Moving Is The Opposite Of Fun.

Especially when you travel all over Oregon to do it....but good news:  I am officially moved, keys turned in at the old apartment, and have somehow managed to fit everything in the new place.  *Now cross your fingers Kyndra and I get back some of our security deposit*

So this weekend went by way too quickly and was far too busy, but all in all it was quite successful.

Saturday we picked up a U-Haul at 8am sharp and had the entire apartment in the trailer (and other vehicles) by 9:30.  This is where our little road trips gets really fun....

First Stop:  Brad's (well now mine too) apartment out in the Raleigh Hills area.

Second Stop:  Hillsboro to drop all of Kyndra's stuff off at her adorable townhouse she is living in with a friend from college.

Last Stop:  Monmouth, Oregon, because I am the best sister ever and am letting the baby brother use all my apartment stuff for free !  He and his two roomies now have nice leather couches, plus he gets to use my lovely Ikea bed frame and bed and a few other pieces that I didn't need at the new place.  Moral of the story he is spoiled for a college kid, thanks to me.

Saturday night I came back to this:

Which then turned into a mess on the bed and bedroom floor Sunday:

But never fear, Ikea is here!  2 new dressers later we were able to get all of my our clothes away.

Yeah, we put both of those dressers together (while we watched the Red Zone Channel) like a boss...

Side note:  I hate to admit when Bradley is right, but the Red Zone Channel, may be the greatest invention to the NFL.  It's like football with ADD, but a good kind of ADD where it only shows the good parts of every game that is live.

I also had to invest in another shoe rack, because when your boyfriend works at Nike and brings home free shoes like this :

 You start to get a collection.

And yes, finding this beauty when making a Target run might have been the highlight of my weekend:

Here's the deal: Brad tells me I have unnecessary, expensive taste.  So when I saw this boyfriend style watch, that looks similar to the Michael Kors one I have been swooning over for a long time, for only $16.99... I asked myself  WWBD? (What Would Brad Do?)... Buy the $275 one or the $16.99 one?   So I obvs pulled the trigger.

Anyways, moral of the story  I am no longer a hipster on the East side.  Say hello to the West Hills Snob ;)

Cheers to being unpack!

<3 BB  


Kait Comiskey said...

so the question is, do you guys have a guest room?

JE said...

Never forget your roots, the East side made you.

blsmith6 said...

no, but I like to cuddle?!

blsmith6 said...

East Siiiiide! (said in the tone of a rapper)