Fondue, Shmondue!

Happy Babble's Birthday Month everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend.  Mine went too quickly, per usual, but boy was I happy to not be traveling for the first time in over a month.  After multiple mini vacas I was ready for a low key weekend and that is exactly what I got.

Kicked off the weekend by spending Saturday at Redtail Golf course where I out-drove the Boy and our friend Tyler at the driving range and then got my exercise on and walked 18 holes with them. Might have hopped a chain link fence for coffee after a rain storm because I was chilly.  Sorry I'm not sorry.  My Tough Mudder training came in handy and my dirty chai was so worth it. 

Luckily, the rain did not stop us from enjoying the golf course and grilling out later.  Turkey burgers and corn on the cob were on the menu as we tried to stay awake while watching the Olympic Trials. Who knew golf was so tiring?!  For the record, it is a scientific fact that grilled corn tastes better cut off the cob.  Ask anyone... or don't and just go try it for yourself because I enlightened you.  

This morning Brad and I started Day 1 of Strong Like Susan's 30 day ab challenge.  I originally signed up for the challenge on Amanda Brooks' Run To The Finish Blog and am really excited to have another challenge to help keep me motivated and active now that the Tough Mudder is over.  If you're looking for new ab workouts be sure to check out the YouTube page daily and keep yourself accountable by checking in on twitter using the hashtag #abchallenge. 

After the quick ab workout Brad took me to get my hair done for an early birthday present (since it's my bday month and all).  Danielle from Angels and Architects Hair Studio  did a lovely job as always and I am excited to get back to being a blondie again.  

With the pampering complete I met Brad at Nob Bar and Grill up on 23rd to watch the Championship game of the 2012 Euros, where we watched Spain put on a clinic against Italy.  True story: I still can't decide who's highlights are better, mine or Fernando Torres' long hair, don't care.

Now because I am super nerdy and little things make me happy I want to share with you my favorite  purchase of the weekend.  I have been hearing about a new kind of hair tie that looks like ribbon when you wear them on your wrist and have been quite intrigued for a few weeks now, so when I heard through the blog grapevine that Anthropologie had cute, colorful ones I had to investigate.  

Photo courtesy of one of my many tier 1, blog crushes: Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere.  

Walking into Anthro I had to make a b-line for the accessories so I wouldn't get yelled at by my bank account and found out they not only had hair ties, but they also had matching headbands as well.  Brad laughed at my expense and got a little taste of how indecisive I can be when it took me a solid 10 mins to decide which colors I wanted. (Had we not parked in 15 min parking, I might have taken even longer, but that is neither here nor there.) I ended up going with the navy set of headbands and the aqua set of hairties.  (shh, don't tell him, but I may go back and get the coral set that I put down at the very last second.  They were just too cute and the color would really pop with the new highlights).   

My lovely weekend ended with a gym date and homemade fondue (nom! nom! nom!) with the roomie.  And I may or may not be writing this post and watching the Olympic Trials waiting for it to be darktime so I can go to sleep.  Honest time though: I may be in bed before it even gets dark.  Grandma has her bedtime and summer is making it much harder to sleep when it's still light out at 9:15, but that's what blinds are for, right?!

Cheers to the First of July!


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Anonymous said...

I bet your hair looks great! What a thoughtful gift!

"quick" might not be the same adjective I'd use for the ab workout, but I'll get there! My arms had their fair share of struggle :)