I have a problem.  A fro-yo problem.  I am addicted... to the point I might need an intervention soon.  I eat it at least 3-4 times a week (sometimes more).  The worst part is every time I go, I tell myself that I will get original tart and berries (way more healthy, right?), but 7 times out of 8 I end up with some form of chocolate or peanut butter with chocolatey goodness toppings.  my go-to toppings are Heath Bar and Oreo crumbles (ok, ok and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups).  They add the perfect crunch and you don't need a lot.  now I am hoping this is just a summer time phase and once the weather gets back to typical Oregon weather I will calm down on the fro-yo, but what scares me is the fact that I am not sure I can give it up at this point.

Now, I have tried a good number of frozen yogurt joints and I am super fortunate to have two legit spots that I frequent on the regs one near my apartment and one by Brad's place.

Nectar off of 17th and Bybee is nestled in the adorable Sellwood neighborhood and makes for a nice little evening out of the apartment and great people watching. They have a ton of yummy toppings and a great variety of yogurt to choose from that changes regularly.  The roomie and I, as well as my lovely friend Jessi, often meet up here.

I also hit up UU Yogurt out in Beaverton a lot, because it is within walking distance of Brad's apartment.  The best part about that is I justify the fro-yo with the fact that I am exercising to and from the nomable goodness! This one is right off of Beaverton-Hillsdale Hightway, so it doesn't have quite the unique vibe that Nectar has, but their Cookies and Cream Fro-yo makes up for it.

I am also excited to try out the new joint next to my grandparent's house with my little sis.  Crave has only been in West Linn for a little while and she has coupons (double score!)

Are there any other fro-yo places I have been missing out on?!  Also, if anyone would like to provide me with a scientific reason as to why frozen yogurt is good for your health and why I should eat it daily, I might treat you to a fro-yo! 

Cheers to deliciousness! 


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