Double the fun :: Weekend Roundup and Tunesday


Can we just talk about how good my 3 day weekend was?! Cool, glad you said yes...Let's begin:

-I got to eat so much Kraut while hanging out with my sister and grandparents at the 40th Annual West Linn Lions Sauerkraut Feed on Saturday.  My German roots we very, very happy.

-Did a little number to my shin while going beast mode on box jumps at the gym Sunday morning. (and by beast mode - I obviously mean the opposite of that since I slipped off the box on one of my attempts.) 


Don't let the blood scare you away from box jumps though! Here is the workout:

3 rounds for time:

::30 pull ups::
::30 dead lifts::
::30 box jumps::

I finished in 23::19 and Brad kicked my butt with a time of 19:06. I used an 80lbs bar for my dead lifts and my hammies are now sore and tight.  I have had 3 different people tell me to try hot yoga and I am thinking I might have to give in and see if it helps make me more flexible and less cranky.

-I attended my first Portland Timbers game as a season ticket holder. Let me tell you, I just felt that much cooler being there as a ticket holder. I got to flash my official plastic ticket and wear my awesome lanyard around my neck like a VIP backstage at a Mrs. Carter concert.

-I might have given the stank eye to a 3 year old girl who had the cutest yellow hunters. Gosh, I want a pair so bad.  And really how stupid is it to buy a child a pair of $75.00 dollar rain boots?!  She's going to grow out of them anyway. Buy them for me instead, I am done growing!  Who wants to buy me an early Easter present? 

-While being a stay-at-home-gf yesterday, I made this awesome Indian inspired dinner.

It features -

::2 chicken breasts::
::3 stocks of celery::
::dash of minced garlic::
::half a red onion::
::hand full of chopped baby carrots::
::snow peas::
::small can of diced tomatoes in tomato juice::
::patak's tikka masala sauce::
::brown rice::

How to -

::chop all veggies
::saute them in a frying pan with a little olive oil (start with the garlic and onions first to sweat them out a bit, then add the rest)
::dice up the chicken, add it to the veggies, let it cook all the way through
::mix in the sauce and tomatoes and let it simmer for about 10-15 mins
::serve over brown rice and enjoy :)
::it will make about 4-6 servings (depending on your definition of serving)

Anyways, that pretty much sums up my weekend.  Let's get to some music!!!!!

Alex Winston :: Everlasting Light (Black Keys Cover) 
This is one of my favorite Black Keys songs and I really like her take on it.

Givers :: Tiny Desk Concert 
They just sound so happy and that, in turn, makes me happy.

Bahamas :: Lost In The Light 
Double bonus, it's one of my favsies kind of sessions - the Mahogany kind.

Emeli Sande :: My Kind Of Love
My old roomie Rachel saw Emeli in concert a few weeks ago and said she was one of the best live performances she has ever seen. Plus, Jay-Z thinks she has what it takes to take over the US (she is British). That's how you know she's good.

Kisses :: The Hardest Part 
This new song from Kisses is my jam. It's catchy, plus I like the lyrics.

Tegan and Sara :: Love They Say
Tegan and Sara's take on a love song.  Has a little bit of an 80's / electronic vibe, which I don't mind one bit.

Happy Tunesday!

<3 BB


leyla said...

I have to admit....I almost bought my little girl a pair of purple hunter boots. I rationalized by saying 1) they are still a bit big on her so they'll fit for a long time. 2) she's got a little sister on the way who can wear them next year. 3) rubber boots are washable and don't get ruined so I can re-sell them in a few years. 4) they were only $50, not $75.

But then I called my husband who (smartly) pointed out that the boots from Target will last just as long and they only cost like $15. So I walked away. It made me sad.

blsmith6 said...

really - i get it. i dress my pretend kid up in crew cuts and hunters :)

Jenn Pdx said...

I adore T&S and the new album is sooo good!

Kira said...

Kids Hunters are way cheaper than women's and the sizing goes up pretty high too. Most of my friends with Hunters actually bought the kids version. I on the other hand could not because my feet are too dang big!

Susannah said...

That sounds like a great weekend!