My Thoughts On The Grammys...

Because you're all dying to know them.

Oh The Grammys.  You annoy me every year and yet I still come back like a Cyndi Lauper song - time after time. The awards are given to old, over played songs and albums.  Most often, they go to the overrated artists. How was Call Me Maybe even nominated for an award?! The live acts are very hit and miss and most of all - acceptance speeches are painful to watch. With that being said, there were still a few highlights, as well as my favorite lowlights.

First off - you made me stay up so late just to hear your Bob Marley tribute and it wasn't even that good.  Allen Stone did a much better job and he isn't even nominated for best new artist. Cryin' Shame. 

TSwift, sorry, but you're annoying. You should also not be allowed to dance to reggae music.

Adele, you are always my favorite. Cheeky is probably the best way to describe your greatness.

JLo, we have discussed this before.  We get it. You're hot for 40 don't actually know her age and am too lazy to Google but please stop dressing like a whore.

Overall, I was not impressed with the fashion at the Grammy's this year, maybe it was because there was a dress code for the evening.  Rumor on the street was no side boob was allowed. Don't worry, most still found a way to slut it up, I am looking at you Katy Perry.

Speaking of fashion - JT is back wearing his suit and tie, being sexy as ever.

Frank Ocean ran the Grammys, just like Forest Gump. See what I did there? It's the title of his song.

PS. How pretty is Frank Ocean's Mom?

It was a good night for the Urban Contemporary boys, because that is evidently what the Grammys call R&B, the hell?  Miguel, has a beautiful voice, I wish he had had more time to show everyone, Frank Ocean won a few awards, and Chris Brown didn't win sheeeeet. Hooray! 

Really this is the only way to highlight the Grammys.  In gif form. 

Is anyone else tired from staying up late to watch the boring Grammys? 

<3 BB 


Anonymous said...

No Grammy's were watched, but thanks for showing me what I didn't miss. I love gif recaps :)

Jenni Bost said...

I didn't see the Grammy's... but, I don't feel like I missed them at all now! Although, I don't know if I understood/ heard of ANY of those bands/artists. OUT OF TOUCH. Love the gifs!

Kira said...

I didn't watch them. I actually forgot they were on! I would have liked to see JT perform although I don't really love his new song.

Kayla Moothart said...

I didn't watch them - but always love to look back over the dresses afterward!

Geoff said...

Very relieved knowing the only thing I missed from the Grammys was Katy Perry dressed as a muppet (other than Elmo). Thank you for that.

Linnea Castro said...

I should have just waited until today to read your recap. You summed it up perfectly. I did like seeing Frank Ocean win "Urban Contemporary"... and was impressed with Miguel's live performance. I had no idea that was Frank Ocean's mom in that gif: Beauty!

Jenn Pdx said...

OK... didn't watch. I just cannot get into awards shows anymore! Too long and always a disappointment! I kinda like Katy Perry's look... only she could pull it off (coming from a Katy Perry hater).