Tuesday Tunesday :: 2.26.13

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday, I played hookie from work in the afternoon and ran around Portland with my mom and sister while she was up here for some appointments.  It was nice to have 'girl time' minus having to hang out in waiting rooms while moms did her thing.  It did give me time to start on the new book I just downloaded on the iPad. We also made a little trip to the mall and got Chipotle! I was extra proud of myself for not buying anything and helped my mom pick out a few things instead! Plus, we're close to the same size, so I can borrow the shoes she purchased.

Also, note to self: don't eat this

Chipotle, get in my mouth. 

too soon before doing one of these. Feeling like you're going to vom up Chipotle during the entire 45 mins of a circuit isn't quite what I call enjoyable - but who am I kidding, the burrito was so worth it and I still gave the workout everything I got.

And because my Mexican food intake for the day wasn't quite high enough, for dinner I threw together a poor man's version of some kind of chicken tortilla soup - if you can even call it that.  Essentially it featured whatever we happened to have in our kitchen:

::small can of cream of chicken soup
::chicken broth
::red pepper
::black beans
::splash of milk
::few tablespoons of whole wheat flour
::cayenne pepper
::salt & pepper
::red pepper flakes

Surprisingly, it was quite tasty. Plus, there are leftovers for lunch today and that my friends is what I call a success!

Anyways, enough about what I ate, let's get to some good music.

Dispatch :: Elias
This song came up on my shuffle the other day and it reminded me how much I love Dispatch, especially this song.  I don't even know what they are saying half the time, but it doesn't even matter. It makes me happy.

Jacko Hooper :: In Angers 
I mean the guy goes by Jacko, that's how you know he is good. I like these lyrics especially: 

I've left my demons on this boat

Traveled a thousand miles, i float
I crossed open seas,
But some shall wait for me

Some haunting stuff right there, but a beautiful visual as well.

Shiny Toy Guns :: Somewhere To Hide
Who doesn't want to run off and hide with their love?  I mean, that is like the definition of romantic, right? Also, I wish I was cool enough to rock a bad-ass hair cut like the lead female vocal.

Imaginary Cities :: Mexico
Her voice is so unique and blends really well with the male vocals.

AlunaGeorge :: Driver
Described as 'intelligent pop music' whatever that means. I just know I like the beat and the lyrics, her voice isn't too shabby either!

Frightened Rabbit :: Backyard Skulls
Off of Frightened Rabbit's latest album. The lead singer's voice is just so original and place-able, I never tire of it.

Royal Teeth :: Heartbeats
This Knife cover is great!  My good friend Rachel told me about this band and then when I went to YouTube them, I realized I have been listening to them for a few months now via FIFA 13 with their song Wild, so thanks Brad for keeping me ahead of the game without even realizing it.

That is all folks!

Cheers to Tuesday!

<3 BB


Kait Comiskey said...

chipotle is my life.

Jenni Bost said...

I miss my mom and sis. That sounds like a great day!

Ashley @ ladyacray.blogspot.com said...

Hey girl! Following you from Jessi's bloggy :-) I always love finding other Portland bloggers!

blsmith6 said...

You picked a good day to come check out the blog, I am hosting a giveaway :) thanks for following... any follower of Jessi's has to be awesome !

Anonymous said...

Yay, Ashley! I'm happy you found Brooke - she's the best!

Bee Talmadge said...

Always cook jalapenos in pairs otherwise they get lonely :P neat recipe!