Tuesday Tunesday :: 8.28.12

So every week I tell myself I am going to be better about not bombarding you with music and only feature a few songs -- but then I realize that is dumb and good music needs to be shared.  So you get 7 awesome tunes today!

Atlas Genius :: Trojans (Acoustic)

Going to their concert tonight.  Super excited!! - minus the fact it is a weekday and the show doesn't even start until 9.  This Grandma already knows tomorrow is going to be a long day.

The Young Romans :: Lemon Trees

My friend Maria recommended this band to me last week and I am super happy she did! They make a lovely pairing, just like strawberries and Bisquick!  (Sorry, back when I was a waitress in Alaska we once had a grumpy old man, who was mad because we did not have A1 Sauce, tell us that steak and A1 go together like strawberries and Bisquick and I have never forgotten it. Who picks those two things? so random, anyway, moving on....)

Michael Kiwanuka :: I'm Getting Ready

Kiwanuka's voice is super raw and I am a big fan. You should def check out the rest of his album when you get the chance.

Glen Hansard :: Love Don't Keep Me Waiting

You might recognize Hansard's voice from the duo The Swell Season.  This song is off of his new solo album.  Hansard has an old soul vibe, reminds me of listening to Van Morrison with my parents when I was younger. Great stuff.

Milo Greene :: 1957

I like this song. Not much else to say... well that's a lie, I would also say to check out their song 'Don't You Give Up On Me' because it is also good.

Ethan Burns :: So Lonesome 

Sad songs are my favorite and it's not because my life is sad and depressing or I was full of suburban angst as a teen,  I just think they tell the best stories.  They are full of passion and emotion.  If a songwriter can make you feel their pain, as if it is your own, then they doing something right.

Modest Mouse :: Gravity Rides Everything

This song came on as I was finishing up my post and it is probably my favorite Modest Mouse song, which is saying something, because they have a lot of good ones.  Anyways, it's by no means new, but that doesn't mean it gets old. These lyrics make the song for me:

In the motions and the things that you say. 
It all will fall, fall right into place 

Cheers to Tunesday!


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