Weekend Roundup :: Oscars, Home, and More

Oh, Katniss Jennifer.  Let's be friends.  You're funny and awkward and lovable and pretty. Basically we're like the same person.... More or less destined to be besties, just haven't had a chance to meet yet - but once we do, you know we'll be awkward and probs trip over each other and then have a good ol' laugh about it, maybe even snort a bit, just like bff's do.

I don't know who you're angry at, but I'll be angry with you if you need the extra support! 

Until we meet, I will keep watching videos of you -ones like this and this and pretend I was taking a shot with you backstage in honor of your win not that I take shots, bad things happen when shots come out. I cringe just at the thought of a shot. 

So, obviously I watched the Oscars last night.  Might have eaten this while watching:


Also, this may come as a surprise to you, but this is like the first time I have had fro-yo since summer. Crazy, I know.  I am a baby when it comes to being cold, so frozen treats on top of cold hands is not that fun for me.  Still was worth it last night and tasted fantastic though :)

It was really nice to have a low key Sunday evening, because the rest of the weekend was busy. I even tried yoga for beginners yesterday, thanks YouTube. Got my weight loss / stretch and meditation on before dinner.  It was needed after this workout on Friday night:

:: 50 mins of cardio on the elliptical

Followed by:

::44 sec handstand
::44 situps
::44 pullups
::44 lunges (#50)
::44 sec L-hang
::44 burpees
::44 wall ball shots (#15)
::44 pushups
::44 back extensions (#10)

Plus, a run on Saturday morning and then 6 plus hours in the car Saturday and Sunday driving to and from here:

Oh hey, parents backyard.  

As I mentioned on Friday, Brad and I caught a ride with the Grandparents and headed down to the lovely Glide, Oregon to watch my little brother Coach Smith and the Glide Lady Cats in their first State-Playoff game since 2004 (cough, cough when I was in high school).  His girls lost, but played a good game.  Have to admit I am super proud of the little brother.  This is his first year as a Varsity coach and he already took his team to the State-Playoffs.  Not too shabby.

When I was home I stole this from my parents:

High class with the Eddie B. 

I am definitely going to need a little refresher, because I haven't played Cribbage since college, but I am really looking forward to playing again. I really want Brad and I to be better about our electronics usage in the evenings and am hoping this is one way to cut down on the iPads and TV at night. He is on board with this idea - even if he doesn't know it yet....Punny, I know.

Speaking of iPad, I purchased this book last night on mine and am excited to start reading it! (Yes, it counteracts what I just said above, but still.) I have heard it's a quality read and am hoping to pick up a few helpful tips from it.  Prepare for this girl to be even happier! 

Happy Monday, Folks! 

<3 BB


OrangeMew said...

I'm impressed with your 44 burpees. Man, burpees suck.

Also, you will have to share your bff-ness with Jennifer with me! It's sadly refreshing to see the spotlight on someone who is willing to be silly and stupid while all eyes are on her. I wish I had been like that confident at her age- heck, I'm not sure I could have been that confidently casual with all those lights and cameras even now!

What brought about your lowered electronics usage goal? F and I do internets and TV at night together, but it's "separate but together": we often talk about what we think/would or share things we are reading/watching on the computer

Anonymous said...

Let me know how the book is!! Looks like a fun weekend :)

Jenn Pdx said...

I crave ice cream all winter but rarely in the summer. Weird, I know.

Jenni Bost said...

I crave ice cream and all frozen treats year round. YUM. I didn't watch the oscars... I didn't even really know much about Jennifer Lawrence until today. And, let me say, I think I'm in love. She just seems so down to earth, and refreshing. Oh, and she seems to be pretty talented to boot! I'd love it if you shared this post in my weekend in review linky party!

Geoff said...

I have unabashedly "fallen" for her. And I'd offer myself as tribute.

blsmith6 said...

Jenni, sometimes I am a noob when it comes to blogging, do I just add the link to inside the post or elsewhere? #struggles.