Tuesday Tunesday :: 9.11.12

First off, it's the brother bear's birthday today (and the mother's is tomorrow) so this obvs needs to happen:

Happy Birthday, Brannon and Mom :)


Stars Academy - Myles and Kolton :: I Won't Give Up (Cover)

Found this song online yesterday, you can thank me when it blows up all over the internet and you already knew about it. 

Passenger :: Let Her Go

I have had Passenger on the blog before, and then this song came on during my drive to work today. The lead singer of Passenger has such a great, unique voice.  It makes my heart swoon.

Van Morrison & Ray Charles :: Crazy Love

An oldie, but goodie that also came on during my drive to work.  If Van Morrison and Ray Charles doesn't make your heart melt, then you're doing it wrong.

Capital Cities :: Safe & Sound

This song will get you moving and if you're into remixes check out this one, it's catchy.


Dave Barnes :: Nothing Fancy

I love this song.  Just like the lyrics say, there is nothing fancy to the song, but that's what makes it beautiful.

Cheers to Tunesday!

<3 BB

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