Happy Friday!

It's Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friiiiiiday! (You're welcome for now having Rebecca Black stuck in your head the rest of the day.)

So here's the deal.  Tonight is my last night in my current apartment as a free woman.  Tomorrow I am moving into a new place...  As Monica from Friends would say, I'm moving in with a BOYYYYYY.  Ahhhhh! Which means it's going to be the end of an era for Kyndra and I.

Good news is, I am not kicking her out on the street.  She already had an awesome living situation lined up, so it will all work out swimmingly. I will miss roomies nights with her though.  So we have lots of Fro-Yo dates and dinners already planned.

Even with all the excitement of a new place, I am not looking forward to tomorrow.  Granted I have slowly moved a lot of items out of my apt already, but there is still a lot to be done.  The U-Haul is rented: check, but now comes the hard part of moving things like my couches, which were a tight squeeze getting into the place and cleaning and organizing and.... uggggh stressing just thinking about it.

As much as I want to complain about the actual process of moving it does mean new goodies :)  We are going to need extra storage and what not, plus I want it to feel like my space too, not just me staying at his. This is where Pinterest comes in and really makes me want to buy (with Monopoly money, because I don't have any real money) fun things for the place including:

This fun chair for the bedroom, to add a pop of color (AND CHEVRON!) 

It also gives me the urge to want to paint.  As much as I love the stark white walls, something like this combo would look great as an accent wall with the gray couches already in the living room: 

Brad says I can't come in and girly the place up too much...  It's like he doesn't even know me. Maybe we shouldn't be moving in together.  I am not girly, and nor is my taste.... but I do want to be able to hang my pretty necklaces up better, so they quit getting tangled and I have them out on display so I don't forget to wear them.  Definitely want to do something like this: 

Plus leaving it as bare wood is the opposite of girly! 

Since it is a one bedroom place, we will have to get a little creative with storage.  I think something like this at the end of the bed would be perfect: 

And lastly, since I am broke, I will have to get creative with the extras I add.  I am thinking something like this would be inexpensive, but make a room more cozy and enjoyable. 

So yeah, wish me luck! Also, if you have any fun (and inexpensive) ideas for a space, let me know!  Just take into account the fact that I am by no means Martha Stewart. 

Cheers to moving?! 

<3 BB 

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