Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day My Lovelies ~ 

Since I can't celebrate the big VD with the true love of my life, Ryan Gosling (insert sad face), dinner at home with Bradley will have to do this year. (Also, don't feel bad for Bradley when I make jokes like this, because his Facebook status today was this: Happy Valentine's Day to the love of my life. You're out there somewhere. One day I will find you...)

Even though I may not be the love of his life, Bradley said he would make me this dinner while I am busy being the breadwinner of the apartment and coaching track. Plus, we are taking the night off from working out. Who knows, we might even get a little crazy when I get home and eat at our dining room table... shoot, maybe even light a candle :) I know right, so romantic and racy I probs shouldn't even be putting that up on the blog.

Back when we were dumb young and in love. Now we just tolerate each other ;)  

I know some people view this as a fake holiday and it's just Hallmark's way of jacking up the price of a stuffed animal and making you fat with chocolate - but remember the goal here is not to be bitter.

Brad likes to call today - the Great Thanksgiving and I think he may be on to something. Take the opportunity to show some extra love and give thanks to the favorite people in your life, whoever they may be. Maybe give them one of these Valentines? Or make them a Thanksgiving dinner, I wouldn't say no to stuffing and gravy on my Valentine's Day.

Cheers to Love,

<3 BB


Kait Comiskey said...

young and dumb and in love - great song.


Anonymous said...

I love the both of you!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Macey Snelson said...

Happy Love Day! You two are too cute for words :)

Laura Ann said...

I think we should all just do a second Thanksgiving on Valentines day! And by Thanksgiving, I really just mean that we should eat a lot. Cute post!

Jenni Bost said...

Lovely... you two are great. I have ALWAYS loved Valentine's Day. My family always made a big deal of showing people you love that you cared for them on this day. It didn't matter if it was a significant other, a friend, a sibling, or your parents. It was just a great time to say (and show) "I love you."