Tuesday Tunesday :: 8.14.12

Happy Tunesday! Sorry this is coming late.  My day has been busy and random - the internet at work was down so I was working from Starbucks and got to have a lunch date at Nike (which hardly ever gets to happen) and then I had to get my fitness on, but better late than never right?!

Anyway, here are a few tunes to get you ready for bedtime.  (t-minus 1 hour).

The Staves :: The Motherlode // Mahogany Session

This song reminds me of fall and I am okay with that.

The xx :: Chained

Another new The xx song...enjoy - so pumped for their new album.

Mumford & Sons :: I Will Wait

What even needs to be said about new Mumford besides, thank you, boys!?

White Arrows :: Get Gone

The lead singer's voice is kind of winey and I dig it.

Steve Everett :: West Coast Time

This song is precious and it makes me want to snuggle. Perfect for bedtime!

Cheers to Tunesday!


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