warby parker home try on

You know what isn't fun.... turning 26 and falling off your parents' insurance. Especially when they have legit vision coverage. So now that I am stuck with my own insurance that barely covers the cost of my contacts, I decided to test out Warby Parker's home try on and dabble in new glasses for the first time in 3 years.

They give you the option to try 5 of their frames at home for free - not to mention they ship them back for free as well. Then to order the glasses they are 95 dollars total. If you are at all familiar with buying glasses from the eye doctor you will know they are often a few hundred more than that. Not to mention they have the same business model as Tom's, where when you buy a pair, they give a pair to a person in need. 

Here are the 5 I picked. 

//Welty in Plum Marblewood 
//Burke in Sugar Maple 
//Vaughan in Eastern Blue Fade
//Durand in Whiskey Tortoise 
//Chamberlain in Saddle Sage 

Lots of thoughts were to be had during my home try on. 

//I really wanted to love the Vaughan ones (bottom right corner) until Brad said they looked like 80s mom glasses. So those got vetoed. 
//They all started to look the same the more I kept trying them on. 
//My face shape does not look good in round glasses. 
//All of the glasses I picked looked very similar.
//I can't even pick out new glasses - how am I going to pick out a wedding dress? 
//One of the pairs I picked were more or less identical to the previous glasses I already owned. 
//Taking selfies in glasses is hard. Glare off the glasses is a real thing and it is hard to deal with.

All in all I think I want the upper left corner ones. The Chamberlains - unless you guys think otherwise? Let me know your thoughts and go check out Warby Parker. 


<3 BB 



Ok more like the last few days this is what I have been up to.

making made // these banana nut muffins (minus the nuts) from the Skinny Taste Cookbook I recently ordered. 

drinking // Coffee. Coffee and more coffee. 

reading // What To Eat. It is fascinating and at the same time makes me not want to buy produce from the grocery store anymore. 

wanting // more sleep. more free time. and to be over this cold already. My sniffles need to check themselves at the door. 

watching // Ok, ok... I confess, I have been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls lately. For the record - Dean is the worst. 

listening // to this band. You Me & Apollo. They are legit. 

eating // Banana Nut Muffins. Duh.

enjoying enjoyed // My weekend with my family. My sister's birthday was on Saturday and I got to spend a lot of time with them. I might have also fallen asleep on them too - but I blame the cold for that and at least I was still in the room with them while I napped? 

loving // that holidays are in full swing. I may or may not have put up some twinkle lights yesterday and burned one too many spruce scented candles. Which by the way, who knew there was such a thing as burning too many scented candles at once? Word to the wise - don't over do the number of candles you burn at one time. You will get a headache. 

feeling // stuffy. Really though, this cold. I am going to keep complaining about it because I can. Also, I am starting to feel strong, too. I have been slowing working on my heavy lifting. Well I wouldn't call it heavy yet, but I am making progress on the bigger lifts like back squats and overhead squats, and snatches, and cleans, etc. It is hard, but fun! 

laughing // at the price of wedding details. It is ridiculous and laughable. Probably should have gotten married at a courthouse.... oh well! I suppose it will be worth it? ;) I kind of like Brad or something. 

noticing // that I never blog any more. It just isn't a priority in my life. I miss it, but I also can't commit either. 

bookmarking // your blogs I should be reading; wedding ideas I think are pretty -but probably can't afford; foods I want to make and bake from my new cookbook; workout ideas for myself and my clients; you know the usual.... 

So yeah, that is what my life looks like currently. What have you guys been up to?! 

<3 BB