house mom Renee once again come to the rescue, sigh). As Richard Sherman so eloquently tweeted yesterday, “A lion does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep.” Well played Kat, well played.

Sharleen – Any good con man knows the key to playing your mark is to tell him ‘no’ enough times until he is begging for you to let him into the ruse. Our girl Shar Shar is making JP feel like she could care less about him, and he is eating it right up.  She’s gotten more play than any other girl on the show.  She also was able to play the sympathy card during the soccer game after getting hit with more balls than Jenna Jameson. Too bad this week Juany Pabs found out that Sharleen kisses like an 8th grader going through puberty. The con woman is about to meet an untimely fate, I am afraid.
Andi – Playing to Juan Pablo’s child-like sense of wonder and adventure, Andi used her individual time allotment during the group date cocktail hour to take a walk around the stadium concourse.  While taking their walk, JP got hungry – playing soccer will do that to you – and made a stop at a stadium concession stand.  Like two kids sneaking away from their parents, they shared a quick makeout sesh in the concession stand kitchen.  From here on out, any time Andi gets a whiff of French fries, she is sure to think of Juany Pabs and that fleeting moment in time they shared next to the deep fryer.

Renee – Juan snuck into the house to make the ladies his traditional Venezuelan breakfast. He wanted to see the girls with no makeup and in their natural habitat.  Kelly quickly freaked out at the sight of JP in the Kitchen. She was all “get away from me, I’m HIDEOUS, don’t look at me” (which is closer to the truth than she realizes).  Renee, on the other hand, rolled out of bed and took the opportunity to share a moment with JP before the rest of the girls had a chance to put their face of. Which leads me to this week’s installment of Brad’s Sneaky Hot Moment of the Week: any shot of Renee’s eyes. Seriously, her eyes are the truth. -WE GET IT BRAD, RENEE IS YOUR FAVORITE, why don't you go date her instead then

Chelsie – Chelsie played the role of damsel in distress to perfection this week.  She was scared to death of bungee jumping of a bridge with Juany Pabs, and seriously questioned whether or not she could go through with it.  This made JP feel like the heroic white knight, who was able to comfort her and give her the strength to leap off a bridge towards possible death below. Chelsie rocketed up the charts after her performance this week.  Just don't tell that to Elise, who continually questioned Chelsie’s ability to be a mother and called her a child repeatedly, even though she’s only three years younger than Elise.  Elise is one of my least favorite girls remaining, along with Kelly, Cassandra, and Clare.

Cassandra – Speaking of Cassandra, I’m not sure who has a more limited grasp of the English language, Juan Pablo or Cassandra. Credit to Cassandra though, she picks out one or two main points, and sticks with them.  Did you know that this was her first first date since she was eighteen?  Well, if you didn’t pick up on that the first time she told you, she let you know again, and again, and again.  Apparently Juan Pablo is into repetition.

Now is the time to start thinking who will be the next Bachelorette.  As of right now, my top 5 contenders are:

4. Chelsie
3. Renee (would be higher, but I think she’d rather be a mom than be the Bachelorette. Good for her.)
2. Andi (would also be higher, but I think she’d rather be a prosecutor than have a TV boyfriend)
1. Clare – she’ll do anything for attention. I would watch zero seconds of that show.

Until Next Week!


- Don't Steal My Sparkle (Kristi): Cassandra, Elise
- Team DD (Tyler): Lucy, Clare, Lauren S.
- Wine, Women, & Juan (Judy): Ashley, Maggie
- JUANderlust (Tricia): Katherine, Lauren H.
- Here For The Right Reasons (Brad): Renee, Sharleen
- This Is Not a Game (Kelley): Allison, Kelly, Victoria*
- Fantasy Suite (Erica): Christine LAlexis
- Team Chris Harrison (Jason): Chantel, Andi, Amy J.
- Latino Lovers (Annie) ValerieAmy L.
- One on Juan Date (Brooke): KylieChristine H.
- Last Juan Standing (Cory): Danielle, Chelsie
- Neil Lane Lady (Justine): Lacy, Nikki*
* Denotes the pick resulted from a trade

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Certified Personal Trainer?

On Monday I passed the NASM test to become a Certified Personal Trainer. Hooray! Studying is over! Now just because I passed the test does not mean I am the next Jillian Michaels yet

With that being said, there is a huge sense of relief that the test is over and I don't feel like I need to constantly be studying my text book. Here is a list of things I am excited to do now that I have free time again! 

//Finish reading this book 
//Start this book 
//Play on Pinterest - guilt free 
//Workout in my free time
//Create new workouts for the blog
//Practice being more like these two
//SnapChat even more
//Read all the Buzzfeed 
//Go to brunch 
//Start Sherlock on Netflix
//Look at pictures of puppies online

//Make up names for said puppies -this guy is Gus 
//Go see Frozen 
//Perfect my Elaine Benes dance moves

//Figure out what to do with my CPT

//But most importantly...I can now wear these pants when I train people. 


<3 BB, CPT


blogger date

So does it make me a real blogger if I not only met up with a fellow blogger, but she came to visit from a different state? Does this mean we are going steady now? Kailyn came to visit on Friday and Portland was extra nice and didn't even rain for her. Although, I think she was secretly a little bummed she couldn't wear her new Hunter Boots. I don't blame her.

Anyway, we did typical touristy things, including nom on some Voodoo Doughnuts and Lardo.  Hit up Pittock Mansion which had fabulous views of Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens. Saturday we trekked up to Hood River. The Gorge was beautiful as usual, as was Multnomah Falls, and  we even played in over 100 mile per hour winds at Vista House. That wind was no joke. You should have seen Bradley chasing down my sun glasses and Kailyn's beanie in the parking lot. 

Moral of the story, I am a great host, so you should probably book your ticket to visit me.


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Welcome, Friday

It's Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday. This Friday is extra special because I am only working a half day, I woke up early to do a nike training club workout (PS. download this app. It's the truth), and I even curled my dirty hair. You can start hating on me now. I am ready for it. And, because I want to win you all back, I got you these entertaining links. Enjoy!

//Instacurity is a real and serious thing. The background music says it all.

//I don't mind the Seahawks, but I just don't like Seattle Fans. Sorry, not sorry.

//Amy Poehler is a smart lady. Bonus cute puppy pics. 

//29 Things that can easily ruin a woman's day. 

//We all suck at watching football now. 

//Fill the silence with these random facts

//Lastly, for #backthatazzup Friday, we have some new Avicii. Well sort of new. I first heard it a while back on The Voice. 

Hey Brother by Avicii on Grooveshark

Now get to gettin' Friday, some bz named Kailyn is coming to visit and I am excited! 

PS. I found this on Pinterest today and it definitely was needed this week. 


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when it rains, it portlands

when it rains, it portlands

when it rains, it portlands by brooke-l-smith 

My favorite San Diegan, Kailyn, is coming to visit this weekend. Let's hope this So-Cal girl is ready for Portland weather! Fingers crossed it doesn't rain, but if not she will quickly get used to the fact that Oregonians refuse to use umbrellas. Hope she packed a jacket with a hood ;) 

Cheers to Portlandia! 

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JUANSday // Week 2

Welcome back to Brad's second installment of JUANSday aka his recap of our Bachelor fantasy league

***There are spoilers to this week's episode, people, so if you haven't seen the episode, don't read this -- or do, but don't get pissy at me when you already know what happens***

Take it away, Bradley... 

Welcome back to the second installment of the new weekly feature, which I have deemed henceforth be known as JUANSDAY.  It just goes down like a nice white wine, don’t you think?

If you had seven minutes into the second episode in your ‘When will the first Bachelor contestant unleash her schmitties?’ pool, then CONGRATULATIONS!  You are a winner!  Thanks to Lucy and her apparent clothing allergy, we are ensured this season of The Bachelor will be more like a season of The Real World than ever before.  In fact, I may take the liberty of christening this season as Real World: Juany Pabs.

As a sidenote, does anyone else find it ironic that our boy JP doesn’t get subtitled when speaking English on this show, yet shows like Swamp People and Duck Dynasty do get English subtitles…over top their English? Just an observation, now let’s get back to the show.

Clare went and got herself her first Juan-on-one date with JP (see what I did there?!) BROOKE EDIT: THAT IS MY FANTASY NAME, YOU DIDN'T EVEN MAKE THAT PUN UP.  After first tying her up, Fifty Shades style blindfolding Clare, he drove her away in his car to a winter wonderland.  They had a nice date of ice skating and sledding down man-made hills that is just so typical of LA in October.

Now, others may argue otherwise, but I am personally not a huge fan of Clare.  She’s a little too eager to prove how much she has a connection to Juany Pabs. Play a little hard to get girl; it took approximately 3 minutes and 48 seconds before going after that first makeout sesh.  Nothing like the story of your dead father to get those sympathy hormones going, amirite?  Clare has clearly watched Wedding Crashers enough to know how to cash in on a funeral.

I am going on record as saying Clare will be the first one give it all up in an effort to prove her love.  My guess is no later than episode number 5.  I am also now accepting action on this gambling line.  Seriously Clare, learn to slow play it.

Kat got the second Juan-on-on date. She couldn’t help but imagine life with JP, flying around the globe on his private jet to exotic locales.  That revelation made me laugh.  She knows in real life Juany Pabs doesn’t actually have a private jet, right?  Seriously, the travel budget for The Bachelor must be insane.  It has to be at least half the operating budget. Anyway, while on the jet, Kitty Kat was surprised with neon clothing (and one presumes copious amounts of Molly) before being taken to the Electric Run in Salt Lake City.

Aside from running at what looks like an embarrassingly slow pace, they finished and proceeded to dance up a storm on stage. Kat is one of my early favorites, and she looks genuinely fun.  Plus she can hold her own in front of thousands of screaming people, and still manage to have some fun.  Good for you Kat, we’ll see you in episode 3.

Another sidenote, after seeing Juan Pablo running for the second episode in a row, I have come to the conclusion that maybe his daughter wasn’t the real reason he decided to “retire” from playing third division American pro soccer.  Maybe his coaches saw him run, and were like, “Yeah, this isn’t going to work.”

The group date was a photo shoot to help raise money for a local animal shelter. This date must have been a test to see how each of the girls reacted when asked to dress in her respective outfits.  Andi and Elise were tasked to each take it all off in the name of puppies. Nothing says “long term future” with someone quite like seeing them naked on your first date.  I like that Andi questioned whether or not to go through with it, but agreed after having an open discussion she decided to go through with it.  She handled things the way any well respected federal prosecutor would. I’m firmly on Team Andi.

Elise decided to switch roles with Lucy, and instead donned what looked like a converted bottle of ketchup. Lucy was more than willing to take it all off, her clothing allergy makes her get all itchy if forced to wear clothing for any length of time longer than a TV timeout. It doesn’t take much to see Lucy’s goods.  I imagine a conversation something like this:
Nudity Enthusiast:  “Hey Lucy, tomorrow is Thursday. Can I see you naked?”
Lucy: “Well, a day like that only comes around every so often…”

Also, I like how the powers that be at ABC added the second censored bar at everyone’s waist to make it look like they were completely in the nude.  Here is the actual photo:
Inline image 1
Clever, guys. 

Kelly won the group date rose, because I imagine JP felt bad for making her dressed up like a mentally handicapped Oompa Loompa: 
Inline image 2

Now it’s the time of the recap to touch on the Hurricane that was Victoria. Oh, sweet, sweet Victoria. As a reminder, it’s never a good idea to down a couple bottles of wine before heading out on your first date. Especially if said first date includes a gaggle of other attractive women (and Cassandra) vying for your man’s attention.

Victoria’s strategy for this portion of the date was to drink enough to loosen her morals for when Jaun Pablo came strolling her way.  Case in point, this drunken quote, “That’s what life is about, straddling people…and things.” The flaw in Victoria’s plan was that JP did not come around in a timely enough fashion, leaving her trying to leave the show in a drunken rage. Props to the PA of the show diverting Victoria away from the elevator by telling her she couldn’t leave without her shoes. (Remember kids, when faced with a drunken animal; always use drunken logic to talk them down and divert their attention.)

Victoria stumbled back into the bathroom stall, a big old mess of pinot gris, tears, and daddy issues.  Once again, house mom Renee was left to pick of the pieces.  This led to my favorite part of the night, Renee slowly sliding under the bathroom stall like it was a bank vault laser beam. That move was good for this week’s “Brad’s sneaky hot Bachelor moment of the week.” I look forward to carrying on this lofty tradition in future episodes.  Mark my words, Renee is going to go far this season, and I’m not just saying that because she’s on my fantasy team.

Besides Victoria, who didn’t even make it to the rose ceremony, this week saw Chantel and Amy L. (the worst TV interviewer ever) sent packing.  One more fantasy team is left without any more girls. Team Latino Lovers, we hardly knew you.

The herd has been thinned from 18 to 15. I don’t know what I’m more excited for, the next drama filled group date, or that next week will feature the LA Galaxy and Major League Soccer.  It’s like all the things I love coming together to bring me joy.  We’ll finally get to see if JP is as bad a soccer player as I suspect him to be.  I just can’t wait for Lucy to streak across the Stub Hub Center field, right as A.J. DeLaGarza is taking a shot on goal.

See you next week!


- Don't Steal My Sparkle (Kristi): Cassandra, Elise
- Team DD (Tyler): Lucy, Clare, Lauren S.
- Wine, Women, & Juan (Judy): Ashley, Maggie
- JUANderlust (Tricia): Katherine, Lauren H.
- Here For The Right Reasons (Brad): Renee, Sharleen
- This Is Not a Game (Kelley): Allison, Kelly, Victoria*
- Fantasy Suite (Erica): Christine LAlexis
- Team Chris Harrison (Jason): Chantel, Andi, Amy J.
- Latino Lovers (Annie) ValerieAmy L.
- One on Juan Date (Brooke): Kylie, Christine H.
- Last Juan Standing (Cory): Danielle, Chelsie
- Neil Lane Lady (Justine): Lacy, Nikki*
* Denotes the pick resulted from a trade

Cheers to Juanny! 

<3 BB 


not a fashion blogger

You know you're not a fashion blogger when the only idea you have for a photo shoot is to lay down on your living room floor and use your iphone. Either that or I am far too lazy - probably a little bit of both. 

With that being said, check out this awesome scarf I won from Erin's Giveaway. It is from the cutest little shop called Oakleigh Rose Boutique. First off, it's a scarf and it case you were not aware I wear them every day. No joke. I couldn't tell you the last time I planned an outfit that did not feature a scarf. Second, this is the first item of leopard print I have ever owned and like Erin, I am totally considering it a neutral. 
Speaking of neutrals, they are pretty much the only colors I wear any more. I think the last time I wore something other than olive, gray, or black was last summer? Best part about it... not even a little bit sorry for it. 

Take this outfit for instance. Black and white, with a splash of gray, just like it should be. Also, I have yet to perfect the perfect roll for these black pants with my booties, it just never looks like I want it too. Where are the J. Crew stylists when I need them!? 

Anyway, enough fashion, that is not why you come to my blog on Tuesdays. Tuesdays you come for music or I make you come for music, one of the two. On the playlist today we have this awesome mix from Anthropologie's blog (so you know it's good). 


<3 BB 


stormy weekend

The weather was CRAP this weekend and I mean crap. We are talking windy advisories, rain, rain, rain, and more rain. So I mostly did a lot of nothing. There was studying for my Personal Training test, there was coffee, there was movie and wine night Friday. Which side note, saw the movie A Place Between The Pines with my boys Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper. It was good, but it was weird. 

There was also Saturday night where we went out and celebrated both Brad's birthday and my college roommate's birthday! We went to a place in the Pearl District of Portland called Tilt. This may or may not be the place where they also serve this burgerSo good. I might of had bacon tater tots? The blog may never know.
The weather was gross that night too, but we braved the rain and ate a lot to keep ourselves warm. Seemed liked good logic at the time. So yeah, other than that I have come to the conclusion I am old, because I stayed up far too late on Saturday and my body is still tired and mad at me Monday morning. I need a nap and it's not even 9am. 


<3 BB