Work It Out!


Just got back from workout number two of the day.  I confess part of my reasoning for the second workout might have been for the AC at the gym since my apartment is disgustingly hot (which in retrospect was probably counter productive, because I broke quite a sweat with my workout, but that is neither here nor there)...  Anyway, I figured I would share a few of the good workouts I have done the past week and maybe see if any of you have good workouts to share?!

PS. This makes me smile: I wore a new pair of shoes to the gym today and that is always fun.  

Nike Swag 


Brad and I jogged to Jesuit high school and did a hard circuit workout  (And the answer is yes, I complained about the burpees during each set)

::4 rounds:
-jog 400 meters
-15 burpees
-20 pushups
-20 dips
-20 sit ups
-20 ab twists

This one is deceivingly hard and you will get your sweat on!


-1/2 mile warm up run to Milwaukie High's track. (Editor's note: I like to relive the glory days by hitting up as many random high schools as possible.  Showing up young children on a daily basis.)
-10 mins of stairs
-1 mile of jog the corners / stride the straights
-1/2 mile jog home


-30 min run

After work gym sesh:
::5 rounds:
-10 pull ups
-10 thrusters (60lbs bar)
-15 box jumps

And this is what happens when you skip pull ups for 2 weeks:

But at least the ugly black callus is long gone?! 

This weekend I am hoping to take advantage of some cooler weather and get a few good workouts in when I am in Lincoln City with friends, but we'll see if that actually happens.  I also heard there is yummy food waiting for me and that may get in the way of my workouts.

Cheers to Fitness!


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