Things I learned this weekend

Ok, so here's the deal, guys, Katie, from I'm You Katie Que, does one of my favorite type of weekend recaps and I wanted to steal her idea. So without further adieu - here are a few things I learned this weekend.

//Oregon weather has a harder time making up its mind than I do. At the meet on Saturday, we had rain, rain, more rain, lots of wind, and sun all in the same 15 min span. Mostly it was rain and wind though.

//3 courses of Fondue will make you full.

//Sugar gives me a head ache

//Urban Fondue is delicious

//So is melted cheese.

//Cheese hurts my stomach.

//My clean eating was anything but during our fondue time for Portland Dining Month at Urban Fondue.

//The soundtrack to Divergent is legit. 

//Movies just don't get everything from the books. I mean Divergent tried and I really like the movie - but it just couldn't come close to my love for the book (which I finished over the weekend, so I could go see the move.)

//The name Tobias will forever remind me of never nudes.

//I would like to see Tobias from Divergent in a pair of never nudes.

//I love clean sheet night.

//I hate doing laundry

Happy Monday!

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riding the divergent train

So I finally got on the Divergent train and am halfway through the first book. Totally FanGirling right now. Loving everything about it. If obsessing over fictional characters who are much more badass than I were a sport, I would totally be the MVP. (Can we make this a sport Sarah? Think Goodell would fund it?) Hopefully I will have enough time to finish it to catch the movie in theaters! Anyway, last night when I was reading I came across this quote and just fell in love with it.

I wish more people (including myself) felt this way, acted on our thoughts, and stood up for one another more often. Just a real life, deep thought for your morning. Sorry I took it to serious town on a Friday..... 

Now let's get to some links. 

//These photos from the mudslide in Washington will break your heart. 

//How dare you hurt bacon like that. 

//Poor Joe? Poor NHL? Poor Magic Johnson? Poor Trebek

//To Insta or Not to Insta? 

//Stylish people and their stylish tattoos

//What we 20 somethings are saying and what we actually mean. 

//In honor of Divergent I am bringing you a song from the movie soundtrack for #backthatazzup Friday. The whole album is pretty fun, plus it features Chance The Rapper, M83, and Kendrick Lamar. Good stuff people. 

Cheers to your Friday! Hope it's not as rainy as mine.

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humpday confess sesh

//I confess: I go a little bit crazy every time I try to find Kathy's blog for this Humpday Confessions linkup because her blog name is not the same as her blog URL and it is confusing and I am forgetful and every Wednesday after trying to remember what her URL is I finally give up and go find her in my bloglovin' feed. #bloggerproblems. 

//I confess: Brad and I might have almost caused a car wreck the other day while we were running. It wasn't actually our fault, but kind of.

//I confess: my ears are really waxy all the time and it's not like I don't clean them often. 

//I confess: I often use my pants as my napkin.

//I confess: I lose food in my scarves all the time. Yesterday afternoon I found some my breakfast oatmeal hidden away for later. 

//I confess: last night I had a dream that I accidentally ended up on a porn website on my work computer. It was weird. It got even more weird when I was trying to explain to our 70 year old IT guy that I did not know how I ended up on said porn site. 

//I confess: I am becoming a worthless human being the last few days. I am supposed to leave the house by 6:40. Today I didn't even get out of bed until 6:30. I think I have an iron deficiency? probably just lazy.

Cheers to confessions!!!

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Some rainy day things

So let's talk about how yesterday was 70 degrees and sunny in Portland. It was the most beautiful thing in my life. Now today it is POURING rain and not supposed to stop the rest of the week. Here are a few things that are helping me through this raining day. 

//First let's talk about the greatest mug I ever did see. I participated in a mug swap that my favorite girlie Kailyn Marie hosted. I was paired up with Shannon over at Imperfectly Perfect Grace and she picked out the most perfect mug. It has triangles, it's from society6, it has my favorite colors, AND it is HUGE (twss). It makes my morning coffee taste better - science. 

//Second, when I got my hair cut last week, I also picked up some new leave-in conditioner. Holy moly, my hair smells so good this morning. The brand is called Number 4 and I just love it.

//Lastly, I have a new playlist for you guys today. I feel like it has a very rainy day vibe - even if it is spring and we should be thinking about sunshine. It's Portland, spring = rain. Hope you enjoy the tunes as much as I do.


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long beach - washington not cali

You know how sometimes you have weekends that are just good for the soul? My weekend with my old roomies from college was just that. We met in the middle of Seattle and Portland in the tiny beach city of Long Beach, Washington (home of the world's longest beach - hence the name) which is just past Astoria, Oregon and it was lovely. We had good weather, good food, and great company. If you are in the Long Beach / Ilwaco area make sure you wander all the little shops, check out the longest beach front in the world, and have dinner at Depot Restaurant and Pelicano Restaurant

Cheers to my favorite ladies!

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all of the links

Happy Friday, BZs. I am super excited for this weekend because while Brad is off in Reno losing betting money on the March Madness games with some buddies, I get to go play with my old college roomies at the coast...and the best part, it's not even supposed to rain this weekend. Can't ask for much more. Well you can, things like 80 degree weather and hot surfers to look at would be extra nice, but we are going to the Washington coast not the San Diego beaches. Can't win em all I suppose. Anyway here are some of my favorite links on the internet this week. 

//You might hate me a little after you get addicted to this game.

//Not to mention the thoughts you will have while playing said game.

//I literally just can't. I'm dying.

//Prince is my one and only Savior. 

//Thoughts we've all had at brunch. All of the bacon, please.

And in honor of March Madness for #backthatazzup Friday I give you the greatest song ever. The ball is tipped....

One Shining Moment by Luther Vandross on Grooveshark

Now I am off to go daydream about brunch with the girls this weekend. 


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happy march madness

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Spring is here... hooray I guess. More importantly it is officially March Madness, people. Get excited. I might even go as far as to say that March Madness may be better than Christmas and you know how much I love my Christmas. 

In honor of all that is today I have a little circuit that will help you spring into March Madness see what I did there? It's a play on words.

Also, I have a confession - I didn't run on my lunch yesterday....but I did complete a circuit similar to this when I got home. So that kind of counts right? Make me run today, please. 

Here are the movements if you're unsure about any of them:

//high knees
//butt kicks
//mountain climbers
//jump squats

Cheers to getting sweaty in honor of all the Madness.

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humpday confessions

//confession: Every time I think about this linkup with Kathy for Humpday Confessions I sing Usher. these are my confessions...... 

Confessions by Usher on Grooveshark

//confession: I am kind of happy the Bachelor recaps are over so I can actually participate and confess my sins

//confession: I was lifting weights at the gym on Sunday and slammed the bar into my nose and now some of the skin is missing and it is really sore. I am actually quite surprised I didn't break it and it did not start bleeding. Also, it is starting to scab. nice life, Brooke. Here is a selfie to prove it. I tried my best to cover it up, but it is quite noticeable in person. 

//confession: I don't have self control when it comes to impulse purchases. I do well for a little bit and then just binge on things I don't actually need. Whether it is more makeup than what I went in for or new Nikes because they were on sale last weekend. ugh.

//confession: Speaking of sales, I can always justify buying something if it is on sale.

//confession: I get irrationally upset over little things - example: the other night I got really mad at Brad when I came home and found him watching Cosmos without me ---- even though just the night before we were talking about how we had both heard good things about it and wanted to watch it. I might have assaulted him. He deserved it.

//confession: I had a dream the other night that I was pregnant and woke up sweating in a sheer state of panic. Safe to say I am not ready to be a mother yet.

//confession: I brought clothes to run on my lunch break, but I also curled my hair today and really don't want to get it sweaty, but I know I will be too tired to want to workout after I get home from the track meet I am helping coach at today... my life is so hard. 

And that wraps up my confessions for the week. 

Let it burn! 

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Because I have not talked about my hair enough on this blog the past week like here and here where I found my hair muse. Let's see some before and after photos of the new did. 

Here we have the before tragic, long ,and sad...with a touch of lion's mane hair. oh hey work selfie.

Here is another awkward selfie to show the hair straight. Why do I continue to make this face in photos?! I guess I really want it to have that awkward before and after photo experience. You know the ones where the people look their absolute worst in their before photos - totally nailing it here. 
And here we have a post haircut bathroom selfie in my stylist's bathroom! 

And here is my attempt to take selfies when I got home. They were a struggle. Multiple attempts were made. None we were very flattering - but you get the idea. A lot of my hairs are gone. Does anyone else have to take at least 7 selfies, before they find a decent one? No? just me? Cool. 

It's kind of hard to tell in these photos, but the back is a lot shorter. Plus, I went to play volleyball last night and my pony felt like a little nubbin. All in all I am super happy with the cut and color... I probably could have even gone a tad shorter, but this was pretty drastic for me - so I was impressed with how ok I felt as he made the first cut. 

Cheers to healthy hair again!!!

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another year, another bowl-a-thon

Another year - another Bowl-a-Thon with my family. At least this time Brad couldn't make it and didn't embarrass me with wear his Candy Striped Hoosier pants like last year. In other news, I am still not very good at bowling. It doesn't help my sore elbow flares up after about a round of it. I blame javelin. Also, if I look extremely tired in these photos, it's because I had to wake up at 6:30am on my only day off to drive Brad down to the start of the Portland Shamrock run. And the answer is no, I was not a good girlfriend who stayed and watched him cross the finish line after his 15k. I had bowling to attend #priorities. 

I should really bowl more than once a year. There was a group of old people next to us just straight killing it. Upper 200s each game they bowled. Who does that?! Oh to be retired and have free time....

Cheers to bowling! 

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links on links

First, thanks for all the hair ideas yesterday. Still undecided, but you know how I said I wanted to keep the length...I might have changed my mind. Thinking about going more drastic and chopping off like 6 inches, because I have found my hair muse.
The girl from Gal Meets Glam (the 2 bottom photos) can do no wrong when it comes to her hair. I want it. I want it in all the colors, all the styles, all the lengths. You get the idea. How is it so perfect?! We'll see if I actually commit or chicken out come Monday afternoon.  Enough about my hair. It's just hair, it grows back, and it's really not cool enough to blog about multiple days in a row. 

Let's check out this week's entertaining links. 

//Have you guys seen this strangers kissing video yet? It's weird and I can't tell if it is a good thing or not. 

//Children falling over is never not funny. 

//Men don't understand cravings

//Just one more and you get a taco.

//This is why I can't be a princess.

//House of Cards Drake

//Be aware of what you are ordering at Starbucks

//I'm that asshole that holds up the line for cilantro-free rice.

//Guys, this colaboration with Frank Ocean, Diplo, and The Clash. Wowza. Perfect for #backthatazzup Friday with Whitney.  

Now go celebrate Friday already. 
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So, I am getting my hair done on Monday! Praise to the sweet baby Jesus (or whatever else you may or may not pray to). I haven't had it done since November. If you're counting that's a lot of months. My hair is looking bland and pitiful at best. I am super bored with my hair, but I don't want to cut too much length off because I am a big pansy. 

Help me decide guys!

Do I dare attempt bangs?! I am sure I would regretsy that choice as soon as I cut them, but then I look at all the fun photos of pretty people with bangs and I think I could pull them off ha, you're funny, Brooke.

PS. all the pics came from my pinterest.

Feel free to send me ideas that you think would make me look like either Jennifer! 


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The time has finally come. As I mentioned yesterday, Brad has been very invested in this season's Bachelor, due to the fact that we created a Bachelor Fantasy Draft (board and all) and there was 120 dollars on the line. The Final Rose has been given out. No I Love You's were actually said by Juanny Pabs, and Brad is still not over the fact that Clare went farther in the show than Renee did. Can't win 'em all Bradley.... Anyway here is the Final Bachelor Fantasy Recap! Enjoy.


What to Do When Your Hero Is Actually A Villain?

(Warning: Spoiler Alert)

When he was first introduced as the title figure in The Bachelor, Juan Pablo was presented as the shy one from The Bachelorette who was an ex-soccer player and single father who had a Venezuelan accent that the ladies would swoon for.  It turns out we were wrong.  Juan Pablo turned out to be a dickbag, and the finale is the night the world officially turned on its hero.

We got our first hints of the night’s narrative early on in the finale when Nikki and Clare got to meet Juan Pablo’s family.  Each girl got some alone time with Mr. and Mrs. Juany Pabs, as well as Cousin Pabs.  True life, these are actual things that Juan Pablo’s family told to the girls:

  • “He’s hyperactive, very hyperactive.”
  • “Sometimes he is very rude.”
  • “He’s not an easy guy.”
  • “He thinks he knows the truth about everything.”
  • “How much fighting in a relationship can you take?  Because sometimes when things are getting rough, he’ll walk away from that.”

Not quite a ringing endorsement from the family.

It’s easy to see why Clare was clearly trying to force more smiles than a beauty queen with his family. She looked plastic with them.

Following her time with Juany Pabs’ fambam, Nikki said that the family raised a lot of questions to her, but that they’re not a red flag to her.

Nikki, you’re doing it wrong.

Even the audience could see that Juan Pablo was less a shining beacon of light, and more of a smoldering dumpster fire.  Here are actual responses from the audience:

  • “This is going to end badly.  This is going downhill quickly.”
  • “Sometimes with Clare you’re sitting there watching through your hands.”
  • “Honestly I don’t see it lasting forever with either one.”

You can see where this is heading.

Each girl had their final dates with Juan Pablo, and Clare was the first one to have her date.  During the daytime portion of the date, She and Juan Pabs took a romantic helicopter flight over St. Lucia to take in the sights. Now, most people would take this as an opportunity to whisper romantic things to the person that you may or may not be getting engaged with very soon. Juany Pabs took a different approach, boy did he ever.

So what is it that Juan Pablo said to Clare on the helicopter? Well I’m glad you asked…

He says that he felt like they didn’t really know each other. (smooth, JP.) Then he said that he loved f#*king her. What a guy!

Juan Pablo loves to shame his women.  Welcome to the good life Clare!

I’m glad Juan Pablo can say he can’t kiss these women on TV because his daughter is watching, but he does stuff like this on the regular. I wonder what Camila is going to think of her dad being an asshole instead.

In the evening portion of the date, Clare decided to confront Juan Pablo in her villa.  Here is my running dialogue of this part of the date:


- “You told me that you don’t know me at all and that you don’t trust me at all.” - Clare

- “Is that why you didn’t give me a kiss? Okay” - Juan Pablo

- This is the part where Andi would’ve legitimately punched Juany Pabs in the nuts.

- I take back most of the crap I’ve talked about Clare

- I love that everyone in the studio audience is giving the biggest side eye ever to JP.

- He just touched Clare’s face, winked, and said Don’t blame it on me.  What a dickbag.

- And somehow they make up at the end of the night. The part about me taking back most of the crap I said about Clare?  I untake it all back.

- “I may not know him !00%...he may not know me 100%, but I know we have something special.” - Clare. (this is maddening)

- Don’t stick that knife in your leg Clare.

- God, I love Sharleen.  In the lower corner over here just throwing so much shade…

On Nikki and JP’s final date, the two take a sailboat around St. Lucia enjoying the scenery, and taking in the sights.  Nikki tries to get Juan Pablo to open up about his feelings towards her, saying that Juany Pabs is hard to read, and that she feels like he’s a little guarded.

Juan Pablo’s response: “No. When I feel it I open up.”

Nikki tells Juany Pabs she loves him, and is hoping for something in return.  Instead she doesn't get much of anything depth-wise (shocking with this guy, right?) and is left crying alone in a pool of her own tears.

To recap, on the FINAL DATES of the show, Juan Pablo severely pissed one girl off because only connects with her physically, and left the other crying all by herself because he can’t open up to her and tell her anything of substance emotionally.  In previous episodes, the two most intellectual women on the show dumped Juany Pabs because they realized life with him would be miserable.


This guy makes me want to punch a nun, I swear.

In the end, Juan Pablo chooses Nikki over Clare to be his his for as long as it takes her to get sick of him.  He did not propose, and he did not tell her he loves her, only that he really liked her.

Clare did not take the news well.  After breaking it off with Clare, she reads him the riot act and says she has lost all respect for him.

His reaction: “Whew!  Glad I didn't pick her.”

Nice guy, that Juan Pablo.

The “After the Final Rose” show was one of the most awkward hours of television ever. You know the crowd hates you when you say something about how you’ve been praying for the people of Venezuela for the terrible violence that’s been happening there, and get NO REACTION from the crowd. The crowd hates The Bachelor worse than they hate the oppressive government of Venezuela.  Think about that for a second.

The final hour of the show consisted of Juan Pablo verbally battling with Chris Harrison.  NO ONE TALKS THAT WAY TO CHRIS HARRISON AND GETS AWAY WITH IT JUANY PABS YOU MONSTER!

Chris Harrison tries to get Juan Pablo to say he loves Nikki, but JP refuses to say anything more than that he likes Nikki a lot. In Juany Pabs’ defense, I get not telling Nikki he loves her after the only time they were openly dating during the airing of the show was when there were 26 others vying for his love as well. It’s only been about 6 months total since they started filming the show.  Real love takes time.  Juan Pablo’s greatest fault here is that he is unable to adequately express this notion with his words.

Sidenote - Brooke legitimately spent most of this part of the show hiding under the covers because it was too awkward for her to watch.  She does this often, by the way. Anytime there is an awkward situation (not scary mind you, just somewhat awkward) you can find Brooke hiding under the blanket. And that’s why I love her.

Seriously, I am over Juan Pablo as the Bachelor.  Instead I am looking towards the future, and who I would like to see as the next Bachelor. For me, there is only one true option.

Haaaaaaaave you met my friend Cory?

He’s a great guy ladies, like a big teddy bear.  Plus, no one can rock a Cookie Monster shirt quite like him.

He’s got all the dance moves.


He’s outdoorsy!

And a family man!

Cory for the Bachelor in Season 19!!!!!!

Congratulations to Justine for winning the inaugural Bachelor Fantasy League!  In a shrewd move by the winning GM, she acquired the winning girl via a draft night trade (does it hurt Kelley?).  I hope Justine likes being paid in Applebee’s gift cards!

Until next year, it has been my pleasure being your league commissioner.

Cheers to the Final Rose!

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