Let Me Tell You...

..about the time I went to The Avett Brothers concert solo dolo.  Now as most of you know. I love music.  Especially live. I even attended a concert last night (yes, on a week night - who's the Grandma now?!) to see Atlas Genius with my friend Jessi and the Boy.

Anyway, back to the story about me having no friends and going to a concert alone.  ok - that is a big lie, I have one friend, my mom :) 

Here was the deal.  Brad and I got super pumped when we heard The Avett Brothers were going to be playing at the McMenamins - Edgefield. (Side note:  I really want to go back to Edgefield soon to check out their restaurant and hotel)  We bought our tickets the day they went on sale (or so we thought) and didn't think much else of it.  Well, a few weeks before the concert, Brad found out he was going to be gone in Nashville for work.

No big deal I thought,  I would invite the little bro to go with me instead.  I always love some sibling bonding time and a chance to drop some music knowledge on him any chance I get.....This is where things get interesting. 

A few days before the concert I go to print off the tickets and notice I only have one ticket to print. Quickly ask Brad if he bought his own, where he proceeds to tell me that he thought I purchased them both.... hmmm this is not good.  Trying not to get bummed out I jump online to see if I can score another one.  Of course the show is sold out and there was nothing on Craigslist for me.  WOMP, WOMP.

After a little internal debate on whether or not to sell my ticket and a few people giving me a hard time at the thought of me going alone, I decide to just go.  Why miss an opportunity to see a band I love, when I had been so excited for the concert and already had the ticket in my hand.

Long Hair, Don't Care

So Saturday evening I kept date night going and packed up a book and a blanket and set off for Troutdale. It was the perfect evening for an outdoor concert.  Like Baby Bear's porridge, not too hot or too cold and I enjoyed reading a good book and people watching on the lawn while I waited for the show to start.

Take my advice - see them live, even if you have to go alone

The concert rocked. It's the second time I have seen them live and they do not disappoint.  One of my favorite songs they played was January Wedding:

After spending most of my weekend on my own and really loving my me time, it got me thinking: why does society give being on your own such a negative connotation?  Why is it weird for a person to eat a meal on their own or attend a show alone?  Yes, it is always nice to share moments with people you're fond of, but what's wrong with enjoying something on your own, instead of worrying what the person next to you thinks, because you're chilling solo dolo?   Which leads me to the question: what kind of things do you do on your own?  Do you feel judged or uncomfortable when you do?

Anyways, enough ramblings for the day.  I am going to go drink more tea so I no longer sound like this.

Cheers to being independent!



Kait Comiskey said...

LOVE IT! andrew and i recently got tickets see eric church in about two weeks. it's also the day of our half marathon, and he mentioned he may be too tired to go that night. and my exact words were 'that's fine, i'll just go alone.' long hair don't care - go hard or go home.

blsmith6 said...

do it! do it! do it!

Ophelia Yan said...

I was at the Atlas Genius concert too! Such a great show!

blsmith6 said...

super good! did you get the 94.7 deal for it too? Only paid 94 cents for my ticket :)