Labor Day or Bust!

Oh Man...

It's Tuesday already, which kind of throws my week off for Tunesday, but that can be put on the back burner, because fun pics are way better to share.

Labor Day weekend is the one planned outing my family schedules where everyone ventures down to Glide for campfires, BBQing, relaxation, and eating.... lots of eating!!  There were 18 of us total (sadly a few fambam members had other commitments and couldn't make it) but the rest of us ate too much food, checked out Crater Lake, and some even went fishing - I opted to stay on dry land.

As per usual, with any Schwabauer gathering, I ate entirely too much food and am going to be working off LD (Labor Day, for those of you that are not hip with the lingo) food for the next month, but it was worth it.  My Aunt Sue makes the best apple crisp, not to mention Grandma's potato salad and everything else that was consumed over the long weekend.  Yuuummmmm.

Here are a few photos to recap my weekend home.  It was super nice to be able to spend a few days home even if the weekend came and went too quickly.  At least I only have 4 days to get through this week!?

Mom and Dad finally decided to move down to Glide, after living 45mins away from civilization for years- after all of us kids quit going to school there, of course.   

They have put a lot of working into the back yard and the pond is proof. 

And here is the lovely view they have out the backyard. 

The new fire pit they installed might be my favorite spot.  Even if my hair still smells like campfire. 

I realize now, that I took living in such a pretty area for granted.  Growing up 25 mins from Crater Lake did have its perks and I was lucky enough to visit Crater Lake often.  So now it is nice to go back now and appreciate how beautiful it really is. 

Plus, Bradley got to experience it for the first time. Bet they don't have anything like this back in Floyds Knobs ;)  

Cheers to a Labor Free, Labor Day! 



Kait Comiskey said...

freaking beautiful. looks like a magical weekend. gotta love the mountains.

blsmith6 said...

Come visit Oregon and we can play!