The Happy 10,000 Giveaway!!!


Today (well technically yesterday afternoon) is kind of a cool day when it comes to this baby blog of mine.  I have finally hit 10,000 views! Now, in the big wide world of blogging, it's not a ton of 'hits' and I still don't have many followers, but when I started this blog that was not the goal I was trying to accomplish.  More or less, I just wanted a space where I could babble get it, Babbling Brookelyn about whatever I wanted, whether it be fitness, food, music, and occasionally WTF fashion. The majority of my views have probably come from my family and I'm okay with that - they're pretty awesome...But I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by. Without sounding all sappy, it really means a lot that you come check out my blog and hopefully it's because you enjoy what you're reading and not to mock me....Okay, there can be a little mocking as long as it's in good nature, I mock myself most days :)

It is encouraging to know that people are coming back to read my blog, whether it be once every few weeks or daily.  I am hoping this little blog light of mine will keep shining growing and hopefully my writing and my life will grow with it along the way.

Honestly, this blog is helping me.  It has helped forced me be active and do affordable, but fun things with my free time. Brad makes fun of me when I get excited about doing something so I can 'blog' about it later.  It has also helped me get more comfortable with my fancy camera and I am super thankful for that too.  I still have a long way to go when it comes to photography, but it's fun to play with my camera for the blog.  Most importantly, this blog makes me want to get more creative with my meals and workouts and keeps me accountable with my healthy habits, as well the occasionally not so healthy habits love me some fro-yo with chocolate, too! So again, I say thanks!

To show my gratitude I wanted to host my first little give away.  Nothing too cray, I am still ballin' on a budget here people, buttttt I am going to give away a $10.00 gift card to this fine establishment:

 Who doesn't love Starbucks?!

I'll be picking the winner at random. Just leave me a comment by Friday: let me know what you've been enjoying and/or what you'd like to see more of! (If you want to also follow along by joining google reader or bloglovin' up on the right, I wouldn't hate it.)

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers !!!

<3 BB


Ophelia Yan said...

Brooke! I love that you're blogging. There's something really satisfying about "writing", and in a sense, it's sort of becoming a lost art. I loved your post about your nail polish because I feel the same way--I get a pedicure twice a year because my feet get scuffed up from camping/hiking during the summer, and cold weather/skiing in the winter.

Anyways, keep writing. It's awesome! :)

Kait Comiskey said...

YAY a giveaway! I love your randomness and your openness on here - not to mention you've been posting some pretty stellar recipes lately. keep it up my friend.


Brittany Ashby said...

Not gonna lie. I am commenting for the sbux gift card and we both know it. You know I like your blog. I read it every day and I tell you. Keep it up Brooke Lyn.

p.s. I love coffee.

Anonymous said...

Congrats my lady! Huge milestone and I know that your blog helped me to get mine off the ground - and keeps me accountable for daily posts. I don't know what I'd do without you in my life, dearest! (plus if I win, I'll share!)

Brad Snook said...

Hi, yes, I'd like to see more blog posts dedicated to your awesomely awesome boyfriend.

K, Thx.

Jenni Bost said...

Haha... love it! Congrats on 10,000 views. That is a big deal. Every blog starts small. Keep it up and I'll continue reading!

Kira said...

Keep up the good work! My blog is still "small" by blogging standards, but it eventually did get to a point where I started to see real growth. It just took time and I definitely learned a lot during the process (still am!)

a view from the front pack said...

Ooooh Ooooh pick me! No on needs coffee more than a sleep deprived mom. Am I tugging on your heartstrings yet? No? K.

Keep it up Brookie, I'm always reading :)

Macey Snelson said...

Congrats on the milestone! I enjoy reading your babble!! Keep up the fun and awesome work!

Erica said...

Whoop whoope - I heart coffee. And I like when you get crafty! Especially when it's with me!