Tuesday Tunesday :: 8.21.12

Guys, can we talk about how excited I am for this Tunesday.  Like, so excited, I might have picked them all out last week and have had to patiently wait to share.  It's mellow mix this week, but some of my favorite, favorite go to songs.  I blame the mellow mood on the sunshine zapping my energy and making me move at about 65% of my normal pace. Or maybe it's the fact that fall is just around the corner...  Either way, I am not complaining, because I know it will be rainy for months on months on months before we know it.  Never fear though - these are also great rainy day songs. Enjoy.

Tallest Man On Earth :: Love Is All

Sometimes songs don't need any written details.  This is one of them.

Iron and Wine :: Tree By The River

I first heard this song on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert.  Let me just tell you, Sam Beam is an odd cat, but his music is beautiful so I let it slide.  During the TDC performance he talks about how it took him years to finish this song, because it was hard to make it personal for a wide audience, 'It's a guy talking to his ex-girlfriend... it may mean something to those two people, but we're like boring...so it took me a while to get me to these lyrics.'  Anyway I suggest you check out the entire TDC while you are at it.  (Also the music doesn't start until 1:10 in the A Take Away Show vid, so don't give up on it or jump to there.)  Both of these versions can bring a person to tears if you let them.

Passenger :: The Wrong Direction

There is something about a raspy voice that makes me swoon.  Plus he adds a little extra to the song at the end so listen all the way through.

The Civil Wars :: Poison & Wine

This duo can do no wrong.  Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.... you get the idea, right?

Typhoon :: The Honest Truth

Only a Portland band would play in a tree and I am totally on board with it.

Bon Iver :: Skinny Love

I mean it's a stripped down version of Skinny Love (which is saying a lot, because the original version is pretty bare), what more can you ask for?

Local Natives :: Who Knows, Who Cares

I love this song and this version is exquisite.

Leo Stannard :: Please Don't

This was a last second addition that I just came across this morning, but his voice is just so pretty I had to add it! (Not sure if a guy wants his voice to be described as pretty, but he can take that up with me in person.)

Cheers to Tunesday!


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