My Bathroom Got The HGTV

So, yesterday I went all HGTV on our bathroom safe to say that's a stretch.  I didn't mean for it to happen, Target will do that to a person.  I go in for just a new clear shower curtain to put inside the shower and next thing you know I have purchased not just the clear inside, but new rings, and a brand new, boy approved, outside curtain too.

ta-dah! It's a little hard to tell in the light, thanks a lot iPhone but those are blue stripes.

See, I have this thing with stripes probs has to do with the fact they are the classy cousin of the chevron. About 70 % of my shirts feature stripes, our bedding is stripes, and now this! I mean really, how could I not purchase the shower curtain, especially since I have been going to the WestElm site at least once a week to look at this one. I only paid $14.99 for mine, thank you very much suck on that, Westie. Plus, I think it goes better with this painting that I brought to the big kid apartment when I moved in with Bradley than our old curtain. 

slowly taking over this place! 

Speaking of HGTV, is anyone else obsessed with that network or just me?! I mean the kind of obsessed where next thing you know, your entire Saturday is gone and you have watched 28 episodes of House Hunters with a Property Brothers or two thrown in there?

I always get super invested with each episode of House Hunters - it's like I am making the purchase with them, except I have way better taste and am not a huge bitch like some of the people on that show (males included). I mean I get it, for a lot of people this is their 'dream home' or whatever and you want to enjoy the space you're living in so you get to be a little picky - but shoot, these people kill me with what they except from a home, especially when they have a horrible, baby budget to work with.  Let's get realistic, ladies and gents, 250K is not going to get you granite counter tops and 5 bedrooms in the heart of a downtown LA.  Move to South Dakota or something.

The worst part of all of this HGTV watching is it gets me all panicky.  How do people come up with the money to buy a home?! At the rate I am saving money, I will have enough money saved for a down payment when I am dead or at least close to it and by that point I might as well be checking out nursing homes not my dream home... Also, I highly suggest NOT getting online and researching how much cash-ola you will need to buy your first home.  Very depressing if you are nowhere near the goal. Not that I know from recent experience or anything. 

Thought Catalog recently posted two super funny and totally correct articles on what you learn while watching House Hunters.  Check them out here and here.

Does anyone else share this love/hate relationship with HGTV?!


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The Happy 10,000 Giveaway!!!


Today (well technically yesterday afternoon) is kind of a cool day when it comes to this baby blog of mine.  I have finally hit 10,000 views! Now, in the big wide world of blogging, it's not a ton of 'hits' and I still don't have many followers, but when I started this blog that was not the goal I was trying to accomplish.  More or less, I just wanted a space where I could babble get it, Babbling Brookelyn about whatever I wanted, whether it be fitness, food, music, and occasionally WTF fashion. The majority of my views have probably come from my family and I'm okay with that - they're pretty awesome...But I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by. Without sounding all sappy, it really means a lot that you come check out my blog and hopefully it's because you enjoy what you're reading and not to mock me....Okay, there can be a little mocking as long as it's in good nature, I mock myself most days :)

It is encouraging to know that people are coming back to read my blog, whether it be once every few weeks or daily.  I am hoping this little blog light of mine will keep shining growing and hopefully my writing and my life will grow with it along the way.

Honestly, this blog is helping me.  It has helped forced me be active and do affordable, but fun things with my free time. Brad makes fun of me when I get excited about doing something so I can 'blog' about it later.  It has also helped me get more comfortable with my fancy camera and I am super thankful for that too.  I still have a long way to go when it comes to photography, but it's fun to play with my camera for the blog.  Most importantly, this blog makes me want to get more creative with my meals and workouts and keeps me accountable with my healthy habits, as well the occasionally not so healthy habits love me some fro-yo with chocolate, too! So again, I say thanks!

To show my gratitude I wanted to host my first little give away.  Nothing too cray, I am still ballin' on a budget here people, buttttt I am going to give away a $10.00 gift card to this fine establishment:

 Who doesn't love Starbucks?!

I'll be picking the winner at random. Just leave me a comment by Friday: let me know what you've been enjoying and/or what you'd like to see more of! (If you want to also follow along by joining google reader or bloglovin' up on the right, I wouldn't hate it.)

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers !!!

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Tuesday Tunesday :: 2.26.13

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday, I played hookie from work in the afternoon and ran around Portland with my mom and sister while she was up here for some appointments.  It was nice to have 'girl time' minus having to hang out in waiting rooms while moms did her thing.  It did give me time to start on the new book I just downloaded on the iPad. We also made a little trip to the mall and got Chipotle! I was extra proud of myself for not buying anything and helped my mom pick out a few things instead! Plus, we're close to the same size, so I can borrow the shoes she purchased.

Also, note to self: don't eat this

Chipotle, get in my mouth. 

too soon before doing one of these. Feeling like you're going to vom up Chipotle during the entire 45 mins of a circuit isn't quite what I call enjoyable - but who am I kidding, the burrito was so worth it and I still gave the workout everything I got.

And because my Mexican food intake for the day wasn't quite high enough, for dinner I threw together a poor man's version of some kind of chicken tortilla soup - if you can even call it that.  Essentially it featured whatever we happened to have in our kitchen:

::small can of cream of chicken soup
::chicken broth
::red pepper
::black beans
::splash of milk
::few tablespoons of whole wheat flour
::cayenne pepper
::salt & pepper
::red pepper flakes

Surprisingly, it was quite tasty. Plus, there are leftovers for lunch today and that my friends is what I call a success!

Anyways, enough about what I ate, let's get to some good music.

Dispatch :: Elias
This song came up on my shuffle the other day and it reminded me how much I love Dispatch, especially this song.  I don't even know what they are saying half the time, but it doesn't even matter. It makes me happy.

Jacko Hooper :: In Angers 
I mean the guy goes by Jacko, that's how you know he is good. I like these lyrics especially: 

I've left my demons on this boat

Traveled a thousand miles, i float
I crossed open seas,
But some shall wait for me

Some haunting stuff right there, but a beautiful visual as well.

Shiny Toy Guns :: Somewhere To Hide
Who doesn't want to run off and hide with their love?  I mean, that is like the definition of romantic, right? Also, I wish I was cool enough to rock a bad-ass hair cut like the lead female vocal.

Imaginary Cities :: Mexico
Her voice is so unique and blends really well with the male vocals.

AlunaGeorge :: Driver
Described as 'intelligent pop music' whatever that means. I just know I like the beat and the lyrics, her voice isn't too shabby either!

Frightened Rabbit :: Backyard Skulls
Off of Frightened Rabbit's latest album. The lead singer's voice is just so original and place-able, I never tire of it.

Royal Teeth :: Heartbeats
This Knife cover is great!  My good friend Rachel told me about this band and then when I went to YouTube them, I realized I have been listening to them for a few months now via FIFA 13 with their song Wild, so thanks Brad for keeping me ahead of the game without even realizing it.

That is all folks!

Cheers to Tuesday!

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Weekend Roundup :: Oscars, Home, and More

Oh, Katniss Jennifer.  Let's be friends.  You're funny and awkward and lovable and pretty. Basically we're like the same person.... More or less destined to be besties, just haven't had a chance to meet yet - but once we do, you know we'll be awkward and probs trip over each other and then have a good ol' laugh about it, maybe even snort a bit, just like bff's do.

I don't know who you're angry at, but I'll be angry with you if you need the extra support! 

Until we meet, I will keep watching videos of you -ones like this and this and pretend I was taking a shot with you backstage in honor of your win not that I take shots, bad things happen when shots come out. I cringe just at the thought of a shot. 

So, obviously I watched the Oscars last night.  Might have eaten this while watching:


Also, this may come as a surprise to you, but this is like the first time I have had fro-yo since summer. Crazy, I know.  I am a baby when it comes to being cold, so frozen treats on top of cold hands is not that fun for me.  Still was worth it last night and tasted fantastic though :)

It was really nice to have a low key Sunday evening, because the rest of the weekend was busy. I even tried yoga for beginners yesterday, thanks YouTube. Got my weight loss / stretch and meditation on before dinner.  It was needed after this workout on Friday night:

:: 50 mins of cardio on the elliptical

Followed by:

::44 sec handstand
::44 situps
::44 pullups
::44 lunges (#50)
::44 sec L-hang
::44 burpees
::44 wall ball shots (#15)
::44 pushups
::44 back extensions (#10)

Plus, a run on Saturday morning and then 6 plus hours in the car Saturday and Sunday driving to and from here:

Oh hey, parents backyard.  

As I mentioned on Friday, Brad and I caught a ride with the Grandparents and headed down to the lovely Glide, Oregon to watch my little brother Coach Smith and the Glide Lady Cats in their first State-Playoff game since 2004 (cough, cough when I was in high school).  His girls lost, but played a good game.  Have to admit I am super proud of the little brother.  This is his first year as a Varsity coach and he already took his team to the State-Playoffs.  Not too shabby.

When I was home I stole this from my parents:

High class with the Eddie B. 

I am definitely going to need a little refresher, because I haven't played Cribbage since college, but I am really looking forward to playing again. I really want Brad and I to be better about our electronics usage in the evenings and am hoping this is one way to cut down on the iPads and TV at night. He is on board with this idea - even if he doesn't know it yet....Punny, I know.

Speaking of iPad, I purchased this book last night on mine and am excited to start reading it! (Yes, it counteracts what I just said above, but still.) I have heard it's a quality read and am hoping to pick up a few helpful tips from it.  Prepare for this girl to be even happier! 

Happy Monday, Folks! 

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Hitting the Links :: 2.22.13

It's Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday!!!

That picture has nothing to do with my post, it just made me laugh - so I figured I would share, you're welcome.  Seems very fitting for Friday.

In other news, I am rocking a new outfit that I might have purchased on accident during a lunch break earlier this week from Old Navy.  I initially headed there for new jeans, because they were having a sale - next thing I know I have purchased 2 pairs of jeans and 3 shirts.  Good news though, it was all on sale! Who knew Old Navy was stepping up their game?  Jessi told me she rocks their skinny jeans, so I figured I would give them a try.

Other shopping related news, I get to hit up the Nike employee store for some new workout gear this afternoon.  Mama needs new running shoes!

Lastly, I am wandering down south tomorrow to watch the little brother coach his first State Playoff game as the Glide Women's Varsity Head Basketball Coach.  He is kind of a big deal. Go Wildcats! (I have no idea if this is actually fact or not, but I think it may be the first time they have made the playoffs since I played there.  Probably not, but it makes me sound cooler, so we'll go with it.)

Now, let's get to some much needed links so you can make it through the rest of the week. drum rollllllll.

Only my trackies will truly appreciate this, but I had to share anyway.

Speaking of track, this gets me pumped every time.

Ok, last awesome track related link.  Hint: this one involves the Harlem Shake so you'll want to watch.

Portland, you will appreciate this.

How cool is this?

Why America, why?!

And this is why I don't post hair tutorials.

Wouldn't hate it if I had either this or this (or both) in my closet soon.

As I mentioned above, I am headed to Nike after work to buy new running shoes. What color do I want?!

Have you tried any of these places to eat in Portland yet? I have really been wanting to try LARDO and Le Pigeon for quite some time now.

Check out this beautiful engagement photo sesh that my talented friend Anne did down in Palm Springs last week. Rumor has it, her dress was from antrho, no wonder I love it so much. Fingers crossed she'll take mine someday wayyyyy down the road.  

And that's a wrap folks.  Happy weekend.


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Being A Girl Is Hard

I have never really been the girly type.  Ever since I was little, I was more of a tomboy.  I grew up playing with my brothers and the other neighborhood boys and those tomboy traits haven't really left. I will wear dresses and skirts every once in a while, but I never feel quite comfortable in them.  This same uncomfortable feeling applies to having my nails done.  I think I have only ever had them done by a professional 3 times, once for this gal's wedding, once for prom, and once because I had a gift card for it.

So, when Bradley openly laughed at me after I came home from a day of shopping with my friend Justine and showed him the Victoria's Secret nail polish I had purchased, I couldn't really be mad at him.

Our conversation went something like this:

Brad: Why did you buy nail polish? I have never even seen you with your nails painted. 

Me: I know, but look how pretty it is?! Ohhh, glitter. Plus, it was on sale!

Of course, it was a last minute impulse purchase, naturally.  It was calling my name as I was standing in line to check out. That's how they always get you.

On top of that, they were cute Valentine's Day colors and I had been wanting to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.  I wanted to recreate this look and bought colors similar to the ones below.

As I began painting my nails I quickly remembered how bad I am at it.  My nails looked like the handy work of a 7 year old. In fact, I am quite positive my little cousin Emma is better at painting her nails than I am.  Thank God I picked a subtle color that kind of matches my skin.   I don't even want to talk about the fact that less than an hour after painting my nails I had already smudged and/or chipped 2 of them. 

Why do I even try?  Girl, it's called hand lotion, use it once in a while

My other problem is, once the first chip has taken place I feel like that gives me a free pass to pick at it.  My nails now have tiny bits of polish left and I am too lazy to take it off with nail polish remover. This is just another reason why I don't like being girly. I'm not good at it.

My life is so hard, feel bad for me. 


<3 BB


Healthy Treats From Your Favorite Lumber Jack

Do you ever have one of those mornings where you start with a cute outfit, but then by the time you add layer after layer it is no longer cute?  That was me this morning.  Started with a simple outfit of black skinnies, cute glittery black flats (similar), and a white tee (best v-neck ever).  By the time I was out the door I had added a flannel, scarf, and puffy down vest over top.  Something went wrong, I now look like a lumber jack, a sexy one not actually sexy, but a lumber jack none the less. I blame February. 

In other news, this awesome place by my apartment called Uptown Market - which features beer galore, wine, and home brewing supplies - just got a new espresso bar and in celebration they are offering 1 dollar coffee drinks all week.  So, I obviously had to stop and get one. If you live in the Beaverton area you should totally support local and go here.  They have usually have around 6 beers on tap and a ton of other options to purchase, as well as wine and now coffee, too!  Plus, they often have a food truck in their parking lot and events (like trivia) in the evenings.  

Yes, i know that daily calendar pic is from Jan. 2nd and no, I don't care. How presh is the photo?!

Now, onto the good stuff!!!!! Today, I have not one, but two healthy treats for you!!!!! I tested them both out this weekend and they are super easy to make and even more awesome to eat. 

First up we have a 2 ingredient 'cookie'.  It's awesome (if you're into naners, that is). Here is the recipe I followed. 

{What You Need} 

::2 quite ripe bananas 
::1 cup of oats (I used the old fashioned kind)

::Technically those are the only ingredients you need, but you can add whatever fun extras you would like, such as: dark chocolate chips, cinnamon, honey, etc. 

{What You Do}

::Pre-heat oven to 350 
::Mash together 
::Bake for 15 mins

Always buy your honey in bear form. 

I pre-mashed my bananas a little bit before I added the oats so everything would mix a little more easily. 

Next, mix in all your goodies until the bananas are pretty gooey. This way everything will stick together when they bake.


Got that little sign for Bradley on Valentine's Day! And if you know me, that is saying a lot. I LOVE BACON. 

Post-oven goodness! 

For the second treat, my cousin, Kyndra, and I made No-Bake Energy Bites on Monday while I was busy being a Stay-At-Home-GF.

I didn't take step by step pics, but here are the basics: 

{What You Need}

::1 cup oats
::1/2 cup chocolate chips 
::1/2 cup peanut butter 
::1/2 cup ground flaxseed 
::1/3 cup honey 
::1 tsp. vanilla

{What You Do}

Mix everything together, let it chill in the fridge for a half and hour.  Roll the mixture into little balls with your hands and your finished product should look something like this: 

ballz! Photo cred - Kyndra!


<3 BB 


Double the fun :: Weekend Roundup and Tunesday


Can we just talk about how good my 3 day weekend was?! Cool, glad you said yes...Let's begin:

-I got to eat so much Kraut while hanging out with my sister and grandparents at the 40th Annual West Linn Lions Sauerkraut Feed on Saturday.  My German roots we very, very happy.

-Did a little number to my shin while going beast mode on box jumps at the gym Sunday morning. (and by beast mode - I obviously mean the opposite of that since I slipped off the box on one of my attempts.) 


Don't let the blood scare you away from box jumps though! Here is the workout:

3 rounds for time:

::30 pull ups::
::30 dead lifts::
::30 box jumps::

I finished in 23::19 and Brad kicked my butt with a time of 19:06. I used an 80lbs bar for my dead lifts and my hammies are now sore and tight.  I have had 3 different people tell me to try hot yoga and I am thinking I might have to give in and see if it helps make me more flexible and less cranky.

-I attended my first Portland Timbers game as a season ticket holder. Let me tell you, I just felt that much cooler being there as a ticket holder. I got to flash my official plastic ticket and wear my awesome lanyard around my neck like a VIP backstage at a Mrs. Carter concert.

-I might have given the stank eye to a 3 year old girl who had the cutest yellow hunters. Gosh, I want a pair so bad.  And really how stupid is it to buy a child a pair of $75.00 dollar rain boots?!  She's going to grow out of them anyway. Buy them for me instead, I am done growing!  Who wants to buy me an early Easter present? 

-While being a stay-at-home-gf yesterday, I made this awesome Indian inspired dinner.

It features -

::2 chicken breasts::
::3 stocks of celery::
::dash of minced garlic::
::half a red onion::
::hand full of chopped baby carrots::
::snow peas::
::small can of diced tomatoes in tomato juice::
::patak's tikka masala sauce::
::brown rice::

How to -

::chop all veggies
::saute them in a frying pan with a little olive oil (start with the garlic and onions first to sweat them out a bit, then add the rest)
::dice up the chicken, add it to the veggies, let it cook all the way through
::mix in the sauce and tomatoes and let it simmer for about 10-15 mins
::serve over brown rice and enjoy :)
::it will make about 4-6 servings (depending on your definition of serving)

Anyways, that pretty much sums up my weekend.  Let's get to some music!!!!!

Alex Winston :: Everlasting Light (Black Keys Cover) 
This is one of my favorite Black Keys songs and I really like her take on it.

Givers :: Tiny Desk Concert 
They just sound so happy and that, in turn, makes me happy.

Bahamas :: Lost In The Light 
Double bonus, it's one of my favsies kind of sessions - the Mahogany kind.

Emeli Sande :: My Kind Of Love
My old roomie Rachel saw Emeli in concert a few weeks ago and said she was one of the best live performances she has ever seen. Plus, Jay-Z thinks she has what it takes to take over the US (she is British). That's how you know she's good.

Kisses :: The Hardest Part 
This new song from Kisses is my jam. It's catchy, plus I like the lyrics.

Tegan and Sara :: Love They Say
Tegan and Sara's take on a love song.  Has a little bit of an 80's / electronic vibe, which I don't mind one bit.

Happy Tunesday!

<3 BB


Thank You Presidents

So, I have today off with it being President's Day and all, while Brad has to work. It's been beautiful and wonderful and amazing all at the same time. I wish I could be a stay-at-home-gf all the time. Now, a stay-at-home-gf is easy to confuse with stay-at-home-mom and although they share some of the same perks - like getting to watch Ellen (Love her), they are quite different.

Let me show you the ways:

Today I woke up at my leisure, went to a morning spin class, where I did not have to drop off my kid at day care, then I came back to the apt to freshen up for a brunch date with my old roomie/still is cousin. Best part - I didn't even have to pack a diaper bag. We wandered down to NW 23rd Street and had crepes, they were delish. Plus, I did not have to share any of it with a small child or eat my meal with my bebe strapped in a front pack (although, they do look quite handy, look, both hands free)

And now, here I am back home chillin' with Ellen in my quiet, child free apartment :) I can nap if I want to and not worry about my fake child making a mess or needing my attention.

That my friends is why I love the idea of being a stay-at-home-gf, all of the perks of a Mom minus the child..... Not that I don't love kiddos or stay-at-home-moms, they both rock... I'm just not ready to give up my free time yet. You can call me selfish and I I won't be offended, I'll just be on the couch watching Sophia Grace and Rosie in peace before I wander over to the grocery store. (Rough afternoon), maybe even hit up the gym again this afternoon, because well, why not?!

Happy Prez Day!!!

<3 BB

PS, It's ok to be jealous of my couch selfie! (Ok, at least a child would give me something to take pictures of or at least with, so I would stop taking selfies...Good news...it's a change of scenery from my work cube?!)


Hitting the Links :: Discount VD Candy Day Edition

I don't know if it is a sibling bond thing or what, but both Brad and his sister got me awesome, sort of matching gifts for VD. They also must have caught onto the fact that I love mugs, because I got 2 from Bradley last night annnnnd his sister and her hubs sent me an adorable one too. I am quite excited that my little collection is starting to grow. I think I picked this up from my mom, because I remember her having hot chocolate out of a different mug every morning when I was growing up.

Here are the ones I was gifted yesterday:

Evidently Brad actually pays attention to me once in a while, because I have been eyeing the arrow and owl mugs every time we stop at New Seasons, but never let myself buy them. He even got me the little matching tray that goes with the arrow mug that I am going to use in our bathroom!!! (little things make me happy)

This was my view from the dinning room table, because Brad wouldn't let me in the kitchen while he was finishing up dinner after I got home from the track.

It was super odd for me to not be helping with dinner.  The few times I did try and sneak in made me realize I need to chill out a bit and let him do his thing. My first reaction was to pick up the knife and show him how I would have cut the peas.  I need to remember that just because it is my way of doing things, does not mean it is the only way. Not to mention the fact that Brad is a good cook and I had nothing to worry about when it came to dinner.  I was nice though and helped clean up after dinner. He isn't really one of those clean-as-you-go chefs.

He also made sweet potato brownies and we paired it with coconut ice cream, so I didn't even feel that guilty about my sweets intake :) We nommed on this while getting caught up on Top Chef!  PS. Definitely want Brooke to win, we just have this connection. I think it is because she was referred to as a prodigy when she was young and coming up in the LA cooking scene and I too was considered a prodigy while growing up wasn't actually ever considered one or maybe it is just because we share the same name, small details.

Anyway, that was our low key VD :) And now I just have to power through the rest of today so I can enjoy a 3 day weekend - which will even include attending the 40th Annual West Linn Lions Club Kraut Feed!  My Grandpa helps put this on every year and it is delicious! Love me some German food :)  

And now here are some links:

Would you rather...

True facts about the Mantis. (You should probably watch the rest of the True Facts videos too)  

Make this now.  This is what Bradley made for dinner last night at my request. Super yummy.

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On. An oldie, but goodie.

Don't be a hot mess.

Brad has the chin-prickleies.

Macklemore, I know Valentine's Day is over, but we can celebrate a day late, ok?!

Love makes everything better. (If you only have time for one of my links today, make it be this one.)

Since it is Black History Month, you should probably know how to shake hands. Just stay neutral.

And I've said too much....


<3 BB


Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day My Lovelies ~ 

Since I can't celebrate the big VD with the true love of my life, Ryan Gosling (insert sad face), dinner at home with Bradley will have to do this year. (Also, don't feel bad for Bradley when I make jokes like this, because his Facebook status today was this: Happy Valentine's Day to the love of my life. You're out there somewhere. One day I will find you...)

Even though I may not be the love of his life, Bradley said he would make me this dinner while I am busy being the breadwinner of the apartment and coaching track. Plus, we are taking the night off from working out. Who knows, we might even get a little crazy when I get home and eat at our dining room table... shoot, maybe even light a candle :) I know right, so romantic and racy I probs shouldn't even be putting that up on the blog.

Back when we were dumb young and in love. Now we just tolerate each other ;)  

I know some people view this as a fake holiday and it's just Hallmark's way of jacking up the price of a stuffed animal and making you fat with chocolate - but remember the goal here is not to be bitter.

Brad likes to call today - the Great Thanksgiving and I think he may be on to something. Take the opportunity to show some extra love and give thanks to the favorite people in your life, whoever they may be. Maybe give them one of these Valentines? Or make them a Thanksgiving dinner, I wouldn't say no to stuffing and gravy on my Valentine's Day.

Cheers to Love,

<3 BB


Amurica 'Eff Yeah!

I mean really who doesn't love this great country we live in?!  Maybe it was last night's State of the Union that got me back in the spirit of loving this fine Nation or maybe it was when Rubio took this swig of water, Most likely though, it was the fact that only in the US of A can you watch live Monster Truck Racing

When this is the opening song to your evening, prepare to have a kick ass time. 

Yes, that's correct, folks...This past Saturday, Brad and I attended Monster Jam at the Rose Garden with our awesome friends, Andra and David.

Wow - was it AMURICA in all its glory! I mean, there was a wreck the first truck of the night. That's how you know you're in for a real treat.

Who doesn't want to be part of the Mohawk Nation?!

Or get to see the legend ...(wait for it)... dary Grave Digger?

Pretty sure this is the second time I have seen the Grave Digger in the flesh.  I believe my parents took me and my sibs to one of these shows when I was like 7 at the Douglas County Fairgrounds too...because that's what you do when you grow up in Douglas County.  You attend things like Monster Truck shows - it's in your blood.

However, I don't remember it being so loud last time.  These trucks hurt my ears.  Wish I would have had the big noise canceling headphones all the parents made their kiddos wear.

This truck was actually called Captain USA.  It was the loudest of them all, naturally.

Grave Digger went beast mode and won both the Racing and the Free Style portions of the night, like a boss.

Brad's Midwest roots really kicked in at the Jam. Although, sadly, he could not find his favorite Carhartts for the event ok, so he doesn't actually own any, you caught me.

I brought out my finest flannel, while Andra took it up a notch and wore a Monster Truck Tee.  Wish I had her sense of style.

Don't act like you're not impressed!

<3 BB


Tuesday Tunesday :: The Postal Service Special

So, The Postal Service is getting back together to play some shows, which makes me really, really happy, even if I can't see them live.  I am telling myself it will lead to a new album, but I am most likely getting my hopes up.

The two that make up the duo each have their own projects outside of TPS and I figured I would share my favorites from not only The Postal Service, but from their other projects as well.

{The Postal Service}

They only have one album and ever since I was introduced to it I have been wishing and hoping and praying that they make another. They are the perfect mix of electronic and beautiful lyrics.

Bonus - They just released a new track!!!!!!  

A Tattered Line Of String 

We'll see if anything else comes from the duo, but until then here are my favorites from their first album titled Give Up.

Such Great Heights
As soon as I hear this intro, my heart gets happy.

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Clark Gable 


Jimmy Tamborello is probably the lesser known of the pairing, but I love what he has been doing with his productions under the name Dntel.  Definitely more electonica than Mr. Gibbard, but it's great stuff.

(This Is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan

Natural Resources

{Death Cab For Cutie} 

You may have heard of them before. Benjamin Gibbard is the lead singer (other half of TPS).  Old Death Cab will take you to a special place if you let it.

Summer Skin
This song always takes me back to when I was young and slightly more naive that makes me sound so old.  I'd like to think I have matured a little since the days I first fell in love with this song - but every time I hear it, it always takes me back.

I Will Follow You Into The Dark
Who doesn't want to believe in this kind of love?  'If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks / Then I'll follow you into the dark'

405 {Acoustic}

A Lack of Color
A beautiful song of lost love.

Cheers to one of my favorite Tunesdays yet!

<3 BB


My Thoughts On The Grammys...

Because you're all dying to know them.

Oh The Grammys.  You annoy me every year and yet I still come back like a Cyndi Lauper song - time after time. The awards are given to old, over played songs and albums.  Most often, they go to the overrated artists. How was Call Me Maybe even nominated for an award?! The live acts are very hit and miss and most of all - acceptance speeches are painful to watch. With that being said, there were still a few highlights, as well as my favorite lowlights.

First off - you made me stay up so late just to hear your Bob Marley tribute and it wasn't even that good.  Allen Stone did a much better job and he isn't even nominated for best new artist. Cryin' Shame. 

TSwift, sorry, but you're annoying. You should also not be allowed to dance to reggae music.

Adele, you are always my favorite. Cheeky is probably the best way to describe your greatness.

JLo, we have discussed this before.  We get it. You're hot for 40 don't actually know her age and am too lazy to Google but please stop dressing like a whore.

Overall, I was not impressed with the fashion at the Grammy's this year, maybe it was because there was a dress code for the evening.  Rumor on the street was no side boob was allowed. Don't worry, most still found a way to slut it up, I am looking at you Katy Perry.

Speaking of fashion - JT is back wearing his suit and tie, being sexy as ever.

Frank Ocean ran the Grammys, just like Forest Gump. See what I did there? It's the title of his song.

PS. How pretty is Frank Ocean's Mom?

It was a good night for the Urban Contemporary boys, because that is evidently what the Grammys call R&B, the hell?  Miguel, has a beautiful voice, I wish he had had more time to show everyone, Frank Ocean won a few awards, and Chris Brown didn't win sheeeeet. Hooray! 

Really this is the only way to highlight the Grammys.  In gif form. 

Is anyone else tired from staying up late to watch the boring Grammys? 

<3 BB 


Hitting the Links :: 2.8.13

Happy Friday!

Quick question, am I the last gal in the world to figure out the secret of putting your hair in a braid before bed to quicken the curly hair process in the morning?! And by that, what I actually I mean is, I was running a little late super lazy this morning and when I took my hair out of my braid, I realized that all I needed to do was fix a few curls instead of showering and I was good to go! dirty hair, don't care.

Don't mind me, just taking selfies in my cube. Typical. 

I have some good things to look forward to this weekend.  Things such as sleep and this:

I have been waiting patiently to use this and I am thinking it may be the perfect treat over the weekend.
With that being said, I am still annoyed that Starbucks changed their rewards system and have been boycotting them a bit.  Instead, I have been hitting up the local drive through spot right by my apartment for my weekend treat. Double bonus - they give you free chocolate covered espresso beans with your order! Suck it, Starbucks.

Also, The other day I went to Trader Joe's to pick up a few goods.  Almonds Butter was one of those goods. I would say that 73% of the reason why I bought almond butter as opposed to peanut butter was not for it's nutritional value or taste, but so I can use the term nut butter on the regular.  No, I am not embarrassed by my immaturity.

Totally double dipping. don't be a hater. The answer to your questions is yes, I am lazy and picked the pre-cut apples even though they are more expensive, but I just hate when apple gets caught in my retainer! #orthoproblems 

Now onto the links!

First, let's discuss how I am famous and not because of this blog, because The Biggest Loser retweeted me yesterday.  Ask Brad, I ugly cry every time I watch an episode of this show.  Their commitment to change and their success is so inspiring.

If Schmidt isn't your favorite New Girl character, we can't be friends.

This Samsung commercial and this extended version were the best thing that the Super Bowl had to offer.  Mainly because Paul Rudd is in them.

What if guys and girls switched roles at the gym?

Pictures of hipsters taking pictures of food.

What is your ugly face?

I am a Tom Boy at heart, hence the North Face vest in the above pic, so this Portland brand is right up my alley. Plus Megan Rapinoe is a fan. Can't go wrong there.  It also reminds me of one of my favorite blogs, Tomboy Style.

Speaking of style, who wants to buy me these for Valentine's Day?!

Since Riri and Chris Brown are back together, I thought this TED Talk was applicable.

And lastly, here are 5 reasons to not be excited about the upcoming Grammys.

Cheers to the Weekend!

<3 BB


Fresh Veggie Salsa

For the Super Bowl get-together I attended at Jessi and Dan the Man's place over the weekend I wanted to bring something that was super delicious, but wouldn't make me feel horribly guilty eating, so I decided to make my favorite fresh veggie salsa. I got this recipe from my dear friend's mom back in high school and have been loving it ever since.  I may or may not have lost the actual recipe a long time ago and have kind of just adapted my own version, but it's really not something you can screw up! The original also calls for Cilantro, but since I believe the Devil invented Cilantro I choose not to include it.  

{Here Is What You Need} 

::2-3 Tomatoes:: 
::2 Avocados::
::1 Red Onion::
::2 Green Peppers::
::1 Jalapeno::
::1 Can of Corn::
::1 Can of Black Beans::
::1 Can of Garbanzo Beans:: 

::1-2 tablespoons Olive Oil::
::Dash of Lemon Juice::
::Red Pepper Flakes:: 
::1-2 tablespoons Vinegar:: 
:: Dash of Hot Sauce:: 
::Salt & Pepper::

{What To Do With The Goods} 

First, lay them out all nice and pretty for your viewing pleasure. Maybe make a nice pyramid with everything, you know which items need to be the base, even if they dream to be on top like the other tiny flyers. Wow, I jut went wayyyy too far into detail about that cheer leading joke and I didn't even know what a flyer was until Brad told me. His besties in high school were some of the top cheerleaders in Indiana, so he says. I personally think he was on the team himself, but I have yet to find video proof. 

Anyways, back to the salsa. I like to get the beans and corn out of their cans right away and drain their excess liquid before putting them in the bowl, to keep the salsa from getting mushy later.

Next, chop up all of the veggies (and fruits - don't want the tomatoes and avocados to feel left out!).

Try not to cry while cutting the onions.  There is really no need for the emotional attachment to them. You'll be eating them later anyway.  

You want to try and keep all of the diced goods a consistent, bite-able size.

I also like to throw the tomatoes in the strainer too, to get rid of their excess juice as well.  

If you're like me and love avocado, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if you added 7 to the mix, but then it may be more of a guacamole at that point... but really, who's keeping track?!  

I don't have them pictured, but if you don't want the salsa to be overly spicy, make sure you gut the jalapeno seeds, that is where most of their hotness comes from! Also, not that I know from experience or anything, but make sure you either use gloves or realllllllly wash your hands after you handle jalapenos.  They can do a number to your eyeballs and ruin a good pair of contacts.... Again, not that I know from experience or anything.  I just read it on Google once.  

After you have all the veggies chopped up, throw everything into a big bowl and mix together.  I just use my hands, but I suppose you could also use a big spoon.  

Next, add your Olive Oil, Vinegar, Hot Sauce and Lemon Juice. Now, I just add according to taste and don't usually measure anything.  You want enough OO for a light coating, but you don't want there to be so much that the salsa is sitting in liquid on the bottom.  

Add a dash of Vinegar and Lemon Juice for a nice acidic kick,

For the Hot Sauce I used Tapatio, but Tobasco is also a winner. 

Lastly, add S&P and some Red Pepper flakes and you're ready to enjoy. 

I like to pair the salsa with the greatest chips known to man.. JUANITA'S! They can be found at most grocery stores and they are gluten free! #winning 

Rumor has it, if you keep the avocado seeds in the bowl it helps them from browning.  Not sure if it actually works, but it can't hurt, right?

The best thing about this salsa is it is super versatile   It can be used on it's own as a side salad, in wraps, on a pizza like Brad and I did the other night, you name it - I'll probably try it. Hope you enjoy!!!!

Cheers to Salsa!

<3 BB