Oh, boy...

It's started.  I have caught the fever... and I'm not talking about the baby variety or the flu kind.  I am talking about puppy fever.  Yesterday morning Brad and I went out for our Sunday morning shake out run and there were SO MANY PUPPIES on the jog path.  I wanted to stop and pet each of them, but our half an hour run would have turned into a 2 hour, unproductive walk had he let me.  Well it wouldn't have been a total loss, because of all the puppies and joy, but I suppose it all depends on your definition of productive running.

But honestly, can you blame me for wanting something this cute:

(And yes, in case you were curious, my motivation board on Pinterest is full of hot chicks rocking workouts and adorable puppies.  Two things that totally go together, I know.)

Here is the deal - I have grown up around dogs, since I was little we have always had at least one puppy running around outside (we just won't mention the 2 cats, hermit crabs, a bird, and the rest of Dr. Dolittle's farm we had though).  Since I was a wee-one, we have had 5 labs, with the exception of Bubba the most adorable Shar Pei ever. So many wrinkles!  In my old age (being 24 and all) I have come to realize that puppies aren't easy, in fact they are kind of the opposite.  When you're little you don't quite realize all the extra work they cause your parents, the walking, the feeding, the vet visits, etc.  One of our brilliant labs once swallowed a 4 foot rope and the vet thought it had a large tumor and almost put it down, before realizing it wasn't cancer! So the practical side of me knows I am not ready to make the commitment due to the fact dogs are:  

::I don't have a backyard. 
::They sometimes take away your free time
::You have to train them. 
::You miss out on fun things, because you don't have a puppy sitter, etc. 

But even with all those logical reasons not to have one right now, I still find myself googling pictures of puppies daily on occasion, because of all the joy they bring: 

::Awesome companions.
::They don't talk back like children do. 
::Cuteness OVERLOAD! 
::Puppies get you outside. 
::I could take so many cute puppy photos with my new camera
::Not to mention the health benefit of owning a dog! I mean that alone should be reason enough, right?
::You can give your puppy an awesome name like Rufus! 

For the time being though, I know I need to just enjoy them from afar - be the cool aunt of the dog world or something like that?  And keep pinning photos like this one: 

Cheers to Puppies! 


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