Being A Girl Is Hard

I have never really been the girly type.  Ever since I was little, I was more of a tomboy.  I grew up playing with my brothers and the other neighborhood boys and those tomboy traits haven't really left. I will wear dresses and skirts every once in a while, but I never feel quite comfortable in them.  This same uncomfortable feeling applies to having my nails done.  I think I have only ever had them done by a professional 3 times, once for this gal's wedding, once for prom, and once because I had a gift card for it.

So, when Bradley openly laughed at me after I came home from a day of shopping with my friend Justine and showed him the Victoria's Secret nail polish I had purchased, I couldn't really be mad at him.

Our conversation went something like this:

Brad: Why did you buy nail polish? I have never even seen you with your nails painted. 

Me: I know, but look how pretty it is?! Ohhh, glitter. Plus, it was on sale!

Of course, it was a last minute impulse purchase, naturally.  It was calling my name as I was standing in line to check out. That's how they always get you.

On top of that, they were cute Valentine's Day colors and I had been wanting to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.  I wanted to recreate this look and bought colors similar to the ones below.

As I began painting my nails I quickly remembered how bad I am at it.  My nails looked like the handy work of a 7 year old. In fact, I am quite positive my little cousin Emma is better at painting her nails than I am.  Thank God I picked a subtle color that kind of matches my skin.   I don't even want to talk about the fact that less than an hour after painting my nails I had already smudged and/or chipped 2 of them. 

Why do I even try?  Girl, it's called hand lotion, use it once in a while

My other problem is, once the first chip has taken place I feel like that gives me a free pass to pick at it.  My nails now have tiny bits of polish left and I am too lazy to take it off with nail polish remover. This is just another reason why I don't like being girly. I'm not good at it.

My life is so hard, feel bad for me. 


<3 BB


Jenn Pdx said...

I can totally relate to this. While I am very girly on some accounts... most things I prefer to let someone else do. Nails are definitely one of them!

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha I had the same reaction Brad did. :)
I do my nails only when I'm trying to make a first impression - and even then I don't have time for it! Make Brad paint!

Kait Comiskey said...

haha i feel ya, i hate painting my nails for that exact reason. one chip and i just pick it all off.

Macey Snelson said...

I used to HATE having my nails painted, but have recently embraced the fun. It's a semi-expensive habit, but makes me feel so much better after getting a little color splashed around.

Leah said...

I also hated having my nails painted, toes ok, until this past year, I think working in the food industry probably had lots to do with that. Shellac if my best friend if I want a manicure to last longer than the time it takes me to walk out to my car. I am definitely no expert at painting my own nails though!

Jenni Bost said...

I love when I have my nails done and they look perfect. But, about two hours into a pro mani and 10 minutes into a self-mani and they are chipped and a mess! But, sometimes it can be fun. Practice makes perfect with the self-manis. Also, get those cool little packs of individually wrapped nail polish remover. They work great and can be thrown in a bag just in case a mess of chipped nails happens.

Kayla Moothart said...

I love having my nails painted but never do it because they always chip and so soon... my friends and I made up a joke that it is better to be tough than well manicured! :)