Hitting the Links :: Discount VD Candy Day Edition

I don't know if it is a sibling bond thing or what, but both Brad and his sister got me awesome, sort of matching gifts for VD. They also must have caught onto the fact that I love mugs, because I got 2 from Bradley last night annnnnd his sister and her hubs sent me an adorable one too. I am quite excited that my little collection is starting to grow. I think I picked this up from my mom, because I remember her having hot chocolate out of a different mug every morning when I was growing up.

Here are the ones I was gifted yesterday:

Evidently Brad actually pays attention to me once in a while, because I have been eyeing the arrow and owl mugs every time we stop at New Seasons, but never let myself buy them. He even got me the little matching tray that goes with the arrow mug that I am going to use in our bathroom!!! (little things make me happy)

This was my view from the dinning room table, because Brad wouldn't let me in the kitchen while he was finishing up dinner after I got home from the track.

It was super odd for me to not be helping with dinner.  The few times I did try and sneak in made me realize I need to chill out a bit and let him do his thing. My first reaction was to pick up the knife and show him how I would have cut the peas.  I need to remember that just because it is my way of doing things, does not mean it is the only way. Not to mention the fact that Brad is a good cook and I had nothing to worry about when it came to dinner.  I was nice though and helped clean up after dinner. He isn't really one of those clean-as-you-go chefs.

He also made sweet potato brownies and we paired it with coconut ice cream, so I didn't even feel that guilty about my sweets intake :) We nommed on this while getting caught up on Top Chef!  PS. Definitely want Brooke to win, we just have this connection. I think it is because she was referred to as a prodigy when she was young and coming up in the LA cooking scene and I too was considered a prodigy while growing up wasn't actually ever considered one or maybe it is just because we share the same name, small details.

Anyway, that was our low key VD :) And now I just have to power through the rest of today so I can enjoy a 3 day weekend - which will even include attending the 40th Annual West Linn Lions Club Kraut Feed!  My Grandpa helps put this on every year and it is delicious! Love me some German food :)  

And now here are some links:

Would you rather...

True facts about the Mantis. (You should probably watch the rest of the True Facts videos too)  

Make this now.  This is what Bradley made for dinner last night at my request. Super yummy.

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On. An oldie, but goodie.

Don't be a hot mess.

Brad has the chin-prickleies.

Macklemore, I know Valentine's Day is over, but we can celebrate a day late, ok?!

Love makes everything better. (If you only have time for one of my links today, make it be this one.)

Since it is Black History Month, you should probably know how to shake hands. Just stay neutral.

And I've said too much....


<3 BB


Anonymous said...

The Mantis will give me nightmares! I'm so happy you had a nice V-Day even with the busy day - plus mugs rock and love the Timbers display :):)

Kait Comiskey said...

LOVE Marcel the shell. 'come come, i love you'

sick owl mug!

Anonymous said...

Aww. . . such a cute Valentines Day. We watched Top Chef as well. *Fingers crossed* for an awesome finale.