Life Lately.

Hmmm blog? what's that? Do I actually have one? You're probably getting tired of that introduction every time I actually show up to this space, which is like once a week, if we're lucky....

Here are some things that have been happening in my life as of late.

//Brad was gone for the first half of the week for work, which meant my bedtime on Tuesday night was no joke, 8:30 pm. Lights out. Sorry, not sorry. It was so fabulous. 

//Last weekend I decided to make a quick trip to DC... Douglas County that is - let's not get crazy - to visit my family, as well as help my friends Anne and Courtney with a styled wedding photo shoot.

What I thought was going to be an inexpensive weekend turned into me accidentally popping a tire and then having to replace not one, but all four ties. See ya never, wedding flower budget. That just went to new tires. Maybe I can just roll a tire down the isle with me instead of carrying flowers? Seems reasonable and beast mode like.

Word to the wise: look for concrete blocks that might be sticking out farther than you realize. Also, my car didn't even have a spare tire or a jack! WTF. come on people, what am I supposed to do in case of emergencies?!? Dumb. 

//As for the styled photo shoot. It was beautiful. There were 2 attractive models, Courtney killed the hair and makeup, and Anne documented it all flawlessly like she always does. Oh and did I mention chocolates?! There were beautiful, handmade chocolates from a local shop called Cabruca Chocolates. I can't wait to see the film when Anne is done with it. I know all the images will be pin worthy. Now to get our company ABC Design Co. up and running. We will take the world by storm. Or something....

//When it comers to my actual wedding... not much planning has been happening lately. I figure I have a year and no need to put too much effort into anything. Just working with Kailyn on our Save The Dates. Which, funny story, I think Brad may be more picky than I when it comes to fonts and such for these Save The Dates. Kailyn might be regretting her choice to help us :) 

Anyway, that is all I have. Happy Halloween, people.... is it Christmas yet? PS. don't tell Brad but Saturday I am totally putting up twinkle lights. Post Halloween is fair game for twinkle lights in my book.




Engagement Photos Teaser


If I was a basic white girl which I am I would say something along the lines of...

'I literally can't even' 

when it comes to how much I love the preview of our engagement photos. Anne only sent us a few photos as a teaser while she works on editing the rest. Honestly though, these first few are so fantastic I would be happy with only these... With that being said, Annie - please send the rest!!!!!! 

Anne's photography business has grown so much in the last year and I am so proud of my bestie. She shoots mostly film and the painting like feel of her work just makes my heart melt. I can't wait for the rest... Until then check these out



On A Scale of Rocking Leggings With Uggs

How Basic were you this weekend? Let's a take a quiz and find out.....

//Did you make your way to a pumpkin patch?

//Did you drink a pumpkin spiced latte on the way to said patch?

//Did you have a caramel apple at the pumpkin patch? 

//Did you wear a combination of fall scarf and Hunter rain boots? 

//Did you take way too long picking out the perfect pumpkin? 

//Do you plan on spray painting that pumpkin, instead of carving it?

If you answered yes to at least 3 of these, you're about as basic as a white girl drinking a venti PSL while rocking a top knot. If you said yes to all - consider yourself as Basic as Babbling Brookelyn. Congrats to the winners! 

Cheers to the best season ever! 

<3 BB 


Dear Friday

Dear Friday, 

Thank you for gracing me with your presence. 7 Days was far too long. Dear Blog, sorry I suck. The end. Dear Wedding planning, you're not as fun as just pinning pretty pictures on pinterest. Dear Wedding Flowers - who the hell do you think you are? Being so expensive and ish. Not cool, bro. Not cool. 

Dear Wedding Expo I went to this past weekend, you were not good and I knew that going in. You were tacky and everything I don't want in my wedding.... BUT thanks for giving Justine and I a good laugh. Also thanks for the free cake tasting. Speaking of, dear Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake you were spot on.  Dear Girls That Modeled In the Wedding Fashion Show - slow down. You walked far too quickly, I was afraid for your ankles. How can a person see details in the dress if you're sprinting?  Not that it really mattered the wedding dresses in the fashion show ere not cute. People have horrible taste I tell you. 

Dear Anne, thank you for taking our engagement photos. I know they will be beyond what I am imagining. I heart you, I heart Cape Kiwanda, and I suppose I heart the guy I took the photos with too. Dear Place Where The Film Is Being Developed - hurry up! This is worse than waiting for Christmas. I just want to look at all the pretty pictures!!!! I don't think I am asking too much.

Speaking of Christmas, Dear Bradley - why won't you let me put twinkle lights up yet?! I asked nicely. I even gave you my puppy dog eyes and still no dice. You're such a meanie head. Is this the stuff I am going to have to put up with now that we are getting married?!  There better be a good smelling pine candle when I get home from work today like you promised to make up for this. #compromise. 

And finally... Dear Pumpkin Patch - can't wait for our date this weekend. Bout to get real #basicbitch up in here this weekend :) 

Oh and enjoy this song. I can't stop listening to it. 

Coffee by Sylvan Esso on Grooveshark


<3 BB