Blogger Style, WTF?

Before you get ahead of yourself, this is not an outfit post. You will not see what I am wearing today.  Sorry to make you sad, because I know you are just dying to see my face and outfits on the regs.

What this post is about though, is blogger fashion.  I recently read two very similar posts.  The first was from Raven, from Don't Quote the Raven.  In her post, I Dress For Menshe talks about how a lot of men, especially her husband do not like blogger fashion trends.  The second post was from a gal named Jenni, over at Story of My Lifewho had also read Raven's post.  Her's was titled How Far Would You Go To Please Your Man?.  Here she discusses how she had recently gotten in a fight with her husband over her style and how she was offended that he did not like a lot of the trends that she wears.

Both of these posts got me thinking about my own style.  When I get dressed each morning I'd like to think I am getting dressed for myself.  However, I know on some large level I am dressing for others.  I obviously want Brad to find me pretty and want him to think it's okay to be seen in public with me, but let's be real... a lot of the time I get dressed for the ladies.  In my scientific research I did for this post: men found 87% of current style trends to be laughable, because when it comes down to it, most trends are quite mockable.  Now don't get me wrong, I love me some cardigans and maxis, and I secretly love the fact that the top knot is now considered fashionable (yay for not having to actually do my hair). I think that last one is more because I am lazy and less because I actually think it's fashionable, but who's comparing?

As much as I love daily fashion blogs, I have mocked them on my blog before here with this link. There are a lot of pins on Pinterest and outfits from fashion bloggers that make me ask, did you really wear that in public?   Do you actually think those articles of clothing go together?  Take this outfit for example:

My good friend Jessi and I were just mocking this outfit yesterday.  Is she half bird / half 1970s gym teacher? I am not really sure what's going on there, but I am not a fan.

Then we have the red lipstick trend.  I personally am not a fan of lipstick.  I think it has to due with the fact that my lips are plenty big already, I don't need to draw more attention to them.  Chapstick, however, is a whole different story.  Can't get enough chapstick. Now, Brad hates lipstick.  He, essentially, thinks it makes women look like clowns.  Nothing funny about that, if you ask me.

Hate to break it to you miss, but you look like an old librarian.... and that is not a compliment.  I do, however, like your polka-dots though! So there's that?

Next, we have the statement piece necklace.  I love a little bling around my neck.  I think a necklace can really tie an outfit together, but the question is how much is too much necklace.  I mean seriously, lady you're going to have back problems at this rate:

Next we have the top knot:

When does it go from cute knot, to swirled turd knot?  Fine line ladies, fine line. 

I guess what I  am trying to say is, be careful when it comes to fashion trends.  If you want to rock one, I say go for it, but just make sure you are dressing for yourself and not because Kendi Everyday wore something similar, so it automatically makes it okay.  I may also suggest attempting one trend at a time.

Lastly, don't fall victim to the everyday fashion police: one of my sister's comments about a maxi dress I tried on, 'You look like a pilgrim on Thanksgiving.  Are you headed out to churn your butter?' Needless to say that dress was not purchased and it made me realize: just because it's a fashion trend, doesn't make it a good trend.

Cheers to Pilgrims!

<3 BB


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Hahah completely agreed. Models may be able to (occasionally) pull the more extreme trends off, but let's be real, 90% of the public including myself should never be dressing themselves based off of fashion blogs and pinterest.