Tuesday Tunesday :: 6.28.12

Most who know me, know I love music and with the new addition to my cube, my coworkers often find me bouncing to tunes on my balance ball without me even realizing. Here are a few faves of the moment! There is a little bit of everything so all should go away happy. Enjoy!

Does this video not remind you of  'Where The Wild Things Are'?! No? Just me? 

 The Paper Kites :: Featherstone

Never fear.... The Avett Brothers are back with a new jam, which I am super pumped about.  They have been busy producing an album with Rick Rubin and strumming on their banjos, which is all good timing since they will be headed out to Portland in August.  (get your tix now! I already have mine) 

Avett Brothers :: Live And Die 

Now this song is not new, but it is new to my radar, so I have been listening to it on the regs. Something about her voice is haunting, yet beautiful all at the same time and I can't get enough. 

Little Dragon :: Twice

For the record: this is not me condoning adding anything extra to your lemonade, but I am loving the carefree vibe of this song, perfect for summer and to make things even better Radical Something is releasing a new track every week under the #SUMMERofRAD so be sure to check them out. This is week number 3's

Radical Something - Lemonade

If you're looking to add a little dance to your step then this jam is for you:

Fabian :: Last Flight

And lastly, I dare you to not enjoy this one.

Tanlines :: All Of Me

Cheers to good music!


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