Amurica 'Eff Yeah!

I mean really who doesn't love this great country we live in?!  Maybe it was last night's State of the Union that got me back in the spirit of loving this fine Nation or maybe it was when Rubio took this swig of water, Most likely though, it was the fact that only in the US of A can you watch live Monster Truck Racing

When this is the opening song to your evening, prepare to have a kick ass time. 

Yes, that's correct, folks...This past Saturday, Brad and I attended Monster Jam at the Rose Garden with our awesome friends, Andra and David.

Wow - was it AMURICA in all its glory! I mean, there was a wreck the first truck of the night. That's how you know you're in for a real treat.

Who doesn't want to be part of the Mohawk Nation?!

Or get to see the legend ...(wait for it)... dary Grave Digger?

Pretty sure this is the second time I have seen the Grave Digger in the flesh.  I believe my parents took me and my sibs to one of these shows when I was like 7 at the Douglas County Fairgrounds too...because that's what you do when you grow up in Douglas County.  You attend things like Monster Truck shows - it's in your blood.

However, I don't remember it being so loud last time.  These trucks hurt my ears.  Wish I would have had the big noise canceling headphones all the parents made their kiddos wear.

This truck was actually called Captain USA.  It was the loudest of them all, naturally.

Grave Digger went beast mode and won both the Racing and the Free Style portions of the night, like a boss.

Brad's Midwest roots really kicked in at the Jam. Although, sadly, he could not find his favorite Carhartts for the event ok, so he doesn't actually own any, you caught me.

I brought out my finest flannel, while Andra took it up a notch and wore a Monster Truck Tee.  Wish I had her sense of style.

Don't act like you're not impressed!

<3 BB


Jenn Pdx said...

You pals get up is the best! My son would have LOVED this

Staci said...

My Lord I love Amurica.

Helene said...

haha this is just amazing.

Susannah said...

Looks like a super fun time! :-)

Anonymous said...

Grave Digger! I remember seeing it once upon a time too - looked like a blast!