Tuesday Tunesday :: The Postal Service Special

So, The Postal Service is getting back together to play some shows, which makes me really, really happy, even if I can't see them live.  I am telling myself it will lead to a new album, but I am most likely getting my hopes up.

The two that make up the duo each have their own projects outside of TPS and I figured I would share my favorites from not only The Postal Service, but from their other projects as well.

{The Postal Service}

They only have one album and ever since I was introduced to it I have been wishing and hoping and praying that they make another. They are the perfect mix of electronic and beautiful lyrics.

Bonus - They just released a new track!!!!!!  

A Tattered Line Of String 

We'll see if anything else comes from the duo, but until then here are my favorites from their first album titled Give Up.

Such Great Heights
As soon as I hear this intro, my heart gets happy.

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Clark Gable 


Jimmy Tamborello is probably the lesser known of the pairing, but I love what he has been doing with his productions under the name Dntel.  Definitely more electonica than Mr. Gibbard, but it's great stuff.

(This Is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan

Natural Resources

{Death Cab For Cutie} 

You may have heard of them before. Benjamin Gibbard is the lead singer (other half of TPS).  Old Death Cab will take you to a special place if you let it.

Summer Skin
This song always takes me back to when I was young and slightly more naive that makes me sound so old.  I'd like to think I have matured a little since the days I first fell in love with this song - but every time I hear it, it always takes me back.

I Will Follow You Into The Dark
Who doesn't want to believe in this kind of love?  'If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks / Then I'll follow you into the dark'

405 {Acoustic}

A Lack of Color
A beautiful song of lost love.

Cheers to one of my favorite Tunesdays yet!

<3 BB


Susannah said...

I would LOVE a new Postal Service album!!!

Anonymous said...

I made it half way through but want to tell you that I love love love TPS and am excited to make it through these oldies but goodies later today. Tunesday tunesday!

Laura Darling said...

These are awesome songs! Summer Skin has always been on of my favorites! :)

Kira said...

I love that album. I think Death Cab's Transatlantacism is my favorite album of all time though :)

Geoff said...

I rather liked (and miss)Postal Service. They had quite the lingering effect on alterna-bands of this decade. Especially in the ambient arena.

I saw Death Cab live about a year ago...fell asleep. Not a live performer.

Linnea Castro said...

When I first read the title, I thought your blog post was going to be about no more mail on Saturdays :o) haha!