Because It Feels Like Tunesday :: 9.5.12

I think one of my favorite things about music is there is something for every mood and every season.  With Labor Day already gone I am falling in love with Fall all over again.  It's definitely my favorite season with crisp morning air and warm days... Not to mention the pretty leaves and Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks.  With all that being said when Fall rolls around I notice my music taste changing with the leaves as well.  Here are a few songs that are transitioning me into fall and preparing me for a long winter.

Sean Hayes :: Miss Her When I'm Gone

My friend Creshea and I share a love for Sean Hayes (because we both have awesome taste)...annnnnnd who doesn't miss me when they're out making money. Duh.

Imaginary Cities :: Where'd All The Living Go (Berlin Session)

My dear friend Courtney told me about this band and the lead singer's voice fits perfectly with my love for whiny and raspy voices.

AnnenMayKantereit :: Leaving (Cardinal Session)

Such a big voice, for a little man.

Deep Sea Diver :: 1972 (Berlin Session)

Evidently there is more than one band named Deep Sea Diver.  Who knew?! Whatever the case, I like this one :)

Julia Stone :: It's All Okay (Mahogany Session)

Julia Stone is usually part of the brother/sister duo Angus & Julia Stone, but she also dabbles in some solo work.  Her voice is lovely and super unique, and it makes me want to curl up in a blankie.

William Fitzsimmons :: Beautiful Girl (Berlin Session)

Gosh, what to say about Mr. Fitz.. He has been through some 'ish depression, etc., but with all that pain comes some of the most beautiful music.  He also puts on an amazing live show, do yourself a favor and see him and his beard live if you get the chance.

Cheers to Fall! (and cheers to acoustic sessions too, I am sure you have caught on to my love for them by now)!

<3 BB

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