Tuesday Tunesday :: 8.7.12

'Ello Mates.  It's Tuesday, so you all know what that means: Tunesday!  And I would like to say how special I felt when I received a text at 6:37 this AM reminding me it was Tunesday (Thanks Amer!).  If the people want the music, then the music they will get.  Shall we?.....

Ghost Beach :: Miracle

First off we have this song that I just came across yesterday.  It's a great summer jam, which is fitting since I refuse to be one of those people who is already acknowledging fall.  #summer4life

Passion Pit :: Conversations (St. Lucia Remix)

Like I have said before, I love a good remix.

The Easter Sea :: The Match

Give this one a chance to warm up.  It just keeps getting better and better.

Gary Clark Jr.  :: Bright Lights

Any time you shazam a song twice in one day and not realize it was the same one, you know it's that good or you're just a dummie!  It has a gritty vibe that I totally dig.

Trails and Ways :: Nunca

This tune is catchy and this video is quite entertaining too! So it's a win, win, win as Michael Scott would say.

Hoodie Allen :: Hey Now

Hoodie does it again! Heyyyo!

And lastly, one of my favorite John Mayer songs (written before he started wearing these hats):

John Mayer :: In Your Atmosphere

Cheers to Tunesday!



Kait Comiskey said...

haha freaking john mayer.

my current new fav is imagine dragons - it's time.

have you heard it?

blsmith6 said...

JMayer is such a weirdo, but he writes some good tunes.... and I love Imagine Dragons! They are so catchy!