Hitting the Links :: 8.31.12

Happy Friday!!! And a great, awesome, fantastic, can't wait for Labor Day Weekend Friday at that!!!! I am headed home to the lovely, Douglas County for some family time full of swimming, hiking, Crater Lake and more! Super excited.  Figured I would leave you with some awesome links to keep you keepin' on until the weekend finally starts.

::First off, we have some secret style tips from a J. Crew stylist.  Who knew there was a secret way to rolling your pant leg perfectly?  Don't worry, totally rolled my casual Friday jeans just like she did in the post.

::Next I have two awesome links just in time for College Football to get started back up.
    ::One:  The Oregon Duck's take on the best music video ever.  (I would just like to state that I posted the original video on my Facebook a few weeks ago, before it blew up, because I am just that awesome)
    ::Two:  Here is your Hater's Lover's Guide to the Top 25.  My boy, Drew Magary, is the funniest man in the Sports Blog World.

::When it comes to fitness, I have a very broad approach to things.  I don't consider myself solely a runner. You wont see me running 15 miles just because. Nor do I consider myself a strict Crossfitter either.  I do not belong to a local box (Crossfit Gym) or anything like that, but I do dabble in a lot of their workouts.  So I really agreed with this post, by my latest blog crush, Jess from The Blonde Ponytail.  

::New episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is up on the website.  I love watching hilarious people, doing such a regular thing and being super funny without trying. Enjoy.

::Lastly, if someone wants to buy me this necklace with my initial, I wouldn't hate it. KThanks!

Cheers to Labor Day!


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